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  1. 7tCatvert


  2. With the help of a another owner got it adjusted...
  3. I cannot get my 88 with the Citroen gearbox to go into reverse, it has worked up until the last two weeks...I am sure (hopeful) it is an adjustment...BTW the service manual is no help...The 5 forward gears shift perfect. I read where there are the two adjustments on the side but which controls reverse and is it adjust out or in? I took off the console cover and can see the pin go on the slot for reverse but wont go back... Things I know or have done... Red line was replaced with ss line, gear oill changed with redline mt90, I know to go to first before reverse and to lift up....
  4. Interior done..I dyed all the brown leather to black and recovered all the brown material that was falling off with vinyl and had new seats made....also dyed the carpet....
  5. Nice thing is It can go back to orginal no permante changes made...I am sure in time I will want the stock look back
  6. Finally back from paint , I love the mono color, and I got everything back installed now on to the interior.... Interior I am going to dye the dash black, carpet black and seats are tan.... I also finished the engine this winter... before... after
  7. Car back from paint last week and just finished putting it back together with the taillights... Now on to the interior...
  8. Sure....I have been very frustrated with the car seems I get one thing straightened out and something else goes wrong....spent tons of money and only driven it 150 miles....

  9. 88 Stevens-the same car, let's be friends.

  10. Thanks John I will do that was trying to find a LED flasher only ones have been 4 or 3 pin.... Tom
  11. Ok I guess the blinkers were not working just brake kites need led flasher where do you get them and where is it on the car...
  12. I think I will leave mine off hate to cut it and then decide in a couple years to go back and have to buy another
  13. Taillights came yesterday and installed them.... Plinth does not fit need to make a new one out of metal or carbon fiber but kinda like it with out...need to clean up the lines...Not quite a plug and play have to rewire one plug and square everything up but they work and look good...
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