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  1. then we have your commitment to tomorrow night.....
  2. Im sure Boris has an approved Londonium method which wont harm the environment you can try..
  3. Dont worry trev ill support you! 2 dodge1979
  4. I think the tolerance of his language and insults has been endured long I see it for someone that 'supposed' to be a lyrical master he actually only has three lines... faggots, cocks and Nazis. Hes a delusional small boy in a mans world with serious anger and acceptance issues..honestly do we need to put up with him or can we go back to enjoying the forum and its decent members... oh and for someone whos coming up to 50 yrs old soon enough he doesn't really act it does he..
  5. Keith I believe his name is. Im not in awe. Fame or money dont impress me. Good manners and a bit of respect do. It goes a long way. No doubt there will be another ranting reply full of unimaginative insults and childishly colourful colloquialisms. I dont care who he thinks he is but so far all hes brought to the forum is the sort of discourse that ive never seen on here before and frankly dont need to. If I want to ill listen to my ice-t albums...
  6. to be fair that's a nice bike fair play. although if carolyne can see it from here Id think she has serious super power vision. I stopped drooling when I was a baby btw..
  7. ahh.. crazy high. 'special'...yes. I genuinely wont be playing with myself over a video of ur car. sorry. I think things are being fractured at the moment over several threads but with the same theme. but with regards labour costs it doesn't surprise me that theyre high over there in usa. that's not the issue. you have to pay what you pay I guess. but its more the vague what you've done that I think people want to know I asked before.what actually have you done..
  8. Sparky..was that a stage4 clutch on that chopper? Sweet..bro. ya'll..innit stuff bruv..
  9. haters? faggot? poor mans esprit? I don't rise to idiots usually but honestly Ive brought more to this forum, the Esprit community and probably the world than youll ever dream of. If your after a dick measuring competition come back when you've had the operation to enlarge yours enough to be measured metric and above millimetres. Everyone here will sometimes have a different opinion on things but we and everyone associated with this brand is united in the fact we know better from experience than most. please stop with the insults. Its just not cricket...
  10. Bibs, PLEASE PLEASE don't ban him. Its like a care in the community program..we have to look after those who cant look after themselves..
  11. erm what?? again this is another thread of..well what? If your paying silly labour rates then why don't you learn to do it yourself? At the end of the day an Esprit is held together with nuts and bolts like any other car,. it is NOT a hard car to work on..if you've got an ounce of sense and capability that is..I cant understand what your opinion of the Esprit being a money pit is..its unfounded. yes there are those that have been previously neglected but generally the Esprit when correctly looked after is just as reliable as any other daily runner. I have spent (like many other owners) thousands in maintenance, modification, etc and have a perfectly reliable example of the Esprit that I have no issues in taking (as I did last year) to Monaco for example...nearly 3000 miles round trip So ignoring the paint job, this mismatched interior and having replaced any standard items..what actually have you done with yours that would hold it above the average example? Im struggling to understand that you have done anything more than do a rolling renovation of what could have been a great car. If your bent over by your mechanic then that would explain the expense...but I don't get what you've gained? you've replaced items after an engine bearing failure( im guessing that's what a '30k spun bearing' is) and now you value yours at whatever. well if it was kept to standard and not fannied around with I would expect it to actually be worth more.and probably more desirable. that next youll be claiming 500bhp and a 0-60 of veryon territory ....
  12. Well its gained my interest..finally someone has come to terms with true Esprit ownership. As an owner myself I am a multi millionare and value all my cars at no less than 100k GBP. I also have a helicopter to gain access to the general mainland (as I live on a private island) and mingle with you plebs..I do try and avoid physical contact however for my own health. If you look at the following pictures youll see my average collection of Esprits hapazzardly abandoned upon my over sized tiled front driveway..with my daily runner helicopter in the foreground. Sorry it does need a I said its purely for practical reasons I have one... picture 2 will reveal my true secret as an Esprit owner. I think I can claim to being the only person in the world who owns not one but TWO GENUINE BRAND NEW ESPRIT bodyshells..actually as they came out of the VARI molding process from the factory in Hethel. I am priveliged and I do try and keep this on the quiet..but hey. I must say that these are so so rare that I wont sell them. Unless the money is right.... Lastly I understand that not everyone will believe me..and as such these very rare bodyshells have been independently investigated and verified by a very well known independent Lotus specialist...his corporate picture is number 3. Whilst I know that many Esprit owners will revel in the knowledge that this sort of automotive history is being supported, it comes to my attention that there are some humans in the world that will settle for nothing less than...less. Whilst I may own a fantastic collection which could be considered world class I must now admit I lack in the 'flames' bodywork area. I truly do wish at least one of my Esprit's had flames up the sides.. want to boast over ' lightweight tube' (or whatever).. and indeed I do wish that I had had the absolutely logical and standard opinion that if I change my oil coolers and oil lines that Ive done so you do that regardless especialy if you've experienced any sort of engine trouble and rebuild..clearly you wouldn't want to risk any sort of re-contamination of the new engine by any residual debris trapped in old coolers or lines! I think it was mentioned earlier but at the risk of being slapped on the truly are an idiot and I not only cant understand what the hell your on about but I struggle to accept the fact that you clearly have massively over valued what the rest of us in the real world call 'standard procedure'...Ive done everything and probably more on my Esprit and Im not claiming silly money/values/blah...take a look at the 412bhp thread and realise real expenditure...or take a look at the sport300 restoration thread..then youll realise true costs and gains... 1 2 3
  13. Been for sale for a while..I cant imagine wrapping an esprit unless the paint has serious issues or your hiding stress cracks. Its a bodgers way out imo..
  14. Well im booked back on the dyno in july to do just that. Ive had so much going on since last year ive not been able to test the alunox manifold since I fitted it a year ago. With the documented dyno runs ive done with various changes it will show its potential should all these things be done correctly and optimized. Obviously ill be posting up the results at the end of july. Apart from daves 412 thread no one else has dyno run the manifold. Its potential is known on daves engine but for us mere mortals it will prove an interesting test to see its actual gains. On another more serious note I will be refraining from testing bananas on my esprit. They just dont flow the exhaust gases well
  15. Two days on the trot..same purple elise in the same parking space yesterday and today morning. ..
  16. Yes id agree. You should use the correct for fluid for the system not dot5. There is no need to change it at all.
  17. And ur that close and still ive not been spotted! Maybe I should change to a mundane colour...
  18. Well as we cant use r12 anymore (at least in the uk) thats kinda pointless you have to convert to r134 so the conversion is still worthwhile. And regardless of what some people say the compressor will work well with the newer gas. Theres just too much false info out there..
  19. Thats only 0.8 bar. So with a chargecooler you could keep the inlet charge cool enough to maintain 1bar a lot longer. Its not a question of simply uping the boost. You need to keep the charge cold enough to maintain it and you'll need to make fueling adjustments aswell or youll be running lean. And everyone knows the big bang theory...
  20. just brought it back up to the start of the esprit chat section for you..
  21. Just bringing this back into the current as people are struggling to find the thread..
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