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  1. You're right, gold just is better. Everyone says that. You're also right in that when you're rounds complete you can sit back and know that you did it all. It's all your effort alone, and that's a real thing. Plus we get to watch! Awesome!
  2. George, dude... You're attention to detail is making feel very inadequate. Very. I like to think that I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but seriously, you make me look lazy and slapdash. My guilt is becoming unbearable. I'm thinking of throwing everything away and starting again - the house, the lot - using the GTK method of absolute and mindbendingly pure version of total perfectionism. You're car is going to be better than mine and I'm not sure if I can take it! I may have to get an Aston. Great job, chief. You are nailing the whole YouTube thing. Nailing. It.
  3. So it uses the Exige chassis (with with a bespoke rear subframe) so technically... whatever they can do, an Exile owner could (maybe) do. Don't forget Lotus had the sequential box for the 311, they probably didn't have the cash to do 500, 600 bhp, and by the time that they did, the Evora was in the rearview. But, the Emira, well now...
  4. I just bombed FB with this, but I feel like it needs to be said. - We've equalled our best ever overseas result - We're 4th in the medals table - We won 22 Gold medals - We totalled 65 medals - We won across more disciplines than any other country - in the world! - During Covid - Kenny and Laura are now our to greatest ever Olympians - And Lotus (with Hope) built the bleedin' bike! - And, it's not the first time!! We should be shouting this from the rooftops. How many other car manufactures can make this claim? It's sensational. I'm literally gobsmacked. And what will Lotus do with this massive great lump of awesome publicity? But anyway, I just felt it needed saying. I feel better now.
  5. Oh, I get you now - image, right. So, theyโ€™re not great. Mirrors are still better. But it has two uses. Right up close when backing right up to something, and then kinda looking around the corner, say when reversing out of a parking space, or onto a road, where you can see approaching cars and hold off. With the car so low, youโ€™ve little peripheral vision, so it does help there.
  6. Right there - centre of the rear bumper.
  7. So, I've made up a page for the Esprit on a new website I'm developing for my other stuff, and thought I'd share the link. What with the magazine article, it feels like there's more of a story to tell. For anyone interested, there are a few more shots of the car, but I don't go into grinding resto detail, as this was much more a destination than a journey project.
  8. How cool is that? (pretty cool) ๐Ÿ˜
  9. You know what, I have both of those magazines as well!
  10. Well, the car's gonna be at the Supercar Fest and the Salon Prive a week later ๐Ÿ™‚ And at some point, I need to get over to Caffeine and Machine - a pilgrimage I have yet to make. Extra love my car. Drove it to Ledders today and it was spectacular (had two keep the frozen stuff on the passenger seat, mind).
  11. Paul, I am loving the Gulf paint job. Looking forward to seeing that in the flesh. Can't do Bromyard sadly, as have friends coming over. But, am signed up for Supercar Fest at Shelsley Walsh on 29th August, which I am superly looking forward to. Who else is going? BTW, not sure if it's just me but I thought that C4 docu on Lotus was a tiny bit rubbish.
  12. Not me. I was tucked up in Herefordshire at the time, but good to know there are G Cars out there for no good reason ๐Ÿ˜
  13. So, we'll cancel for next Sunday (25th) and look to rearrange in September. Don't forget Channel 4, 1745hrs (straight after the sprint race!). Awesome!
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