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  1. My BBS alloys have 17mm wheel nuts , I have fitted a set of chrome wheel nut covers , they cost £16.99 and can be purchased from www antipit , they look quite good and have been fitted on my S3 for 2 years
  2. Simon I have a set of chrome look covers from Antipit , the set of 17mm covers cost £16.99, they have a web site at , I think they look qk . Alan
  3. jackslad


    My Windscreen was replaced under my insurance by Autoglass in October last year they also replaced the chrome windscreen surounds and the black strip along the bottom edge of the screen, it just cost me the £75.00 excess . Alan
  4. Hi All I am looking to purchase a pair of Stainless Steel door sill guards for my Series 3 Esprit , You used to be able to purchase them on Lotus Esprit World but the person selling them has sold out his stock . Hoping someone knows a contact . Thanks Alan
  5. Alan I have a 1983 non Turbo series 3 and would be interested in purchasing your standard steering wheel if you are about to sell it . Thanks Alan
  6. Thanks for the reply John my coil is situated in the same place so they may fit .
  7. I was wondering if the coil lead is the same length as i am not sure where the Turbo coil is located and do the series 3 N/A and Turbo both use the same coil .
  8. I am looking to fit a set KV 85 Magnicor ignition leads to my 1983 N/A Lotus Esprit the only ones i can see on ebay are for the Esprit Turbo , does anybody know if these are the same leads. thanks Alan
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