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  1. Great vid. Fantastic to see the production line, to understand the challenges and for Matt to be so forthcoming. Really impressed. More cars sold between Goodwoods than the previous SIX years. Amazing. And that’s the issue - in a good way - too many orders. Plus global supply chain pressures, etc. Feel much better for Lotus now, having watched that. Scaling up has been hard, logistics a nightmare, inflation, pandemic, war, China lockdowns, Brexit, personnel, the literal works. Meanwhile, they’re training up the second shift and doing their damdest to catch up. Suspect that Matt was a tad too optimistic in his business plan, but lesson learned as they grown the business. Oh, and the cars look mint.
  2. Love it. Great colour scheme and why not leverage such a golden nugget of Lotus history? What do we know about total sales? Has the 1340 been met? And, when are they going to deliver any? I see the Emira is about to hit the streets, so it would be nice to see the Evija in the wild too.
  3. I'm certainly up for this if others are. I saw it on FB, moved from 10 to 25 Sep. Could be a bit of fun to round off the season.
  4. I have Protechs. They got wound and wound due to chasing the wheel size issue, but eventually, we undid them and the ride is so much better. Works best on the softer side, I would agree. You could try others but I think that's the point - they don't need much clever sophistication. The Esprit just works. I have noticed the need to get the wheels (fronts) re-aligned when replacing the tyres. They seem to loose their setup, but that could just be mine. The steering is so sensitive that you can tell from within the cabin. Yes, M100's are epic cars, so underrated.
  5. Personal view only of course - the M100 Elan is a such a forgiving car to drive, great handling, poise and roadholding. Loved it so much I owned 4. All the others were a real handful (in all weather conditions), particularly the early Elise and the Europa. And even the Evoras can get tail happy and eat their own tyres. This - weirdly - is the best of the lot. It's lazier to put the power down, sure, but best grip, best manners and roadholding of any Lotus I have owned. Including in the wet. But it won't win a race against any of the others (maybe the Elans), although I see this as a GT more than an out and out sports car. I also recently drove it back to back against a stock S2 and mine has a softer, more compliant ride, goes way quicker, is louder, and handles better, noting that this is a restomod, of course. I was expecting an old Esprit to be way more rubbish than my last Evora - not to compare at all - and sure it's not as quick, but it is so much more a car I can push with real confidence. With my Evoras I was always wary of the back end stepping out. So yeah, I do think it's the best handling (not the quickest) car I have ever owned and driven.
  6. Patience is a shit virtue. Although my car was four years in the bits on the floor phase. It isn't very good for finding hair, no. Good for checking out my 410 rear LEDs, though.
  7. Thank you. That mirror is mostly for finding my hair, but also for checking out my awesome rear lights (which I can't otherwise do). Yep, so I borrowed a mate's GoPro and thought I'd give it a whirl. Been trying to get someone to do a dynamic for a while, but no takers. So it's a bit Jack and Jill - I'm no YouTuber - but I'm learning. Had to teach myself many new things. Luckily, iMovie is for idiots. Plus, there are a lot (I mean, a lot) of videos of esprits in pieces spread around the south of England, but very few actually being driven, out, in the world.
  8. I made a video - about my car. It's on YouTube.
  9. 😆 I have people for the oily bits. Yeah, epoxy paint. Lovely stuff, just so much fun to work with 😶. Well, I used to have matts because I was worried about that and the tyres pulling up the paint, but that hasn't proven to be an issue, so I removed the matts and repainted the floor, where the matts were. The gravel is too big to get into the tread. Time will tell if I am indeed a genius. I suspect that I am. I also assume a certain amount of maintenance. Repaint every three years type thing. White being such a sensible colour to paint a garage floor with etc.
  10. Decided my garage needed some love. Am sharing that love. Love my garage / gazebo / summer room / garden thingy. Awesome.
  11. not any day of any week 😂 Just had these send through, so had to share - rude not to. for the Twingo article, you'll have to actually buy the mag! 😆
  12. It's a mag, relatively new, and covers cars from all over the shop. Including (in the most recent edition), a gold S2, in gold! A resto and modded car, apparently. The owner looks like a proper Lotus hero. Car's quite nice too. It's in the shops right now. Link is: Cool.
  13. Page 72. An article on a certain restored and modernised Lotus Esprit S2, in gold! How exciting. Classic.Retro.Modern is a relatively new mag established, I think to cover cars of all ilk, from the sublime... etc. Mine is more at the sublime end. Link to their site is: Can't place the article here of course, but I do recommend the mag, mainly for it's wide cross-section of cars, plus because this edition has my car in it! And on a side note, important to keep the Esprit alive, if you know what I mean, in the minds of the wider car enthusiast, and especially the earlier ones as they are seen less and less. Awe. Some.
  14. And yet I’m leaning to that last one - shiny green with gold wheels. Very in right now. Although, I mean… gold, right?
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