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  1. Hi, They brought it from Universal Salvage, it went though the auction for
  2. Hi, Has a few Esprit's, all Stevens cars, always more damage than seen, most needed chassis work, most body off, all Cat c's or d's, very difficult to resale later even for what i thought was giveaway money, unless it is lotus approved body shop you will find it difficult, from my experience better to save or borrow and get one without damage, but tight budget and diy repairs with a view to keeping then its a good idea. Regards Nick
  3. Hi, Looking for V8 seats, black leather comfort, yellow piping would be good or sports seats considered. Nick [email protected]
  4. Hi, Looking for V8 seats, black leather comfort, yellow piping would be good or sports seats considered. Nick [email protected]
  5. Hi, Fitted two sets of quicksilver pipes, very expensive for bit of stainless and an clamped on seperate tailpie, no fittings or clamp supplied, i would think any exhaust place could make it better and cheaper, its almost impossible to mount them to look identical at either side, not good for the price, loud though whicjh i enjoy. Nick ps this is for the twin side exits versions, never done center exit. Regards Nick
  6. Dear Dave, On Forum I would like to apologise publically for my rudeness and agression over the wheel purchase, you were in the right and my response was undeserved by yourself and born out of my frustration over the situation. Please do not run me over if ever we meet, I guess you would not wish to damage your car. Regards Nick
  7. Hi, Still for sale the buyer has left a deposit but have not heard from him since i requested cash or bankers draft during banking hours...i guess he was trying something on. Anyway brand new mot last friday, advisories were front brake pads worn, its running track days EBC and they warm up too slow for road driving so a change to a road compoud good idea anyway, the front anti roll bar bushes are worn, it has brand new Quicksivers sports pipes fitted, wear on drivers seat bolster, other than that is great car, got to be worth my
  8. Hi Guys, have some damaged V8's , green 96 and Sport 350, looking for any rear suspension, wheels, front bumpers, roof panel. Consider parts, single item whole lumps. Regards Nick [email protected] UK/ Europe only.
  9. Simon, If you have a problem with me please do not voice it on a public forum, yes I have many cars that fit in to the project territory, they are all described as such,I declare if history is available. I have restored many negelected cars, others i sell having not touched them. Yuo have not left a deposit for any car from me, you did not want to pay what I was asking. I do not have the time hence why the cars are for sale, ditto the SE Turbo. I was making some effort for you to sort out an MOT for it, depite the fact that i did not want to and wanted to sell it as was. I do no
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