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    Elite 503 S1
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    Melksham, Wiltshire, England

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  1. Not quite sure if my car is reliable enough to get there. Maybe another time when I've put some miles on it.
  2. I made one for my Elite out of turned plastic. I could send it to you.
  3. Does anyone know what car this comes from? Or can anyone suggest an alternative to use? Mine is beyond use other than acting as a plug.
  4. I hope things have only moved a bit, otherwise expensive. Hi Herc, my car is still not running, but hopefully soon.
  5. Jon Thanks for the photos. If you can do some photos deeper down in the engine bay I'd be grateful. Regards, Chris Herc/Marc I'd love to come and look at your car. I work shifts so a weekday is possible for me. (Air-con also ripped out). You must be about about 70 miles or so from me. I live in Melksham. I too have a manual (poor nick) and a parts list. Regards, Chris
  6. Help! I've bought an Elite 503 S1 where the previous owner has stripped out the engine bay, now I've no idea where anything goes or what is missing. I need to look at a car local to me and to take some close up photos. Can anyone in Wiltshire help?
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