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  1. Parked at PC world a few days ago. looked amazing in black with 2 red stripes over the top. Several people came over while I was parking nearby, some folks walked over to take a look commented on how awesome it was. Cracking car.
  2. Just a fuse, all sorted in a few minutes with no fuss. The fuse for the mirrors and door locks has been uprated by lotus apparently so shouldn't happen again Happy to drop in to B&C anyway to have a look at what's in the showroom, always fun.
  3. Actually could be that, might explain why when I press lock button twice it sets the interior motion sensor to off. Am waiting for a call back from the garage so I'll follow up after that.
  4. Hey, got home tonight and went to lock my 400 with the key fob and instead of folding the mirrors in it's just flashed the lights and locked the door. So i tried unlocking it and that just switched the lights on inside but didn't open the door. It seems to respond to both the lock and unlock buttons but without folding the mirrors. I tried unlocking the passenger side by putting the key in, started the car just fine and opened the driver door with the handle. Went out and tried locking it again with no joy. Pressing the lock button twice makes the car beep to turn off the motion sensor inside so that works. Tried both keys and it's the same. Had a look at the manual but can't see what's happened. Could the battery have gotten too low? I would find it strange that the battery has enough charge to start the car but not fold the mirrors and lock/unlock it properly, and that it gets driven 2x a day for around 45 minutes. Anyone know what's happened here? In other news i've finally got around to tweaking the eq and sub settings to get the stereo to sound good, and with a bit of eq on my music player from my phone the whole setup is great actually. I know the speakers could be better but the sound is drastically improved by driving the amp and sub much harder and with more bass than is set at the factory. Really pleased with how it sounds now
  5. As with any car, it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it, I guess POA is the logical conclusion of that. Interested parties will pick up the phone. Still though, it's not quite as interesting for spectators. Car looks amazing.
  6. Only stopped for a takeaway 🥢🍜😁
  7. Reduced the price having looked at other cars on pistonheads. Get in.
  8. If it wasn't for the wing (I prefer the S4s one) I'd be very tempted by your S4, the colour is absolutely fantastic I love it!
  9. If someone wants to make an offer I'd probably just accept it, as long as it's not too silly! Happy to answer any questions here or just give me a call. I'm almost certainly going for another Esprit next, just a question of S4s, V8 or Giugiaro.
  10. "McLaren bought the rights to the Tom Walkinshaw Racing developed engine (based on the Nissan VRH engine) which was designed for the IRL Indycar championship but never raced. However, other than the 93 mm bore, little of that engine remains in the M838T.[2] In only 18 months, Ricardo went from a clean sheet of paper to a running prototype." Congrats on the car
  11. It looks ridiculously good when you see it, the pictures don't capture it at all.
  12. I need to go to this place, but damn that is far away!
  13. I'd absolutely love a 430, the wing is mental along with the other amazing details, every time I'm at B&C I can't help having a good look. I'm really tempted to upgrade the 400 but I'm also curious what's coming up in 2019-2020.
  14. Yes, everyone should feel like they got a great buying and ownership experience, regardless of pocket sizes. Granted it may scale a bit to suit
  15. Jayemm, I know what you're trying to say but, there shouldn't be a bunch of 'most prestigious' customers and then everyone else. Anyone who buys a lotus should get the car they think they're getting whether it's an entry Elise, an Evora 400 or a GT430. Lotus should be making everyone feel like they're getting the love, and for the most part I believe they are, in part due to the company's small size and excellent dealers.
  16. This morning heading clockwise past Woking, think I saw you a week ago going the other way. I'm in the red Evora 400. Great to see another Evora.
  17. Looking at the wing with black mid segment and glass window, it must be a 400. Good spot!
  18. It is worth it, absolutely yes.
  19. 3 lotus within a minute of each other all on the A3 heading towards the M25! Red Elan m100 belting it in the fast lane. Grey/black Elise. White Exige. So nice to see I feel like I haven't seen another lotus on the road in months and I drive my 400 everywhere.
  20. Is that a wrap? If not what colour is it?
  21. With a bit of editing from someone better at it than me they could be amazing, I just did this one roughly on my phone.
  22. Absolutely fantastic looking 410 and Christ that sound... Enjoy!
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