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  1. The list I saw must be wrong then. It listed I think 4 different yellows from throughout the years. Cant remember where it was from now but it had a colour code nxt to each one a64 I think it was
  2. A9 between between Latheron heading up to Thurso...always quiet...extremely fast, wonderfull flowing curves, s-bends and excellent straights..A road made for the Esprit to eat it up in three figures..and of course where the a9 goes over Berriedale water beforehand..wondfull views on that steep incline...pop pop bang bang! Obviously there are more challenging roads up there..but there are so many ive been along and loved I wouldn't know where to start..
  3. I think there was a thread a long time ago about original vs pattern o2 sensors and it was agreed that pattern ones just arnt up to it
  4. camel yellow was an official colour.
  5. The vacuum pump can go out of adjustment and is very easy to readjust. It can take..what 10mins? You may have a vacuum leak if you find its running constant or too often
  6. Im just confused. The gearbox top up isn't a major issue. Its fiddly unless you take out the boot floor. If its the driveshaft seals on back order...really? As mentioned before its either the seal or the rollpin leaking..if it is coming from that area. Alternatively (unlikely) is leaking from the filler plug. The gearstick 'breaking' isn't a major issue, its a simple fix to replace it whether its a decent used item or a new one sourced. More worryingly though I want to know what suspension is about to drop off... I don't think your having major issues Steve, just some niggles early on. If youd blown a hole in the side of your block, that would be major.. As were all helpful guys here, if you want one of us to pop down and visit the car in the workshop and see exactly whats going on with you Im sure it would answer all your questions and speed things along nicely..
  7. No its a fact. S4 is the best. Especially in yellow..
  8. telematica is the same company. its just their European sales division. there are no customs charges.
  9. Alternatively the realisation upon actually meeting those characters that in person they are every bit as barmy as their forum postings may suggest..I think we in the midlands suffer from barmyitous..our sunday breakfast meets are often reduced to childish behaviour and prattle.. Possibly the combination of too much caffeine and too many e numbers/sugar hypo fixes from mucho cake consumed..
  10. I ordered from msd themselves. They get made in spain I think..or is it mexico..then get shipped to usa the distributed out to customers. I didnt get any extra charges. I bought via ebay they advertise there themselves
  11. its the age old argument...and just too indepth to go into yet again with the reasons..yes I agree derek that remapping can be advantageous but the delco ecu cant be done. so just wacking boost and fuel in isn't the best way to gain reliable performance..its a rough and ready way that used to be done to RS turbos because they didn't know any better back in the day. And the S4s had different turbo, valves etc so was flowing more air..which is the whole point. its the basics of engines. you need air velocity and fuel and the right combination to create sustainable reliable power. wacking up boost and trying to choke the engine with it, when it hasn't been changed or set up to flow more air in significant quantities is just pointless. John, You may be able to spin the wheels. but all that means is your not actually using the power you've got your just loosing traction. That is not an indication of power or a smooth torque curve or ADVANTAGEOUS gains. It doesn't show reliability or anything. Yes you may feel an increase in torque but actually what have you gained? Have you done a before and after dyno run at a reputable company to see whats going on? If you did, youd be surprised and youll find a lot more out... Without repeating the details of the 412 thread to explain it that's the basics. But each to there own there is no 'one opinion only thanks' otherwise wed have nothing to talk about
  12. 20/60 and 20/50 are not the right oil grades as per original. It uses Castrol edge 10/60. My oil pressure rarely drops below 2bar on very hot tickover...usually during normal driving conditions its around 4.5/5 on a cold start up its up around the 6or so.
  13. wiring..ecu...manifold and throttles..injectors..gaskets clips etc. not to mention sensors. theres a lot too it but it can be done. Maybe it would be easier (if you can get the parts) to go the K-Jetronic route than Delco?
  14. And yet people are still fooled into it..still..these companies only want your money and market products towards owners who may not know any different which is a shame. Each to their own..
  15. I wouldn't bother with it. For what new msd units cost it isnt worth having a 2nd hand one with a crack. Itll fail. It could have had a crack for years and been subject to water ingress and road salt eating away inside. Id replace both current working ones if you were concerned and keep your original ones if known to be good, or at least one if only one is good, as your spare..
  16. And avoid putting chips into the Ecu...theyre not the way forward. Theyre made by a conner in germany who cant substantiate his claims and refuses to use a dyno to test them. I mean..the idiot claims #7 can give you up to 400bhp with a kn filter...wat a load of rubbish. Its seriously delusional and really doesnt work like that...
  17. Im sure the original vehicle is but this advert isnt genuine. So it isnt anywhere for sale. I didnt say the vehicle didn't exist did I..I looked at dvla last time it went up for sale.
  18. Andy..its not there. Its not anywhere! Its a scam..Jyst like that gumtree one was it the other week? Early stevens at only a couple of grand...falsy false..
  19. Its a scam. THe "woman" selling claims to be in Peterhead. She refuses to allow any viewing of the car and avoids answering any specific questions about it and anything relating to its previous "sale". Further more Ive asked for a contact number and this has been ignored. Also they want payment in FULL and then claim that the car and paperwork will be shipped to you with the v5 in your name..its a load of bollox...
  20. Thats exactly wat I was well over priced and they were not very helpful with the direct questions I asked...and he was a trader and was trying to pretend he was private..
  21. Safely back in sunny leamington. .good meet with chaps..good turn out for the esprit fraternity. .was it 13 or 14? Good gassin with you guys..always a pleasure
  22. I told the original seller it had a bent chassis but he refused to believe me. He wasn't honest in his add at all. All the signs were there blatantly. .
  23. Just the way you like it! Glad to hear it..
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