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  1. Is that Farook’s car with H111 upgrades? If so first cup car I drove and led me to buy my cup car. They certainly are different to a standard car. Enjoy!
  2. 54ltr tank good for me too, although fortunately it came with the car! There's one for sale on the playground (60ltr one), although not sure if it fits a V6
  3. Gary, Did you confirm it was this in the end?
  4. Great feedback as always! sounds a bit like a Honda conversion, and I mean that in terms of more vibration at idle and a more raw feeling. So get hung I don’t mind!
  5. Chateau any good? A group of us us are staying there soon, so some feedback would be good
  6. I run 10 from full hard rebound and 4 from hard compression front. Rear is 9 from full hard rebound and again 4 from hard compression. I find it to be a great set up for road, but I do prefer the car to be set up quite hard.
  7. I purposely went for a V6 Cup. I did test drive a 350, and it just didn't excite like the Cups do. I driven 2 and now own one of them because the the rawness, and all the additional bits they have over standard car. I've added a 2bular tweaked the suspension to my liking. It also has a second set of forged alloys for extra lightness. with no sound deadening, a louder exhaust and all the Cup bits, it really is very special. I've seen V666Cup for sale, and it looks ok. Mileage is good, and with the 410 kit it will breath better. They only made around 120 Cup cars, but you state you're not fussed by that. Perhaps an earlier V6 and then modify. All depends on what kind of experience you want.
  8. If you started with one of the lightest of the lot, being a V6 Cup, then you'd have a very good base car
  9. As per title, I'm looking for used manifolds and the down pipe for my car. I'm happy with the noise, so let me know what you might have. Not looking to spend a fortune though!
  10. Congratulations on the car! My V6 Cup has no rear trim panel either, but if you have the a-frame, then that's why. Anyway, it's a Cup car, so the ethos is about saving weight
  11. Great write up as always Arun. Sounds like you were very lucky with the tyre. Be interesting to hear your thoughts on the Cup2’s. Whilst mine is mainly road use, I do want it to be as keyed in as possible, particularly the front end! I’ll suggest some dates for a meet up with Gary too
  12. What, no video?!!! Lets meet for a beer and a chat about cars soon.
  13. Hi George, what time do you plan to be at Beachy Head? I live nearby, and if I can get away from family commitments, would pop down to have a look and a chat
  14. I've got the same one on my car, and it's absolutely fine for maneuvering around. Looking good Arun!
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