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  1. So, I've been asked about the garage / show room / gazebo / sun/garden room. The door is side slidey, which is super awesome. The dudes that built it were fantastic and it meets all current building control requirements.
  2. You are more than welcome too. Did Dany really say that? Really? I have fond memories of our time together in that nuclear bunker, but the court order prevents me from texting him any more. Or leaving little gifts for him, in his bedroom.
  3. You're just jealous because I kept the box!
  4. So, I have returned from Northampton Motorsports with a newly mapped ECU (apparently it had a Talbot Sunbeam map on it!). And boy, does it make a difference. Plus it's now serviced so can be used without restriction. The Motorsports dude said that the engine (rev limited to 7,000rpm) still had more to give at cut off. Probably another 10-20hp. Northampton Motorsport are on the ball, and sell their own fuel injection systems and all sorts. Amazing collection of cars there, including a turbo with a V6 Jag engine transplant! The numbers (for a 2.2L na engine) are pretty impressive I think, especially from an engine of this age, so am super happy. All the lumps and flat spots have gone from the rev range and it's now a smooth linear build. Really happy. So, apart from the wheels needing to be lacquered to protect the soft rolled aluminium rims, and the centre console stuff to come back from Stitch Perfect, the car is pretty much job done! Awe. Some.
  5. Not if you kept the box, they're not.
  6. Hmm... it seems you’ve spied my brilliance. And all the way from the Colonies; I’m impressed.
  7. This is the car after a visit to the ceramic dude. Honestly, the jury is out as to whether it's any good. The paint work certainly comes up nicely, but you've got to have the kit to maintain it - it doesn't look like this magically. Also, I got a nasty stone chip just after having the work done (typically) so, it isn't quite the armour plating that I had been led to believe. The wheels were coated and it made rod all difference (brake dust pitting on the fronts), so I suspect that I'll have to have them laminated. But, if nothing else, the road dirt (currently biblically epic in Herefordshire) doesn't stick to the paintwork quite as much and the body and glass are hydrophobic, so its not all bad. I wonder though, if I couldn't have achieved this with a really good wax (at a 100th of the cost, albeit reapplied annoyingly regularly). Time will tell on that. The car is currently with Nick at Tomorrow's Classics to have it's 1,000 mile service (1,000 wet, greasy, flooded and mud-caked, but also epic miles). It's also having a fuel sensor issue fixed, as the telemetrix gauge needed a Smiths sender unit (natch). Also, I have figured out a way to lift the tailgate and keep the tips of all my fingers. Super impressed with myself with that fix. Centre console bits have gone off the Stitch Perfect in Worcester to be redone (they were bit rubbish), which should show off the highly illegal (and incorrect Ferrari 275) ashtray off nicely. And - more sacrilege - I've had a rosewood Europa (latest, more terrible one) gear knob added. I know, right? Oh, and the Apple CarPlay double din unit is just awesome. More heretical modifications, I know, but it makes the car so much more awesome. On Friday the car visits (with me along for the ride) Northampton Motorsports for the ECU to be tuned (or whatever). It's who Lotus Bits (who rebuilt the engine recommend). So am super looking forward to that, as the car currently burns through petrol as if there were great lakes of the stuff just sitting in the ground. Which means - technically - come the weekend, we'll be rounds complete on the car. I am super pleased.
  8. I've got this Ferrari 275 ashtray and I can confirm that it's not the same as the one used in an S1 (it's more rectangular where the one used in the S1 is more square).
  9. If you're looking for a G Esprit specialist garage, then try Nick at Tomorrow's Classics (07719 945325‬). What he doesn't know about an S1 etc. He also restores Bell and Colvill's (in Sussex) classic Lotus'.
  10. Awesome. Lotus is back to being a lifestyle premium luxury brand again. Dany will be well chuffed. Anyone know where I can get a £15,000 lotus branded bar of men’s shaving balm, for men who do lots of premium lifestyle? Because I am that man.
  11. Dany and I aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Originally I approached ARSE to make my car more of a lifestyle luxury premium expression of automotive hedonistic opulence and extravagance, but he said that they were busy hacking a Lambo to bits and didn’t have time to take the angle grinder to mine. But, he did like the gold engine cover, so that’s something. And the pop up lights.
  12. No you haven’t. Mine’s better. The fuel injection system is Jenvey and yes, its got an ECU doing many things, including ignition. I’ve just been told that we’ve moved to platinum spark plugs too, so thats nice. Thanks, George, means a lot coming from a film star. I’ll buy Nick and the boys some donuts (although they’re surprisingly hard to find along the A417) when I get back. I think that one day all engine covers will be painted body colour, just like Colin always wanted (probably).
  13. I’ll have someone follow me with the spare wheel. Plus i only had 4 of those made as they’re turbo pricey, so the spare is that rubbish one they put in to S2s. It’s just alcantara, nothing special.
  14. These aren’t new (from early Sep), but they’re all I have til I get back
  15. George! Sorry dude. Currently away doing top secret stuff. The car they’ve given me has all the usual missiles and stuff, but it just lacks that slight misogynistic whiff about it, you know? Missing car - and garage - lots. I am honoured, you’re that guy from my iPad. Cooool. So, I didn’t do the car, just so we’re clear. The crack team of West Country boys at Tomorrow’s Classics did everything. In answer to your questions - Well, an oil cooler was added. It didn’t have one before. I’m pretty certain it’s a new add. Well, the gearbox is mostly as is, and does feel a little bit like it now that I’ve driven it, but at the time there didn’t seem much wrong with it. But I had the flywheel replaced with a lightweight one, new clutch plate and those sorts of things. Nothing really, just a good service. Rod for 1st needs adjusting but otherwise they seem okay. Not exactly rifle bolt, so probably needs some more work. And I do want to upgrade the clutch cylinder as the clutch is very ‘70’s. So more to do here, I think. Wiper motor is from an S3. It’s really good, super wipey, but the overall arc is proving a bit of a drama, as it’s slight bigger than the throw needs to be. And the wiper is rubbish. Lifting at speed. So we’re looking at that. I wanted a post ‘98 wiper system as they got a massive upgrade at that point. Maybe that’s the solution I’m really chasing. Dunno about the fuel transfer pipe. Been a little leaky initially so we’re keeping an eye on it, but I don’t know the bore of it. Better, was my instructions and I open both (lockable) caps when I filled up. The rear is a modern screen with embedded zigzag type heating filaments. Looks awesome because you cant see them. I wanted that for the front too (knowing how badly they can steam) but they don’t do them. Nick had a windscreen that he’d had built for his S1 that had that old style strip of green sun visor stuff in it. He accidentally forgot to fit it to his and didn’t want to risk taking his windscreen out again so I took off his hands. Not that special, but a special build screen none the less. Of course, I’ve added air con so that’ll help with any misting issues, although I’be driven it in the rain and there weren’t any so.... Really happy with how the car has turned out. Nick is sorting out a few last bits while I am away and then the car will be ceramic coated ready for when I return. I fully intend to drive the car all year, if not every day, so the upgrades are kinda key to that. Plus the car looks epic (I think). Loving the show superdude. Especially now that we are onto the S2. Boom! Everything is better than an Alfa sportwagon. Trust me, going to the tip in an Esprit is just worth it.
  16. The box from SJ that the interior chrome trim came in and 3 (empty) 5 litre paint pots. And one of those pots had to go in the passenger footwell. It’s not about the destination, David.
  17. No, Bibs, you can’t. I have to maintain standards. Garage not finished yet. Wait til the door is on and the chairs are in. Well, it handles as well as a Hot Wheels car in the hands of a five year old, so I’ll take that as a compliment.
  18. Thank you. I get a mixed response from the wheels, but hey ho. The engine noise is intoxicating. Exhaust is all part of the Lotus Bits engine rebuild. Epic. Just taken it back to Tomorrow's Classics so that they can resolve the final little fettling type issues, but she didn't put a foot wrong in over 300 very mixed miles. This is my 10th Lotus and I think - genuinely - the most fun to drive. It has the most theatre about it and is (surprisingly) the most planted on the road, giving the most confidence to me of any previous Lotus. Weird, I really didn't expect that, but it's not all torque and wheel spins, it just goes where you point it. Amazing. I filled up at the station and the dude running it closed up shop to come out. I went to Morrisons to get some keys out and a van full of workers pulled up and they all piled out. I went to the tip and the tip dude collared me. Same at Greggs. The list goes on. Super happy.
  19. So, this is my car in the wild! I took her out for a run, stopped off and McDonalds and couldn't get the engine too start - seemed fuel starved - so I called Nick at Tomorrow's Classics, who came straight out, only to find that it was the immobiliser. I wasn't super embarrassed at all! Been driving her for the last 2 days as part of her shake down and it has been the best fun I've had in ages. Just fabulous to drive. I'm speechless (well...). A few niggles to sort out like the fuel gauge, which is on the blink again, as is one of the indicators, occasionally, and 1st gear likes to not stay where I put it. But all minor stuff, easily sorted. Not looking forward to giving her back. I am amazed at just how easy to drive this car is and how sure footed it is. Didn't expect that. Amazeballs.
  20. Plymouth? Blimey, that's a long way from America. You'd think Exeter would make more sense, especially for getting on the M5.
  21. Despite my frustration at Nick's seeming inability to get the car out the door, I am surprised that not more has needed to be hit with a hammer. Front springs, fuel sensor and a relay! When I was younger and slightly less awesome, I owned a GT3 and it permanently scared the crap out of me. Going around roundabouts was like playing Russian roulette. So I was a bit unsure how much this car would need taming, and it turns out not at all. So far. It's really impressed me. You really could drive it everyday (especially if the clutch was a bit lighter and the gear stick didn't operate a railway junction. Yeah, it's turbo! Can't wait til it's roadworthy.
  22. Thanks Dan. Well, my thinking is to 100% keep the Citroen gearbox. I drove the car extensively yesterday (there are a few issues to sort, such as the fuel sensor being all over the place and the indicator relay blowing, which meant I couldn't take her away (next week, maybe)) and the whole experience is intoxicating. A smoother ride than my Merc, which I found amazing (Nick's driveway is like No Man's Land and the Esprit went over it so much better than the Merc). Great handling and enormous grip, which I thought would be skittish and tail-happy. I can't go over 3000rpm right now so I'm a bit limited for the next 1000 miles, but the low end torque is amazing. And the noise. The steering is heavy, with the thicker tyres, but I was expecting that and it's fine once up to speed. Like I say, handles wonderfully. But, the clutch is quite heavy and the gear change is out of the steam age. So those are the things that I would like to improve, but without swapping out the gearbox. I'm told maybe the clutch master cylinder may be a place to start. But I'm not on that journey just yet. The clutch and gears work fine, I just need to adjust to them, rather than force them to adjust to me. Down the line a bit, maybe. I must say, I was surprised at just how good (and easy) the Esprit is to drive. I admit to being influenced by the horror stories of people buying an old Esprit doing it up etc, and then hating the drive. I haven't found that at all (and I'm not simply trying to justify my decision, here). I have had to have the seat runners removed so that I can fit in, but the driving position is perfect now. And the pedals are fine, as long as I wear the right shoes. All in all, really impressed and my confidence in the usability of the car has grown massively.
  23. Thanks Barry, Dr Doom (awesome). I was going to hollow out a volcano, but there aren't that many in Herefordshire and anyway, I've run out of funds. Hopefully there will be an Esprit sitting in there by the end of play today. Yeah, I'm taking a lot of this on faith, and as such some aspects (like replacing the front springs) may need some fettling as I go, and so I will certainly keep you in the loop.
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