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  1. Clutch slave cylinder issue possibly. Had the same issue on my car and had it replaced. Do a search on here as it’s more common than you’d think.
  2. Buy a 380/410 exhaust and then order a link pipe from Jimmat 2bular
  3. I’m sure I read, from a reputable source, that despite the actual plaque numbers, that they made under 100 road cars. no idea whether that’s true, but judging by the gaps in plague numbers on this thread, it could be correct.
  4. This is the one I had
  5. Hey you crazy Greek! That was the exhaust I had on the Cup before I put the 380 exhaust on. It was a nice exhaust but not much louder than the OEM. Non-valved 70mm version. I think at the time it was for road. I know now you still want to do track days, so perhaps the best solution. You know this, but real men buy the valved 2bular or 380/410 exhaust😀
  6. No 380 down pipe needed. You use the existing standard down pipe and simply ask Jim to make you the Link pipe, so that the back box can connect. Epic sound, but you probably won’t get on any tracks, other than Spa and the Nurburgring. The best modification you’ve can do, as it gives the car the drama it needs
  7. Same brakes and disc diameter mate. Just bought some RS14’s again for mine.
  8. Yiannis, I had the track version of Jim's exhaust on my car in 2018. Was louder than standard, but simply not loud enough for what I wanted, hence the change to the 380/410 exhaust. I think the car would have made it on a loud day, but to be honest, if you want noise, then Jim's road exhaust is far better sounding, but you won't get on at most tracks. Alastair has Jim's road exhaust, so you know what that sounds like. If you want to do track days, then perhaps best to stick with the current standard exhaust. Other option is to fit a 380 exhaust, with link pipe from Jim,
  9. Remember the day I collected mine. I was praying for forgiveness!
  10. Fitted my kit over Christmas and was able to finally take the car out this afternoon. I didn’t need to remove the wheel arch, which was a benefit. Followed the bedding in instructions to the letter, by allowing the car to idle for some 20 minutes when fitted. Took the the car out today and gradually increased revs during the course of the test. Did some 40 miles of mixed driving and the throttle response is certainly better. I’m not a lover of supercharger whine, although coming from a Honda S1, the additional noise provides a more visceral experience. The roads were
  11. The Cup cars are so much more than the sum of their parts. Gary kindly took me out in his a while ago, whilst I also drove a selection of V6’s, 350’s and a 380. The original V6 Cup’s are raw, intimate cars to drive and extract the best from. The fact that, along with the 360’s, are the last motorsport cars adds kudos, if little or no more value. I bought one almost 2 years ago, and really do enjoy it. Whilst a standard V6 is cheaper, retro fitting the cup’s set up will cost a lot of money. With the espxception of the 360 currently for sale, and the freak £41,995 pewter Cup, I’ve n
  12. Ad08r’s for me as a well priced, but highly effective tyre for all-round use.
  13. I’ve got one of these ready to fit too, as my V6 Cup Lotus baffled sumo is also leaking. It’s been refitted once but has started weeping again. seems like a nice piece of kit.
  14. Turns out that I needed a female torx socket to remove. Used to do doing discs and pads, but the type of socket required was stumping me.
  15. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I need to change my front discs and need to know what type of attachment I need to remove it. The Deroure website simply says lobe had, but when I search for this, it doesn’t give me the correct type of tool to remove it using a torque wrench. Help mich appreciated! Rich
  16. Is that Farook’s car with H111 upgrades? If so first cup car I drove and led me to buy my cup car. They certainly are different to a standard car. Enjoy!
  17. 54ltr tank good for me too, although fortunately it came with the car! There's one for sale on the playground (60ltr one), although not sure if it fits a V6
  18. Gary, Did you confirm it was this in the end?
  19. Great feedback as always! sounds a bit like a Honda conversion, and I mean that in terms of more vibration at idle and a more raw feeling. So get hung I don’t mind!
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