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  1. A Post ‘98 GT3 hands down. Not only are they well regarded, but there are more on the market right now than there has been in a long time. You’ve actually got some choice! And, being the last 4 pot model, they have to be the most sorted and therefore reliable. And the interior update really does make a massive difference.
  2. I too jump out of planes. Lotus still in little pieces and stuff, but just wanted to share so that you know you’re not alone in being an awesome skydivisting, epic Lotus owning superdude. sudders
  3. Great eps, by the way. Looking forward to you nailing the Rangey and then switching fire onto the car in the attic.
  4. I just did, and now I can never unsee it.
  5. What I find most interesting with this tie up is that they’ve gone public with it. I wonder why?
  6. As a matter of fact I did! (Is right, like?).
  7. Amazing. I love this forum. It’s like a car dating app.
  8. Bring Dany back, I say. Yes, I’m down the pub, but that’s not the point, dammit. Without Dany’s unique premium elan and elite luxury extra lifestyle ability to burn through cash and travel about in a helicopter we’re never going to get the Esprit that I deserve; chiselled from gold and swaddled in seal skin with ivory dials. Only Dany can make this happen. Only Dany lacks the moral certitude to worry about the “liberal press” and their bourgeois views. Volvo are rubbish at making exploding cars. I mean literally. When was the last time you heard of a Volvo sliding down the M4 on its roof while on fire? I rest my case. Come on people, wake up! Am I the only one here who can see this?
  9. Man, who wears shorts? Apart from future kings of England while attending prep school. I mean, who? Oh, right, Lotus journos. Fair one. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if serious journos like Laura Kuenssberg wore shorts! (You can take that either way).
  10. That that Dany?! Oh, I do miss Dany and his fabulously famous sense of humour. And his premium elan luxury elite lifestyle, erm, lifestyle. Whadda guy. Who’d have thought a Swiss / Turkish turnip farmer would go on to make 5 cars out of clay and then move back to Dubai. Total. Genius.
  11. That was turbotastic. Particularly the bit where he ‘digresses’ others’ comments. What a wordsmith. Loved it. Of course the Esprit is 85% to an American. They are 150% of a normal person, so stands to reason. Best Esprit article ever. I hope my car is as interesting when it finally explodes from the garage, which is currently uncoupling half the slip dif (it doesn’t actually have one) and disconnecting the rear wheels while adding in much needed errant turbo lag (doesn’t have two of those either), so that it travels down the road like an excitable terrier dragging its arse while drinking warm tea and yapping uncontrollably at aloof lady dogs, who are generally put off by terriers and their excitable arse dragging, and subsequent catching fire (he didn’t mention that) antics. Who said you can overdo a metaphor? Not this guy! Obvs. Awesome!
  12. My thought exactly. In front of an Esprit. How interesting? Obviously a conscious decision and not an obvious one. Do they own the car? Is it being used to help design the new Esprit? Will a boy ever swim faster than a shark? Questions, questions. Interesting.
  13. Figuratively. Abu Dhabi. 43 in the shade today, and it’s not even lung burning summer yet.
  14. I’m with that guy ^ I spent 40k in Mar 17 on an S2, and am spending more than that again turbo charging it (figuratively). Kinda wish I’d waited a year now. Bawbags.
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