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  1. Was in town during their launch. From £93k (of which £42k is tax; overall tax rate 83%), £4200 Race Pack, £3100 Premium Sport Pack. For reference the base 991 lists for £142k there. A local freebie paper has pictures from the launch, which earlier reported that the dealer had received 30 orders.
  2. I was told that Tesla pitched the tax breaks idea to HMRC as an alternative to the £5k subsidy. The argument was that £5k is relatively insignificant on a high value vehicle and to scale up the the subsidy would be a PR nightmare. The tax alternative is not media soundbite friendly, and plays right into the business owners market - it makes handy excuses for bosses to justify what is still a rather expensive car. When I had a chance to test drive one a few months ago I was nearly sold but I would have had a hard time convincing colleagues that we had that kind of spare profit against which to tax offset.
  3. I had a '63 Jaguar Mark 2 when I was 25. Must have looked ridiculous in it.
  4. I'm joining a group tour on 19-Oct and a small discount was arranged. Plotting a B-road route up there.
  5. The kid got more out of that than the whole Merc World could offer. I wonder from what media outlets would post-80s children know about Lotuses having missed Roger Moore's Bond and Pretty Woman? I thought I'd park mine up next to its forefather to show the rest of them what real sports cars are made of. (In my case, that would be bits of plastic.) So what were we thinking checking out those mere conventional vehicles there?
  6. Red Esprit Turbo today at Mercedes-Benz World.
  7. I'll be there Friday. I guess they'll send current Elise owners further back in the queue. You lot Esprit owners are more the target demographics apparently!
  8. You westbound me eastbound. Proper protocol exchange of double flash and slight wave.
  9. 1. TomE 2. PFD (if I can get my brakes sorted!!!) 3. Mike6 4. amwt Post event registration, just for the record for my first TLF meet. Very nice spot of the coutry, especially under such glorious weather.
  10. amwt

    A pink elise

    Dunc, a few of us at my table was talking about a car parked outside that morning which I didn't recognise. I think Eclat was mentioned. Must have been yours. My car was bang in the middle in the far background of your photo. Hi woza and pinkie! I also found out about TLF recently.
  11. Yep, it's the real deal in quicksilver! I've been hanging around seloc. Any friendly inter-forum rivalry I should know about before I start posting/cross-posting?
  12. Recently acquired my Elise S1 Sport 135. A quickly hello from London. New to the forum and after a quick browse... Is it more Esprit centric here?
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