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  1. To be fair to the auto in regards to reviewers. I have seen very, very few reviews of auto Evoras, especially 400 or newer. Most reviewers say "if you get a car like this, it should be a manual". I doubt any of them even drove the auto version. That being said... I own an auto 400 and I agree with you. I do think due to the nature of the Evora that the manual versions will hold there value better. The only way I see the auto holding value close to the manual in the long run is if the Lotus brand makes a huge jump into the Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren territory. If this happens then the Evora will for sure become a car for some posers. People who want a car with a Lotus badge, but in no way could ever afford a new one. I am not saying these posers will bring the Evora values up to collector values or even their original value. But due to the rarity of the Evora combined with this (theoretical) new found demand for anything Lotus I could see values for both manual and auto holding quite well, at least in the US market, which seems more accepting of autos. Of course at this point this may be a long shot as Lotus still has a lot of work to do to bring the brand up to prominence and that could be decade down the road.
  2. Better be careful making such claims around these parts. Its a widely known "fact" that the 400 front is the ugliest thing ever made.
  3. Always hard to predict. I mean its possible that if Lotus is able to rebuild their brand into something close to the big boys then older (at that point in time) Toyota-powered Lotus may become more desirable partly or mainly for the LOTUS badge. If that's the case you may see Evoras become more in demand and more desirable to people who maybe can't afford a new Lotus, but still want to own one. In that case you may be right, those people may be less inclined towards a manual.
  4. Had this problem on me 400 as well, but don't remember having it on my S. Not sure if I had same glasses then though. It does actually warn you of this in the manual.
  5. I have owned an S IPS and currently own a 400 Auto. The 400 shifts much faster than the S, I mean way faster. It actually surprised me. I originally tested a stick, when I was test driving the 400s. In fact I believe it was Loquacious Lew's Green 400 from AutoEurope before he bought it. Stick was great. I never drove an S1 stick, but I did own an Elise and it was way nicer than that. After driving stick I thought for sure I was going to get a stick even though the main reason I got an S IPS was because it would be driven in traffic. Then I tested the 400 auto. Holy crap, it shifted way quicker than my S ever did. It was like night and day. So in regards to your quote, most of it just isn't true in my experience. In auto + sport it seems to shift at red line (assuming you are on it). If you are half throttling or something of course it won't go to red line. Gear changes are quick, surprisingly quick for a torque converter. Again, assuming you are on it. Manual + sport shifts are quick, but again, if you are more leisurely driving it does shift a little slower than compared to if you are driving more aggressive. The one thing the 400 auto does have is shift shock (in sport, smooth in normal). The shifts can sometimes be jarring and are not close to as smooth as a good dual clutch. Sometimes is is fun because it gives you a real kick in the ass, but at the same time it can sometimes be annoying. I think a lot of people underestimate the 400 auto. I think they think its basically the S1, its not. Whatever they did to the TCU made a huge difference. That being said I agree with others. The manual variants will most likely hold their value better than the auto. When I bought my 400 I thought I would be driving it more in traffic situations like my S. However, I began working from home,very soon after purchasing. Knowing what I know now about my professional life I would have gotten the stick, but in all honesty the auto shifts quicker than I can. So (at least in my hands) the auto is the faster car. Honestly the whole gatekeeping on these forums in regards to auto vs. manual I feel is pretty lame. Who cares what someone prefers? I can drive stick, however I got an auto because I thought it would be the best for my situation at the time. I would never hate on someone's choice to buy an auto over a stick. Especially in a GT car like the Evora.
  6. Agreed. Plus you have a a lot of Silicon Valley and Hollywood elites that may jump at the prospect of purchasing an insane electric hypercar.
  7. I don't remember this survey, can you link to your results? You could say the exact same thing about the Evora, the huge difference being that the Evora is a 10 year old car that's at the end of its life and the NSX is what? 2-3 years old? The reality is many new Evora GTs will most likely be bought by existing Lotus owners. Its pretty much the end of the line for the Evora anyways and its not like Lotus just shipped 5000 new Evora GTs out. So it doesn't really hurt Lotus all that much. It would be a much worse scenario if Lotus just launched the Evora and days later it already got trumped easily by the C8. Lotus is actually in a pretty good position right now. They are working on a new line-up of cars and running out the current line-up. The C8 will be out soon, so they know what the competition is way before releasing their new cars. It would have been way worse if Lotus just released a new $180k Esprit and the C8 was 80% or 90% of that car. Or a new Evora-like car for $120k, to find out the C8 beats it in almost every category. That's not the say the C8 won't affect Lotus. It will affect almost every sports car (new and used) within a $100k price window to some degree. I agree with @Ccdthe R8 & NSX look way less appealing now. I have to imagine the used R8 and NSX prices are going to take major hit over the next year as well.
  8. Went to Cars & Coffee at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, USA. Never been there before. An amazing place. I would suggest anyone visiting west Michigan who likes cars to visit. More pics of the event: Museum site:
  9. Yeah people really need to stop quoting the $60k price. Its bottom of the barrel no options. No dealer will bother selling a completely base C8. You would probably have to order it from the factory to get one, that will be mostly rental car companies. My guess is a modestly optioned C8 will be at least $75k, if not $80k. Still great bang for your buck and still going to beat an Evora in most aspects. Honestly though, the Evora may be the sports car least affected in its price class. Most people shopping for an Evora want an Evora. I am more interested in seeing how it affects some used super cars in the $80k - $130k price range like the R8 V10.
  10. Yeah the $60k (USD) base price it pretty misleading. No dealer is going to sell base versions of the C8. I have to imagine modestly configured will be at least $75 - $80k. Still great bang for your buck.
  11. I think future line-up is going to take a lot of cues from the Evija, but obviously to a lesser extreme. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Venturi tunnels make it into a higher end $200k+ car. Maybe not to the extreme of the Evija. I think the carbon tub will be implemented, at least in higher-end cars. They may want to stick to aluminum for lower end for cost savings. Plus their aluminum tubs were still pretty dang light. Personally I have never been a huge fan of the rear ends of the newer cars. Would be nice to modernize it a bit. Honestly the interior of the Evija I actually liked. Modern, but still somewhat minimalist. I wonder if the open dash may be something we see more of.
  12. I think some people here are hoping for hydrogen because they think its going to work like gasoline. I would suggest looking up how hydrogen fuel cells actually work, which if hydrogen became a thing it would be likely use the fuel cell method and not the combustion method. It would still be an EV, but using hydrogen for the electric instead of energy stored in batteries. Also, as of now, creating H2 is very expensive and would require very large tanks to get long range. Hydrogen combustion also creates Nitrogen Oxide, which is not good. Its not a green house gas, but still not good for us. Here is video comparing combustible hydrogen to hydrogen fuel cells:
  13. Media: Lotus are amazing cars that will ruin you for other cars! Consumer: Should I buy a Lotus? Media: Hell no! Porsche is better option for you.
  14. Actually it may be the other way around. EV may be a mainstay for your normal consumer because of its ability to allow you to fuel your car at home and the access to electricity. Hydrogen may be better for professional applications such as buses and trucks.
  15. Aren't hydrogen fuel cell cars essentially EVs? Instead of power being stored in batteries it using electrons from the hydrogen atoms? Also I am not convinced with hydrogen, mainly because electricity is everywhere. People can fuel EVs in their own homes. This is a huge advantage over liquid fuels. Hydrogen may be most common element, but its also very combustible. There always seems to be trade offs no matter which way you go. No perfect solutions (yet).
  16. Great article. I think the author will eventually get what they want from Lotus. As the Lotus CEO said, "The Evija is a statement of intent." I am sure Lotus talked about this a lot. I think starting at the top and whittling down is the better way to go. You create a poster car, you gain attention back to the brand, and you can trickle the tech and knowledge learned down to the new Esprit, Evora and Elise-like cars. Not just electrical knowledge and tech, but aerodynamics, interior, ICE, production methods, etc. I think if Lotus unveiled a new electric Elise. Even if it looked great, and great specs, etc. you just wouldn't get the attention from the mainstream media or even mainstream car media that Lotus wants. I mean, I have seen Lotus on CNN and Bloomberg recently. IMO there is no way they make it on such shows and publications with just a new Elise. I get it, I am not super patient either and would have rather saw something closer to my affordability window, but from a business stand point I think this is the right way to go. It makes me more excited to see what they can take from the Evija and put in more "affordable" models in the future. Hopefully we will see some combustion engines in the mix as well. Plus with the new mid engined C8 throwing a wrench into the sports car market it will be interesting to see what Lotus and other brands do to differentiate themselves. Mid-engined sports cars are about to get way less exotic once you see C8s on every corner. Time to start thinking outside the box.
  17. I sometimes wonder how it is to live a life looking for things to be upset about.
  18. Well Lotus isn't beating expensive rivals where it matters: selling cars and making profit. Reminds me of reviews of Lotus that drool over it being light weight, but then in the end say the Porsche is better because it has a 4-wheel steering, nicer interior, nicer ICE, etc. This is probably what it feels like to be Lotus sometimes:
  19. Funny thing is, the tech is often what ages modern cars the quickest. While I do agree with Harry, for the money there should be a bit more in the interior, especially for a GT car, but at the same time if you buy an Evora in 10 years you won't have to worry much about the tech. You will be able to go buy a double din stereo with most of the modern tech you need in regards to syncing with your phone. This may be a lot harder with other modern cars, especially if anything changes drastically.
  20. My car at Cars & Cofee Grand Rapids. There were some amazing cars there that day. Pictures of the event:
  21. Hey I love Lotus, but even at the price point I was questioning whether they would deliver on power. Its not like that's what they are known for. I am glad to hear that it seems like they are, because, I agree, for the money it better be crazy fast.
  22. From what Jas is saying on SELOC the Evija has crazy power.
  23. Yeah its unlikely you will see one new sitting at a dealer Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, if the 130 is terrible or they can't even give them away then it will be a huge blow. However I am sure both Geely and Lotus know how important this car is and I can't imagine it will be terrible. The only question is that will there be people out there that buy it? It really need to be something special and/or game changing I think. I will never own one, way out of my price range, but I hope it ushers in some new more "affordable" Lotus.
  24. Not saying sales aren't important, I have to imagine the main point of the Evija is to attempt to bring the name back into prominence. If its an amazing car that makes people drool then that means when the new line-up of cars come out people will be more willing to buy them. A lot easier to sell new line-up of equivalent Elises, Evoras, & Esprits with the Evija around IMO. Next thing for Lotus to work on is dealership networks, which I assume with the Evija and new line-up of cars will help get more dealers involved. Hopefully Geely has some pull with Volvo dealers to at least start servicing Lotus cars and maybe even open some Lotus showrooms.
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