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  1. Blimey. I’ll get my coat.
  2. You go in through the boot to get to the nuclear bunker, natch.
  3. Size isn't everything... I'm told. Admission is free, as long as you quite like talking about my car.
  4. Update. The company that made the digital dash for the tellie programme, is planning to distribute through SJ Sportscars, assuming demand. So, were anyone interested, they should let Steve know so that they can see if the numbers make it viable. For some reason, I've had to go into full secret squirrel mode to find all this out, so please pass the word, if you're aware of anyone that might be interested. If you like a half pint, this won't be for you, natch. I haven't checked, but theoretically a submarine mode could be added, but you'd have to add you're own button. Brillopads
  5. So, I went to the Postoffice and it was all super easy. I get the impression that it depends where you go, as some, who haven't done this before seem to suggest it's not their problem. And, with DVLA not dealing with queries right now, that can make this all the more challenging. Bromyard were all over it. Job. Done.
  6. Works fine on my Mac. I suspect that this is a bit of a stand in, and that they'll be some trickle down from what's learned from the Evija configurator.
  7. Nelly, yes, it's rolling, but only from 1 Apr each year. So rolls like a square wheel. I figured that out last Sep (mine was birthed in Aug 79). Barry! I've been going to Leominster, and they are not on it. I was thinking of Bromyard due to it being a bit of a mecca for classics. So I shall try there, as it's no further away. But, 0700 to 0900, blimey! Seems a bit harsh.
  8. Ah, now, see, I'm not talking of making it myself or anything. I'm talking about the level of interest in the item as shown on the tellie. We don't yet know what the company that made it it intends to do, but I for one, would be keen to express my interest, and so I'm wondering if there are any others here who are like minded. I've no ability to make it happen, I'm just wondering. Totally not suggesting some sort of DIY thing. The guy that made this one is clearly all over it, so why try and copy something that's already in the world?
  9. Yeah, they sure don't make it easy, as I am finding out. Thanks for your sage wisdom Jep, I shall try again tomorrow. Looking forward to it already!
  10. Sorry, Jonas, missed that. They are having a website designed, but it isn't up just yet. If you want Nick's mobile number, PM and I'll provide.
  11. Peeps, So, I'm wondering about this dash. And, I know some other people who are wondering too (I know, but it's true). Now, the company, oddly, don't seem to be on comms just at the mo (and clearly didn't want to advertise on the tellie), although this could be for all sorts of reasons. But that aside, and just out of general interest, are there any here that are also wondering how to make this a reality in their cars? i.e. what's the level of genuine hand-in-pocket interest? Accepting of course, that the beardy brigade will be coughing into their half pints at the thought of it, natch. Brillopads PS. These are coming, they're out of the lamp now, so whether it's Alec, or someone else, I think these will be appearing in a classic near you, pretty soon.
  12. Cheers, chaps. Most helpful. Hmm; then it seems like the fault is with my Postoffice, that while it does do VED, it doesn't seem to want to do this change, possibly because they haven't come across it before. Maybe. I shall have to try harder. Jep - thanks fort that. Been to the website, obvs, and still can't seem to get the Postoffice to play, even with all the paperwork suggested. Printing the webpage off is a good idea, I shall try that next. Out of interest, did your V11 (tax reminder) say anything about this? Mine just states the renewal fee and this is, I think, what is stumping the Postoffice. Danke
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