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  1. Dany is an automotive genius. He just cut the roof off a Tesla. I think I need say no more.
  2. Buy now, buy new and own one of the last, but wait to see what run out specials they come up with
  3. Sadly not. Although I suspect that the Type 131 halo (with a V6, maybe hybrid) will look similar and get pretty close to that idea.
  4. I’m working on the assumption that all 3 variants of the Type 131 chassis - the 131 series - will be launched together and all be ICE. All Lotus has said previously is that the Type 131 would be ICE; it was assumed that there would only be one actual car. And, that they will be called the Elise, Elan and ... (not Evora, or Esprit) ... Exige, maybe?
  5. OMFG! I’ve done a little wee.
  6. Thank you all for your encouragement. They are what they are. I’ll post up (in my restomod thread) once they’re fitted. And then 🙏 hopefully next year, I’ll be able to get out to meets. Sma. Sh.
  7. Clive - the boards are professionally made by an expert in making LED lights for classic cars (mainly American cars). So, accepting that, I am fairly sure that they meet the points that you make, but again, I’m not an expert. The circuits are sandwiched in the boards and all are the same. Strangely, that one turn board in the picture is reversed, which could be a manufacturing thing with the turns being the only ones that are bank specific. There is a resistor (with the appropriate resistance) per 4 LEDs, and the bulbs themselves are top spec. So I’m comfortable that they can handle the usage
  8. David - The lenses themselves are unchanged. They were in pretty good nick to begin with and if I need to improve the outside (because of scratches) I'd polish them out (easier now it's just three strips). The inside the the lenses are fine. Clive - I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about 😁 Hopefully the answers are obvious to you from the pictures. The PCBs are professionally made and sealed boards and the LEDs are all good quality CREE. The load is likely less than the original bulbs and the brightness (in the flesh) is extraordinary. However, I don't pretend that that
  9. So here they are, and I'm very pleased with them. Note that the tail/brake lights are merged to operate as a single bank of lights (shown here is tail (brake is so bright it forces the camera into dark/flash mode).
  10. Correct. That looks like a development car with a few gold pin stripes. The actual car would be easier to get in/out of, or there are gonna be 130 millionaires who won’t be able to actually get out of their new cars.
  11. Blimey. BTW, if your Elan reg ends in SUY, then I owned that one too, once. If not, then I didn’t.
  12. Yes, the reality is that while these cars are all classic and of their time and stuff, they drive on modern roads in amongst modern and massive SUVs, and people who are looking for light produced to their expectations. And I’d rather give them that than find them in my boot getting to know my engine. And, I agree; I think the car can be modernised in a way that an Elan or E Type couldn’t be.
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