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  1. This topic has probably been done to death but I can’t find anything specifically re getting the Sparco seats lower. Does anyone know of an aftermarket seat runner that lowers the Evora Sparco drivers seat? All of the Evora GT 410 sports for sale have the Sparco seats. Annoyingly these seats are way too high in my opinion but are otherwise a nice seat. My perfect solution would be a Lotus Cup drivers seat and keep the Sparco passenger seat for access to the rear seats. It’s annoying on such an expensive car to have to do this though. (No I don’t have an Evora but it’s definitely on my possibly / maybe list as a replacement for my 2-11 that sold last month).
  2. Just to resurrect this discussion... the torque difference between the Cup 430 and the other cars is huge. Cup 430: 325 FTLB AMG GT-R: 520 FTLB Ford GT: 550 FTLB GT2 RS: 550 FTLB Any weight advantage the Lotus has in terms of braking and agility is more than cancelled out by the sheer grunt of the other cars and the already mentioned Dual Clutch gearboxes. Horses for courses. I suspect the Exige has its performance pegged back due to its gearbox. With a better gearbox it could have far more power & torque because the engine is capable. Then it would be the £100k performance bargain. Sadly it’s an ageing platform approaching its end of life. I still adore it and think it’s a bloody good looking car. I’d have one.
  3. From this computer rendering the odd shaped side graphics probably started out as a parallelogram with curved corners but it’s the curved bodywork on the sides that make the graphic look wonky.
  4. If you do end up finding it too gold and needs breaking up with graphics, there’s only one Lotus colour scheme that will do........
  5. Would be nice to see some 2-Elevens join in. :-)
  6. From experience the 2-11 is roughly Exige V6 Cup laptime. What the Cup makes up in power, the 2-11 claws back under braking. The Evora 410 looks to be a brilliant blend of speed, road & track useability and playfulness.
  7. Thread resurrection... Looking at this table i was wondering how a 2-11 would stack up around Hethel against all of this new V6 machinery. Then I remembered Rowland at Motorsport commenting on my car when it was having it’s full cage fitted in 2016. Apparently one of the development drivers had spotted my car in the workshop and was nagging Rowland to take it out on track to set a time. Quite rightly Rowland told him to bugger off because it was a customers car. I bet in terms of braking performance the 2-11 is right up there still.
  8. A Lotus FB/Instagram post from yesterday basically told everyone that more exciting things are in the pipeline for 2018. Ok, so JMG has told us all that 430Bhp is the most that the road cars gearbox can handle. Where do Lotus go from here with the S3 platform assuming 430 is the power limit? Lighter? More aero? Faster Hethel lap times? More expensive cars? Surely a convertible Evora is on the cards which will also be sold in America? This surely makes good business sense if they can sell a load of them. I happen to like reading about new Loti every month. Makes me happy. Roll on 2018.
  9. Lotus have been doing what they need to do to keep afloat and battle through to apparent profit for the first time ever. It’s like over the last 3 years they have packed around a decades worth of updates into this short space of time. It’s unlike anything else in the industry really. I get why some customers are fed up at being gazumped by the factory within weeks but that’s life. I’d like to think the next entirely new lotus line up will be a lot further down the development road and “sorted” upon release so that the rate of new updates will be less frequent. with this lotus could afford to be more transparent with their dealers who at the moment are kept on their toes with lack of “heads up” on new models meanwhile they read all about the latest and greatest Exige on the internet like the rest of us. One particular dealer I spoke to ordered a couple of new Elise’s. Part way through the build lotus announced a new Elise with the Gucci exposed gear linkage so the dealer was left with two new cars in the showroom with the old gear linkage that wasn’t desirable any more.. Not catastrophic but annoying. Id love a 430 Cup and at that level of performance it would see me satisfied for the rest of my driving days. For me it would be a keeper no matter what new Exige came out. I have issue with the price and lack of torque biasing diff but that’s for another thread...
  10. In a recent interview with JMG discussing the 430 Cup with one of the big car magazines he said they could have added a torque biasing differential but it would have added another 12 months to the cars development. I thought it an odd comment....but maybe not!
  11. I know!! We’ll see what happens but it’s looking more likely than ever. Problem is where we want to move to I won’t have space for my trailer. Would make sense to shop the whole lot in and get one road & track car that I can happily drive to and from a trackday in.
  12. Cheers Gav. I don’t fancy chargecooling my car at this stage of the game. There’s a possibility I’ll be selling it in 2018 due to house move and lack of use. We’ll see what happens.....
  13. Your car is coming along nicely Gav! This picture has got me thinking.... nice neat double puller fan set up on the back of a 2-Eleven intercooler. I reckon this could be a simple cost effective way of massively increasing air through the intercooler to keep heat soak at bay. I wonder if anyone has tried it?
  14. K’inell......£60k + options for an Elise.
  15. I wish lotus would spend an extra 3p on plating / coating.
  16. It's the one issue that bugs me about the 2-11 (after the gearbox). Not an easy or cheap fix.
  17. I'm following with interest! An ideal opportunity to pro-alloy chargecool it whilst it's in bits? Get rid of the pesky heat soak.
  18. The longer I own my 2-11 the more I wonder about whether it's appreciating in value. Only 350 ish were made worldwide. Many of them will have been wrecked Racing meaning meaning even fewer cars exist. The prices of the 340R have gone through the roof. Hoffmans are asking £90k for their 340R. I wonder if the 2-Eleven will eventually go up in value?
  19. AdamK

    Evora GT430

    I was chatting to a well respected dealer at a track day earlier this year. They were pulling their hair out the fact that the factory don't give them the heads up about new cars. Often the first they know of it is a potential customer coming into the showroom asking after a car they've seen announced on instagram. Makes the dealers look incompetent.
  20. AdamK

    Evora GT430

    If I was thinking about sinking £100k into a new lotus I'd be put off by the fact they release a new edition every other week. By the time your car is made they've announced 3 new cars with nicer bodywork in the mean time. Good luck to lotus if their order books are full of these new models however.
  21. AdamK

    Evora GT430

    I like it. I'd love to see it in a brighter colour so all of the trick carbon bits stand out to the eye. Bravo Lotus.
  22. Echoing what others have said, the wing and other body aero bits look great. I'm not sure what it would offer the driver over a 380 sport other than an emptier wallet? They must have found 60 left over 2-Eleven adjustable TC dials in a drawer and thought "we can build a new Exige cup around them!"
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