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  1. Correct. That looks like a development car with a few gold pin stripes. The actual car would be easier to get in/out of, or there are gonna be 130 millionaires who won’t be able to actually get out of their new cars.
  2. Blimey. BTW, if your Elan reg ends in SUY, then I owned that one too, once. If not, then I didn’t.
  3. Yes, the reality is that while these cars are all classic and of their time and stuff, they drive on modern roads in amongst modern and massive SUVs, and people who are looking for light produced to their expectations. And I’d rather give them that than find them in my boot getting to know my engine. And, I agree; I think the car can be modernised in a way that an Elan or E Type couldn’t be.
  4. You're all right, of course, which are the issues that I am trying to solve. I first replaced the industrial revolution bulbs with LEDs all round and the difference (while better) was still a single point of light almost lost in a sea of coloured plastic. The plastic reflective interior of the cups does indeed become dull and peels. Mine were rubbish, but hardly surprising after 40 years. So the idea of light reflecting about, even from LEDs bulbs does not have the effect that it once would have, or should. So, that's why I am getting these banks of LEDs made up. The lit areas a
  5. Yes. I do, although it's a restomod so many features are not original or standard in any way. At all. I'm in Hereford, so close. Although right at this moment the car in in a garage have the last upgrades added and snags sorted. But, happy to help in any way that I can.
  6. Well, I looked into it but found the options list was just silly money, so I've decided to stick with the Esprit (even though it's costing about the same). Which is better... probably. I think that both cars are equally gorgeous for different reasons. The Evija really is something else... what I wouldn't give, etc. But the Esprit is timeless (which I suspect the Evija may well become, but never in the same everyday use over 4 decades kind of a way). Cannot wait for the launch and all the obvious media links to the two cars.
  7. Just thought I'd share - what great photos these are. I'm assuming that the S1 is not privately owned, but if it is, then what a lucky owner. What I really love about this is the link that Lotus is making to the Esprit. It says a lot, I think, about where the company is in terms of looking both to its history, as well as forward into the future. Just awesome.
  8. So, I'm just in the process of getting the rear lights fitted to my S2, converted to LED (Rover SD1; in case you're not aware, are fitted to S2, S3 and Turbo models). This is quite involved, requiring the cups on the rear of the light unit removing and PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) making up for each (massive) individually lit area. Overall, each unit (side) will have between 250-300 CREE LEDs. I don't have any photos of the finished article because they are currently being made up. I mention this now, as a bulk order (any more than one) reduces the cost (as the PCBs can be prin
  9. For information, in case you're not aware: The digital dash in the style of the S1 (shown on Car SOS) is now available via SJ Sportcars, who are acting as distributers, I believe. Supercool.
  10. So, I just wanted to share the new website address for Tomorrow's Classics, who did the work on my car (and are currently sorting snags and adding the final upgrades). These guys are the nicest classic restorer types going and they are extra knowledgable on Esprits. So - having already put a mention on the general threads - I just wanted to repeat the shoutout here, both because of the work that they do for me, and their specialist knowledge of the model. Supercool.
  11. For general information, just thought I'd share the new website for Tomorrow's Classics, based down in Gloucester/Bristol. Thinking - much like the horseless carriage - that the internet was a passing fad, it has taken them sometime to catch up with the whole being online. Well, that has now changed. They have a site, and everything, and even a Facebook page (I know). Nick and his small gang are the nicest bunch of guys to work with, they have a strong relationship with Bell &
  12. So, basically, you think that you might be able to make a few more quid if you can convince someone that Hazel might have driven this factory car for a bit, even though it sounds tenuous at best, and you’re surprised that a dedicated Esprit forum might find that idea just a tiny bit offensive. I suspect that it isn’t the cash machine that you think it is, so I’d walk away.
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