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  1. As good as the product is I have to say £77 quid to upgrade the nuts to the ones it needs anyhow is expensive. I sourced them myself for a lot lot less last year..
  2. August could be best for me..ill check to see whats happening.
  3. I had that years ago on a triumph. My alarm would go off flashing indicators while driving or wouldnt allow the car to start. Simple solution in the end was an intermittent connection on the main power feed from the battery..but as the junction that feeds off to the 4 looms was buried in the harness it wasnt obvious. It sounds like youve got a simple wiring issue really. Its just a case of tracing it
  4. Cammy, have you got your esprit back yet? Im curious how its gone as you said they were quick in removing the old (whether good or bad) is always usefull in the community...
  5. or just use an old sparkplug fitted to the lead and leave it resting ontop of the engine..youll see it sparking...easier than messing around with wire and tape..
  6. If its the car I think it is..
  7. No its an s4 johns bought...
  8. Well..maybe tomorrow (sunday) I could preach the sermon. ..
  9. If I remember rightly the overflow tank is there so the system can draw coolant back into the header tank as it cools and pressure drops as required..keeping it topped up correctly
  10. Its not an issue really. You would see signs of nose panel repair inside the front boot if it had been smacked. But as Bibs says, what car hasn't at some point had any cosmetic remedial work done? Stonechips are common on our Esprits..just means some wally put the indicators in wrong way round that's all..Ive seen several UK cars like that
  11. Well good luck with it in that case. Whatever its costing that you view as a saving, will Im afraid turn into being a substantial extra cost in the not-so-long-run. Its just the experience of it that all the guys here have tried to impart upon you..and in some cases emplore you, not to do that route.
  12. you can just look through the large underside hole in the body and get an idea..if it looks damp or corroded by any amount then your probably looking at the better part..itll be worse when you take them out and get them shot blasted..then youll see the extent of pinholing etc..but they can be repaired and at a lot less than replacement of them. If you block off the l/h tank youll have no sender unit so your gauge wont read correct. And im sure you've had enough experience of running out of fuel so far Steve... Unless theyre dripping fuel, don't worry about them just yet..its a winter job so why don't you get the actuator sorted and use the car for a few months over the rest of the summer and enjoy it, then compile a list of job or things to look at and take it from there over the winter...
  13. So, was £500 the estimated price then, as asked earlier by Pete and did it include all the new studs, nuts and gaskets required? Because you cant reuse the same old ones.. How many hours of labour does it include? You've already said in an earlier post that it would cost you £500 in labour to have the alunox unit if you already have a labour charge to have a manifold removed from your car and a new one fitted, then how can the one your going for cost £500? That means there supplying it free of charge? Without actually costing It up exactly, I cant see that price including the lengthy and no doubt troublesome job or removing an old rusted on, seized bolts n all, manifold. And then add on the labour to custom make a manifold to the car, in situ Im guessing, fabricate, test fit, adjust as required. Oh then theres the materials charge....without sounding insulting (as Im trying not to) it sounds like a "wheeler Dealers" sort of full of fairy dust and make believe.
  14. And gets rid of the nasty sunroof. .and wears colour changing goggles..
  15. Yea post it up. We have friends in Bristol so could visit at the same time. Whats the details..
  16. Well once the rust is removed they can be protected properly..without skimping on the cost. Not that its expensive to do.then theyll either outlive the life of the car or the owner..
  17. It does need saving. .but its just too high an asking price to justify the rectification work required to bring it back to being a genuine and excellent example. If it was a "2k help me now" price yea.. but nearly 7k I think it will take a 'special' person
  18. As above. Once its set in thats it. You cant eradicate it without removal of the tanks. Steve dont try and short cut now!
  19. Yup. I refer to our little chat the other day...
  20. it was mobil1 0/40 same as I used in the porsche...there are more than one types though of this grade in mobil1 range.. Its a good oil. But I tried it just to see what I thought..a personal curiosity. I found it a little thin for my liking in terms of tappet noise so changed it. Curiosity itch scratched.
  21. Again?? That got sold was it earlier this year/late last year? Now its back at the same dealer. ..I think if its a problem car its strong money. Its a shame as I personally love the colour combination. .although I may change the wheels myself to a little more subtle colouring.
  22. Is this the one I spotted last yr passing coventry on the m6 the day you picked it up? I love the s2..and obviously yellow is the best colour..I like the interior and think its great with the chrome strip running the dash. Im firmly a fan of the 70/80s styling..
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