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  1. I find it all rather suspicious.... however you can't blame the team for spinning round Vergne at the hairpin? I wonder how true the Porsche rumours are?
  2. No he's not like James Hunt, he doesn't punch marshals in the kisser. Everyone knows what there going to get with Kimi. He does he's talking on the track.
  3. WTF indeed. So even with the Lotus chassis designation it's still not a Lotus? Blimey! That Daniel Simon livery was beautiful too, such a shame. I suppose this is still part of DB's legacy?
  4. J Saward will take any opportunity to highlight Lotus' troubles and put the boot in - not suprising considering he's Fernandes/Caterham relationship.
  5. Quality result for Kimi and the Enstone squad!
  6. It's losing coolant fluid. I'm topping it up about 1/2 pint every other day, I'm only doing two short runs to the station every day at the moment fortunately. I asked my dealer to run a pressure test to diagnose where the leak was coming from, but the response was a little vague. What I was met with was a reply of radiator removal at 5 hours and £508 bill just to inspect it!!! Rather disappointingly I had the rad replaced with an upgraded Motorsport one only two years ago due to a leak. So, you may see my quandary as to wanting to stiff out an Indy and a second opinion?
  7. It's a cooling issue with the elise. The Indy doesn't have to be Motorsport inspired at all, just looking for someone descent who can undertake the occasional repair and service. Many thanks for the the tips guys i shall look them up.
  8. Would anyone be so kind to recommend a descent independant Lotus specialist somewhere in the South East? I'm through with my dealer at the moment. Looking anywhere inside the triangle of Reigate, Heathfield, Maidstone area would be perfect. My only lead at the mo is GT4 Motorsport at Brands Hatch.
  9. Great program. The Esprit, what an absolutely awesome looking car.
  10. Rumours from the Indian paddock - Lotus F1 Team discussing new owners? (27/10/12) Genii to Proton? Can't find any factual details of yet..... no, here's one.
  11. Any information on where there'll be letting you onto the track for the procession laps? May effect where I park.
  12. Before i'm shot down in flames, I know this is a serious sitution. But yesterday's press release I find amusing on so many levels. Check out the Sniff Petrol version.
  13. Fernandes - Slammed! Gascoyne - Slammed! Saward - Slammed! Love it!
  14. Me too. Looks an amazing bit of kit.
  15. Cool. Thanks Ramjet. Back on topic, a bit more from Pitpass. http://www.pitpass.c...lue-of-Lotus-F1 [edit] Oops. Just noticed this link on another thread. Unsure of the over emphasis that Lotus F1/Genii wouldn't repay Proton the loan though. Seems unlikely? Not sure If i would want made public what kit I have in the workshops either?
  16. Hey, it's the Easter weekend, what are all the Lotus F1 fans going to do? we need to ramp up another Lotus controversy? Love this site with another dig towards the biased views of J Sawaard.
  17. Agreed. Regurgitated news by Autosport. Enough of the negativity everyone. Lets face it, the Proton buy-out must have come as 'one hell of a major spanner in the works' to everyone involved with the Lotus name. Lopez has already spoken of an amicable resolution with Group Lotus regards the sponsorship funding. To what he considers to be a 'win win' situation. Group get to trim their books, yet still keep the name out there in F1 land. Whilst Lopez however will be wanting to fill the financial void left by the Group Lotus money. At least Lopez/Bahar appear to be flexible to the current situation? What appears to me is essentially another Lotus/Formula One licencing deal. And so what!? At least it's with a team who are worthy of carrying the name. Moving and a shaking...Once DRB-Hicom know what they want todo, no doubt things will move on once again. Never a dull day in Lotus land
  18. Missed this a few days ago. Much that we know, plus some new info?
  19. Convenient how the prices rise just before the panic buys!
  20. 55.2 miles round trip. Bell & Colvill. Just noticed the Black and Gold look to the site...I like it
  21. I hope the stewards have a little chat with Pastor Maldonado for that move.
  22. Chandrew Thats so disappointing, for you and for Lotus - but don't loose hope. Maybe there's a real 'Jim'll Fix It' roaming the forum who could put you in contact with someone helpfull?
  23. Chandrew If I were to put my 'Jim'll Fix It' head on. What would you have ultimately wanted to acheive with your day in Geneva with Lotus?
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