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  1. The s4 also uses the single tank. Early ones had the twin tank. The level sender is still available from peugeot and is cheaper from them than sj or pnm. Ive converted my system to 2 seperate tanks. The original one ive kept for the engine and I run a seperate small header tank for the chargecooler
  2. If I remember rightly, I replaced mine with a brass threaded tailpiece from local hose and fittings place. Cant remember the thread now im afraid but a tap and rethread wouldn't be a problem its only a small take off. They may have even matched it was 4odd years ago im afraid.
  3. Www.lotusespritworld.Com has the model breakdown. .
  4. If you loosing boost pressure and you can hear it it would also coincide with the low boost gauge readings. I still have to insist that you get the actuator set properly using the right technique and get the 4 fault codes diagnosed properly in order to realise exactly what is happening. All I can gather is that things are tinkered with and tried out...I think several issues are happening and your not chasing the problems directly..honestly youd have this sorted ages ago.....
  5. Simon, maybe let go of any previous fallouts/disagreements on previous posts?please? that would allow us all to progress WITHOUT any reference to who said what and when.... I read the link to the burns site and yes it was ok. Not sure if anyone else picked up on one point though, it did say that it should be avoided that any turbo support be attached to the manifold...which in itself would create stress in the system. So, I think it may have been on another thread on this subject there was a picture of a manifold someone had made with a massive triangular reinforcement web to support the turbo between it and port4..this would go against the idea that this very type of support would create issues of stress...which is something that has been seen on other manifolds. So, maybe a stabiliser bar of the type Alunox is trying to develop is the best solution and not a solid link? Also, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration I would think, as Derek mentioned earlier about a vibration issue from one customer. Could this be caused by an oversized turbo? Or balancing issues in the turbo? The production Alunox is making is made for the 'normal' version of the esprit. Any specific applications would need to be looked at individually surely to ensure suitability if there are big changes to the engines setup. On the note of vibration, could worn engine/gearbox mounts play a small part in these things, the general 'health' of the engine..its balance of internal rotating components...these will also cause vibrations.. One person above earlier in the thread has a bracket mounted to the chassis, which I don't believe is advisable..I believe Travis mentioned this also. Suspension setup, harsh stiffer suspension can cause shocks through the whole body/chassis and could possibly create vibrations. These are just ideas that COULD POSSIBLY contribute, individually or collectively, to vibration issues..Im not saying that they are definitively, but why not look at all aspects. Another thought is that a small stock of the supplied steel had a fault in its manufacture. This is not an impossibility. Welds can be defective even when done by a lifelong experienced welder. Human error is always an unfortunate option, hence the use of robot welding to provide todays high standards. The design of the support bar MAY be unsuitable, or it may simply have fallen foul of imperfections in its manufacture from whatever source. This is where the modern manufacturer (vehicle) will test multiples to destruction to gain the data that we simply cannot do in small numbers. So we have to theorise over ALL aspects and deduce most likely cause through technical deduction, correct mathematics and sensible experience...
  6. Well I started typing a response also along the lines of Daves above, so I wont repeat it all. Basic scenario is that its a small production run, small market and a company has come to our aid in supporting us where none have been successful or inclined to do so. We do not have the luxury of developing this unit on several esprits over 100k miles at MIRA in intense and differing enviroments in order to swiftly develop the design to create the ultimate product. The fact that without question the minor issues are being addressed and until the new stabiliser bar(s) are available, it cannot be said whether they will or wont be the solution. That's development for you... Views will differ on the function, load bearing capabilities and point of the stabiliser bar, which could make for an interesting TECHNICAL read, for those that are interested in such theories and calculations. What it shouldn't be is the childish prattle of 'he said this, he said that its him..' that it has degenerated into above. I would rather see cold hearted data and experienced views over dramatized opinion, whether it reads defensive (which invariably if your trying to prove a point it has to) or not. So bottom line could be, stop the bullshit and have a proper discussion on the capabilities and theory behind the bar or leave the thread.
  7. I think it might be worth clarifying something too for the sake of current owners and of those who have just purchased or are wanting to purchase the manifold. I have ran without the stabiliser bar for over a year now with absolutely no issues at all in its performance or reliability or design. I have done a non stop (except for 2 ten min fuel stops and the 30 min channel crossing) 1000mile fast paced drive back from the south of france without a stabilisation bar. I recieved no issues from this. The point im making is that while the initial design of the stabilisation bar has been looked at to improve it, under no circumstances should anyone be worried about using their esprit with this manifold in place whether their stabilisation bar is in place or not. The unit will still perform correctly and your turbo will NOT fall off the end..this is the important fact I feel. As for previous posts they all read like people have sore heads over this. Some of you may remember (sailorbob) that in the first instance I was very critical of the manifold when it was announced and I questioned everything, with some disagreement. However, my questions and concearns were suitably answered and I was present at its dyno testing also. Having seen first hand the data and the testing and some changes over original design I purchased one and have not looked back since. It is important that people are passionate about their subject and interests and profession. Yes sometimes. .and especially through text....this can come accross argumentative, agressive, defensive etc. The interpretation can sometimes be affected by the readers frame of mind or personal view. This does not always mean a bad thing. Progress is made by disagreement and "throwing ideas out there" ultimately for the greater good although it may not get there directly. Without any further bickering between fellow passionately driven enthusiasts, it should I feel be agreed that simon has his concearns as did I initially. They are currently being looked at to find the best fit solution. Dave is passionate and takes a LOT of stick from people on this forum for his driving ability to (excuse the phrase) "Go where no man has gone before. ." And as such he has an insight beyond what a lot of us will comprehend or be able to do. That does not mean that any one person has the only view that is right, but based on a long industry history of experience, it is experience that is giving sight and ability to go to the next level and push for all of us to get better products and help as much as is needed
  8. Phew. Its worse than hollyoaks... (a program the misses watches. Well, dribbleshite not a program)...
  9. Personally I want to know what happened to the guy having the mild steel coated manifold made the other month...thats gone way to quiet for my nose...
  10. Ive had to skip through 4 pages of reposted reposted stuff and ramblings. Can anyone give me the answer as to whether espritmon has been used to identify the 4 fault codes? I gathered the usual quad driver was one of them. Please. Keep it simple. What were the 4 codes identified. Then we can stop talking about the rod length of the wastegate capsule. .. (I wont go into what I originally said before that was purchased) and get on with actually solving the issues with absolutely NO FRILLS, SIDETRACTS OR CROSS MANUFACTURER REFERENCES. Please...
  11. I contacted them and advised ita well known for the damage and they should be declaring it..the seller said that was fair enough and what wpuld I offer..2k was politely refused..but its not worth anything more than that really. I dare say the new owner..if there is one..will have bidded either blind and be severly disappointed or it was false bidding..
  12. My s4 wiring copes perfectly with the upgraded fans...get a decent set of fans and youll be fine.
  13. I cleaned mine back to galvanised using Zinga..the best product available. .96% pure zinc..then wrapped in heat shielding. .
  14. Its 12mm off the top of my head. I had a custom braided one made as a modification in my system. Cant remember if ive posted about it yet..but I do need to post some updated info in the main thread. Theres no need for a 2nd reservoir really. Any air trapped or cavitation of the pump can be dealt with
  15. There not the laguna pads. The rears are toyota as travis says..
  16. Yes it is the very same car that was sold from dundee..front n/s accident damage. A misleading advert again.
  17. As the s4 slot was taken before I saw the post originally im out.. besides, I did it last yr and its nice to see different peoples cars involved. And the club stand already had enough esprits on it..2 of which were I left others the opportunity to fill the gaps... Unless u want the yellow peril sitting between the red and blue partners in crime..
  18. Spotted this morning heading south between coventry and wing so definately not Ade..
  19. Id be suprised if the bores were worn..they do last extremely well on these engines.
  20. At least you can easily get to that chargecooler pump and replace with an electric one while you have time..
  21. Engine out in a one cyl head removal! Ull have it out in 8 hours labour.i dont agree takin the head off is the best option unless u have other issues to deal with...
  22. imon. I think your concerns are viable and genuine in line with others thoughts my experience, I believe that the design of a manifold that can flex at each ports exit route greatly helps with the entire way the unit moves and interacts with the weight of the turbo..i also do believe that it is not that much of a problem with the correct manifold and its material make up. As mentioned, I experienced issued with my manifold..but..I have no doubt it worjs well..and at the end of tge day most esprits are used part time. So we wont ra k up the 100k miles in 5 yrs that warrant extreme testing. I have experienced issues with my manifold setup but then again ive done far more intensive miles on mine than anyone else..
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