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  1. fourhands


  2. I got the boy a 007 DBS one of these and its kinda rubbish…….
  3. Tony? The names Murray - Paul Murray.......
  4. That'll be Tony Shute (sp?). I suppose you have seen this… that your car @ 12.50…...
  5. Bird in the hand is a long way from the Peak District! Well I am all legs so there wasn't enough room between centre console and the steering wheel therefore I made a new spoke blade for the wheel bringing the rim a good inch or so towards me. Snug but quite workable and you are right it looks totally stock. Look forward to seeing the Elite.
  6. Hi Paul I need to get a replacement glass for my mirror, do you have any clue how to go about it? Obviously i will need to get it made somewhere - any ideas?? Paul
  7. What a treat to see them both in the flesh - very interested to see the production version next year………...
  8. Some more wicked views to feast on - taken during the Elan's big birthday year. Not a cleaner car was ever seen……...
  9. It sure is a timeless piece of design….will still look modern in another 40 years.
  10. oilmagnet - I am 6'5"!! Had a special steering wheel made…….. Buddsy - Jo Chan has sprayed the Turbo - Black I believe with gold wheels.
  11. he's got the sickness too then……...
  12. Love the web site……….inspiring stuff!
  13. Hi Pits, Ramjet, Buddsy - nice to hook up! More pics of the obsession……..
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