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  1. Plymouth? Blimey, that's a long way from America. You'd think Exeter would make more sense, especially for getting on the M5.
  2. Despite my frustration at Nick's seeming inability to get the car out the door, I am surprised that not more has needed to be hit with a hammer. Front springs, fuel sensor and a relay! When I was younger and slightly less awesome, I owned a GT3 and it permanently scared the crap out of me. Going around roundabouts was like playing Russian roulette. So I was a bit unsure how much this car would need taming, and it turns out not at all. So far. It's really impressed me. You really could drive it everyday (especially if the clutch was a bit lighter and the gear stick didn't operate a railway junction. Yeah, it's turbo! Can't wait til it's roadworthy.
  3. Thanks Dan. Well, my thinking is to 100% keep the Citroen gearbox. I drove the car extensively yesterday (there are a few issues to sort, such as the fuel sensor being all over the place and the indicator relay blowing, which meant I couldn't take her away (next week, maybe)) and the whole experience is intoxicating. A smoother ride than my Merc, which I found amazing (Nick's driveway is like No Man's Land and the Esprit went over it so much better than the Merc). Great handling and enormous grip, which I thought would be skittish and tail-happy. I can't go over 3000rpm right now so I'm a bit limited for the next 1000 miles, but the low end torque is amazing. And the noise. The steering is heavy, with the thicker tyres, but I was expecting that and it's fine once up to speed. Like I say, handles wonderfully. But, the clutch is quite heavy and the gear change is out of the steam age. So those are the things that I would like to improve, but without swapping out the gearbox. I'm told maybe the clutch master cylinder may be a place to start. But I'm not on that journey just yet. The clutch and gears work fine, I just need to adjust to them, rather than force them to adjust to me. Down the line a bit, maybe. I must say, I was surprised at just how good (and easy) the Esprit is to drive. I admit to being influenced by the horror stories of people buying an old Esprit doing it up etc, and then hating the drive. I haven't found that at all (and I'm not simply trying to justify my decision, here). I have had to have the seat runners removed so that I can fit in, but the driving position is perfect now. And the pedals are fine, as long as I wear the right shoes. All in all, really impressed and my confidence in the usability of the car has grown massively.
  4. Thanks Barry, Dr Doom (awesome). I was going to hollow out a volcano, but there aren't that many in Herefordshire and anyway, I've run out of funds. Hopefully there will be an Esprit sitting in there by the end of play today. Yeah, I'm taking a lot of this on faith, and as such some aspects (like replacing the front springs) may need some fettling as I go, and so I will certainly keep you in the loop.
  5. Thanks Dan, kind words. Very pleased with the outcome. My ultimate aim is to be able to use a G Esprit as a daily should I choose to, in the same that way I’ve always used all my previous Lotus’s. I suspect I may need to do something with the gearbox to fully realise that dream, though. Hopefully all the final little bits will be finished on Monday and I can drive her to her new home. Final furlong stuff. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  6. So, not rigged then? What are they doing, trying to save on delivery miles petrol?
  7. So, she moves, which is like the main thing for a car. I took her out on Tuesday and the engine noise is epic. And she's pokey. I guess that 2.2 litre, high compression, fuel injected, circa 220bhp engine and exhaust may have something to do with all that. Clutch pedal and gears are straight out of the 1970's though, so I'll need to look at that at some stage. Having lowered the front suspension, we've had to go back to the old springs, as the offside wheel was rubbing. Nick also took the drivers seat off the runners and bolted it to the floor so that I can actually fit in. Colin really was a midget. There are a few bits to bolt back on and adjust, such as the carpets, steering wheel centre, washer nozzles and door mirrors. Minor stuff. MOT done. Final final major jobs left are adjusting the light pods and aligning the HID beams. And then she should be ready to bring home. #superexcited
  8. So, the car is essentially finished and off to be MOT'd for the last time next week. Going over to Tomorrow's Classics on Monday for familiarisation and inspection. Super excited. In the meantime, I had some other people build a garage for said Esprit to live in... (door is on order)
  9. And, have a driver’s seat It’s not actually finished yet, but thanks for the tip.
  10. The ashtray is in! Been waiting for two and a half years to see it in the car.
  11. Visited Nick at Tomorrow's Classics on Friday to see the car, and she is now around 2 weeks from completion. - A few remaining wires to connect as the car goes back together - The centre console to build now that the ashtray is back from the chroming dude - The waistline to attach and that's about it, other than road testing, fettling and MOT. The pictures below show: Working aircon (through a thermal camera) / ECU mapping / Tacho calibrated with engine running and wheel speed of 90mph / Reversing camera As well as the car in general, having now been resprayed. So, the (slightly revised) plan (due to the electrical work being a bigger job than anticipated) is that the car will be ready to go on Friday 6th September, which is when I am next back. Fingers are crossed.
  12. Okey dokey then. (No idea what any of that meant; I just got ‘no Esprit’).
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