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    1979 Esprit S2. Formerly - 2014 Evora SR / 2010 Evora / 2007 Europa SE / 2002 Elise 111S / Elan S2 / Elan S2 / Elan SE / Esprit GT3 / Elan SE
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  1. Hi Mark,

    Hope you don't mind me getting in touch direct, As a fellow Esprit owner I just wanted to say top job, your car looks stunning, it was just a quickie, I asked this question in your post on Saturday but I guess you haven't seen it yet, I was wondering if you don't mind divulging who did your garage and a rough idea of cost please as I have just ordered my dream car and in my head I wanted to build a showroom in my garden to put it in so I could see it everyday rather than locking it away in a garage, when I saw your pics on Instagram it was exactly what I had in mind.

    Enjoy driving the Esprit.



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    2. Vipers


      Thanks Mark, appreciate the reply, I'll give Gary a call, roughly how much would you say it cost as I have no idea what to budget?



    3. Suddabym


      Including doors, but excluding all the paint work (which I did) - £35k 😯

    4. Vipers


      Worth every penny 👍 Thanks Mark.

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