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  1. Engine out..drill tap re thread (if required) and do all those other things that an engine out job can allow..bugger Borrisville this shouldn't happen!
  2. No mine is under the passenger side .but you do need to look for it! Assume the lotus position im afraid...
  3. As mentioned above and on another thread it was my support bar that broke. But I was doing a 1000 miles non stop except for 5 min fuel top up back from Monaco in the heat and at a very respectable 3figure speed. As dave has pointed out. .its not a support bar its a stabilisation bar. The hoses clamped up correctly to the chargecooler will easily carry the turbo. Therr is a lot of over exageration on the weight of turbo when manifold hot etc etc..simply put it stays put without issue...
  4. First time I scan read that I swear it said you were using sparkys wife. ..
  5. Well spend your money wisely. There are always bargains to be had. A friend of mine looked at that gt3, an over priced dealer gt3 at 21k and then stumbled onto a mint late model new dash etc gt3 and paid 14k...private sale
  6. Its a rolling resto job so 10to12k would be an acceptable my opinion..
  7. Clever boy..ill try that over the weekend...
  8. Well theyve already fazed out edge the fst will be changed. Its supposedly to the ssame (acceptable) spec as previous. Im sure it will be perfectly fine..
  9. ITs a dog..its been around for a long time..its been looked at and the bloke even admits he will take 13k..the paint is rough. Its musty..signs of a life outdoors etc..not as good as the ad trys to make out...
  10. Red elan at MIRA. . Car park between the wind tunnel area and the bridge over the high speed track...
  11. Tried again good. saved the files as a simple esprit1. theyre .log files not .asc? can I convert them? also, the command prompt says espritmon isn't a recognisable internal or external command, executable program or batch file... told you Im not a computer guru!
  12. Tried all that as per pdf manual..however the file name from the recording has the _ character in it so this maybe whats stopping it from working..
  13. As a non computer guru, Ive got Espritmon working on windows 8, but how do I replay a recorded file Ive made? Obviously if I just change the 1 and 0 around to replay, it plays the included example, not what Ive just recorded. So, how do I replay my recoreded file guys! thanks...
  14. Sometimes my lead plays up I have the one thats got a jack plug connection half way along it..I finds it needs wiggling there sometimes to get a connection..
  15. Hopo..your welcome to leave it at my house in leamington if you can get it there.Ill PM you..
  16. Its performed perfectly so far. In honesty ive just had a lot of 0ther things happening that its took a back burner.. .but it has enabled me to do other tests and ensure its consistent. Just gotta sort out pricing with the company..
  17. But if its not turned for 11 Years...service history can mean absolutely nothing.a stamp in the book doesnt mean that it's been looked after.. On the road mot tax in pretty good order its only really a project at 2k under seems expensive..
  18. If it was 4k id have had it. John...arnt you supposed to be in Oxfordshire right now
  19. If that. There's a blue on for required for just under 8k. Strong money me thinks...and over the mark..
  20. But your light shouldnt come on above 1850psi. .so they still wernt working right..all delco systems on the esprit are the same. So... And they should come correctly set anyhow..without the need for end user adjustment except for when the diaphragms wear but that shouldn't be for a few years yet...fitting a pressure gauge is a good regular check tool..but I would be carefull to ensure that all the internal materials in the gauge are suitable for the agressive brake fluid..otherwise they may last a year or two then.....pop..leaky leaky . just an observation. The new switch requires no user adjustment and no playing about.
  21. Dont take this the wrong way, but it sounds like the system you got from Australia is shite. Thats the wrong pressures and not how it should function at all. Add on top how much extra it cost compared to the system id developed with PVL and the fact its not even returnable now its faulty so was money wasted. It seems to me theyve picked any switch that functions not developed it properly and flog it over priced. The system originally available from PVL worked correctly and at the right pressures etc and was cheaper. Unfortunately, as mentioned before due to the greed of Matty's and the fact someone else went and gave them the details passing it off as their own work, is a shame..and now PVL won't supply the switch with small orders Which is why the new one switch system is being kept close to myself until I have a full cost for you guys who want it.
  22. Obviously any item can go faulty or be manufactured wrongly but its not a common thing. Ive fitted a few of the original switches I had made through PVL and Ive had no issues with any of them. Unfortunately, if it comes from Oz then that makes things harder and even more expensive than it was to begin with from there. stay local. The new version is worth it..
  23. Owen..why are you trying to source a different switch and guessing which might be good for it. As documented, ive spent a few years on this subject and have developed the newest version which ive been testing. And its available from the UK as opposed to from half way around the world..which I tried to advise people against doing previously. . And if you read back a couple of pages youll see why this will be a far better option than anything else
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