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  1. Looks like some of you guys are catching on. I understand that the Lotus community will not get why they chose Swizz, I thought it was a wrong decision at first. Looking on the net, this guy is pretty big in the celeb circles. The other bonus is Alicia Keys also becomes involved, she also owns a Evora. Talking to the Lotus community will surely give negative feed back on the guy, what do you expect when most of the community are of a older demographic. Most of us have no interest in the modern celeb scene or the latest music. Think about it for 2 secs, Lotus need to appeal to the new generation of Lotus buyers. Most of the younger demographic will have some clue of Swizz or Alicia Keys, who's job it is to get the Lotus brand out to the younger generation. Lotus need to get the name and brand into the minds of everyone, not just the enthusiasts. I have talked to younger people about Lotus and many of them have never heard of Lotus, never mind the cars they build. When I was a kid Lotus was a big name, that name has faded away over the years.
  2. Swizz is not just a rapper, the guy produces music for other artists Also is a painter (artist), fashion designer, shoe designer and brand promoter. He's job is to promote the brand in the celebrity circles, so the cars get featured in films, music videos and much more. Think about it, you see one of the current darlings of Hollywood owning say the new Esprit rather than the usual supercars, people who never heard of Lotus will start to take note of the brand. It's nothing more than trying to gain brand awareness on a larger scale.
  3. Kimbers yes Lotus engineering was in China (2008), but to call the PR bullshitters is wrong. They are referring to Lotus car sales in China which had to be called Lotus NYO because of Youngman Lotus having the rights to the name, all thanks to good old Proton giving the Lotus name away willy nilly as usual.
  4. From next year KVRacing will be using Chevrolet engines, Lotus will no longer be a partner. The Evora GTE racecar has sold several cars to independent teams with one customer taking 2, so saying they haven't sold any is incorrect. The Evora GTE roadcar (Asia) has 120 orders in China so far, this was supposed to be a 20 car limited run. GL has also announced that they will be bringing out a Euro spec of the GTE next year. The car is priced over £100000. Swiss Cheese is nothing more than a way for GL to appeal to the younger American, bad move in my opinion. Who wants gang related culture associated with the Lotus brand. They would of been better off using Alicia Keys rather than the boyfriend.
  5. All I can say is how did you think Lotus could bring a engine to life in such a short time? Hopefully Bibs will get some news soon from the fire up of the engine.
  7. Confused? When all you can see on the Team Lotus car is Caterham, still trying to find the Team Lotus stickers. So is Team Lotus really Team Caterham?
  8. Seems BBC have a different view of things at Lotus HQ. Shame a employee had to go running to ITV after they had a meeting about the poor engineering of the current lineup, sure gave ITV the fuel to make things sound negative for Group Lotus. DB could of worded his response better, then again he might be struggling to get his point across in English correctly. Wonder who could be the partner Lotus are using to help develop the V8 engine? It would explain how they have managed to get the unit ready so quickly.
  9. I do seem like I'm linked to the factory, but being in Wednesbury in the Wast Midlands it would be a hell of a trek everyday. lol I have done design work in the past for Rimstock for supply of jigs for the Elise Series 1, Hydro Raufoss for supply of jigs & tooling for Elise Series 1 chassis. This has gained me friends within Group Lotus, so like some of the guys on here my info comes from them. From what I make out the guys at Hethel are not exactly singing the praises of DB at the moment. My view is DB was bought in at a time Proton had already set certain things in motion, such as TF getting permission for Lotus Racing. This makes it difficult for DB to put in action what he thinks Lotus should be, so he is going to upset people to get his vision. The thing is you have to give the guy a chance to prove himself, he is the first of many CEO's to try something radical in Lotus terms. I think this fresh approach is what Lotus needs, the product line was needing a radical change for a start. On the whole TF Team Lotus decision, my opinion is DB should let him get on with it as long as he doesn't try to pass himself off as Lotus or the past history. If I was DB I would be happy with the free promotion he is getting for Group Lotus, many people will think of the road cars when seeing the Team Lotus on track as they are both associated with Chapman.
  11. DB never ever said he didn't like the current customer base, that's what you guys have concluded from reading the twisted media reports. We all get that he wants to move part of the product range up market, he also wants to cater for the current customer base. You guys all have a part to play in shaping the future of Lotus road cars! Instead of jumping on the hate bandwagon, give your feedback to the guys at GL. The feedback has already changed DB mind on the Elan, the customer base pointed out it was to expensive , styled closely to the Esprit, the Elan name is associated with a front engined car. The Elan is on hold as a result, allowing the Evora to take its place in the future product lineup. The article is another twisted piece of reporting, for a start the Elise chassis is going nowhere. I have heard that GL have plans for the chassis, anyone's guess at what it could be?
  12. That jet looks just like a Hawker 400XP which is a 7 seater. Group Lotus just happens to have formed a alliance with Hawker Beechcraft, check out the link.
  13. The Elan is still planned to be produced in the future.
  14. The Evora isn't dead in the plans for the New Era, it will be part of the New Era.
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