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  1. Knorbert


  2. Count us in as well - fantastic time last year. BBQ sounds a great idea - I'd better bring some tinnies for after the flying Cheers Mark 1. BIbs 2. Laura 3. Martyn - Aerotow 4. Mark 5. Caroline 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Through the marvels of 3G technology I'm updating this from the roadside! It seems my petrol pump has failed and the RAC still haven't turned up! Maybe next time, I'll get there!
  4. Will be there pending end of financial year company rubbish!
  5. Drat and darn it! It's Mother-in-Law's birthday that weekend and I'm already committed to entertaining! Looks a good menu as well... Hope to catch up with you all in the new year - the Esprit has just had a new set of bushes and now handles as nicely as it looks. All the best Mark
  6. Yep - great fun last time, count us in. 1. Bibs 2. Laura 3. Trevor 4. SteveSmith 5. obione 6. gt111 7. Mark 8. Caroline
  7. Thanks All, Will PM closer to service and MOT time. All the best Mark
  8. Hi Bibs, I thought about that, but it's getting from/to Watford on week days that could be the problem... It's the convenience of finding someone local I was after - if there're no other options then Sparky it is.
  9. Hi All, Over the past couple of years I've been let down with workmanship of previously trusted service garages in my area. I'd be really grateful if anyone can recommend or knows of any decent garages who could carry out servicing on an Esprit in the South East London/North West Kent region? I'm based in Bromley, so any recommendations near here would be most welcome. Many thanks Mark
  10. But this is British F1 GP weekend! Would have come along to see the action (OK, well eat a lot of curry) if it weren't for expensive tickets to try clay-Vettel shooting...
  11. Yes, thanks for organising that Bibs - that was a really fun evening
  12. Do these guys take cards, or do we need to bring dosh (remembering the scrabble to find someone with a card machine for the gliding
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