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  1. not any day of any week 😂 Just had these send through, so had to share - rude not to. for the Twingo article, you'll have to actually buy the mag! 😆
  2. It's a mag, relatively new, and covers cars from all over the shop. Including (in the most recent edition), a gold S2, in gold! A resto and modded car, apparently. The owner looks like a proper Lotus hero. Car's quite nice too. It's in the shops right now. Link is: Cool.
  3. Page 72. An article on a certain restored and modernised Lotus Esprit S2, in gold! How exciting. Classic.Retro.Modern is a relatively new mag established, I think to cover cars of all ilk, from the sublime... etc. Mine is more at the sublime end. Link to their site is: Can't place the article here of course, but I do recommend the mag, mainly for it's wide cross-section of cars, plus because this edition has my car in it! And on a side note, important to keep the Esprit alive, if you know what I mean, in the minds of the wider car enthusiast, and especially the earlier ones as they are seen less and less. Awe. Some.
  4. And yet I’m leaning to that last one - shiny green with gold wheels. Very in right now. Although, I mean… gold, right?
  5. So I went to Hethel the other weekend (the one with the nice weather) and who should spot my Esprit at Classic Team Lotus as he drove home? Scott Walker; who, it turns out is a top bloke and invited me into the factory, photographed the car, and - and - showed me round the experience centre. He was so generous with his time and so genuinely enthused by the car and Esprits and Lotus more generally that it absolutely made my day / week / year. Awesome guy. And that was three days before the Eletra launch. On a Saturday. You wouldn't get that at Porsche! No siree. Some of the photos (I have many). What a top day, top bloke, top brand. Oh, and 450 miles there and back and the Esprit was perfect. I even did 170 miles in one stint, like Le Mans 2.5 Heures.
  6. Update time. My car is back. Super exciting. This was the final intended/pre-planned major round of upgrades, which included: - Acrylic sun visors - new ETB gauges with VDO dip fuel sender - starter switch for keyless go - bespoke stainless steel gearbox undertray - bespoke gasket for gearbox There were a few fixes, including a final run on the rolling road to nail the engine mapping and that's it! Really happy with the car now; pretty much as I want it. Ready to drive over to Hethel next week! Excited.
  7. Apparently - from those that have driven it - it is. I haven't yet, as the car was taken from the rolling road direct to the garage for some other work on the gearbox and steering column. Hoping it will all be back together in the next few weeks and I'll find out for myself. The initial aim of putting it back on the rolling road was to improve fuel efficiency. The engine came running really rich (for safety) and I've been paring the fuel/air back ever since. Hoping now to be getting something more akin to what an EFI should be delivering (early 30's rather than early 20's). However, Interpro did far more than that so I am super keen to see what it's like on the B road drive home. 😁
  8. It's been taken to a n/a high compression 2.2 with all new bits and stuff, plus EFI etc, as already stated. Regarding the drag thingy, probably. But still cool and stuff. Personally, I like the 237 hp number the most. And in fairness, this was never about chasing figures, it was about tuning the ECU to make it a better road-going car.
  9. So, bit of an update. Back in November the car went in for a last big round of many things. It spent 4 days at a rolling road having the ECU fettled, down to many of its advanced settings, cold start and fuel efficiency type things (now third, and last, major effort on ECU mapping). The result - among others - is a now peak BHP for 237 (for a N/A 907 engine, don't forget) - thingy wotsit below. Gearbox has come off so that 2 gaskets can be custom made to solve an oil leak, the seal areas were shimmed and the gearbox is ready to go back on. Clutchplate and wheel bearings at the same time, natch. Both UJs from the steering column are also being replaced. The custom gauges and senders to be fitted, along with an in parallel gauge wizard for the warning light (massive drama), and all to work with a VDO dip sender (super excited). I'm just sourcing some new milled aluminium heater knobs to go with the new gauges. Acrylic sunvisors, oil capture pot and throttle stops also to be fitted. A few other minor adjustments and a service, and the car will be good to go, probs for early March. Exciting.
  10. So, gone with the black gauges (and I didn't even have to go into Barry's van), and the nice people who are custom making them have allowed me to make some changes 😃
  11. That'd be swell. It's always nice to feel like you're the first... in the back of a van, that is.
  12. Yeah, so dimming is not really an issue for me. A lot of faff, I suspect, for not much reward. The current clocks are LED lit and I'm not blinded by them. Nothing's quite as bright over here, as is it in the US, so I suspect that's it. I may still take Barry up on his offer though, as I'm always open to persuasion.
  13. Thanks for that, Thomas. Really good point. I’ll ask. Barry, are you inviting me into the back of your van? 🤨
  14. TY. Paul - I’ll swap out the relevant sensors as well. Being EFI helps. For me the Telemetrix (top), are too ‘motorsports’ for the car. I could keep them as I can now connect a dip sender to a smiths gauge, but I’m not a fan of the look, hence the decision to swap them out - but thank you. Tim - thanks, the black is classy. John - thank you. They’re white LED lit, but just round the sides, I think. So standard, but I’ve not seen them lit. Thomas - thank you. I agree, although my feeling is that the magnolia is a bit too ‘classic’ for such a modernist ‘classic’. Although they would have been my first choice when I started to restomod. Steve - thanks. The black speedo is anti-clockwise and that really appeals to me. The symmetry and the fact I’m left handed. Many thanks. Going firm on Tue.
  15. There's actually another video out, as a follow up, but I can't upload it. Age, most likely. I need a quick vote, for anyone that's interested. I'm getting rid of my Telemetrix gauges (tbh, I was never a fan, and only liked them because they were electronic and not the old ones, and Nick wanted rid and palmed them off on me). So, I'm going for a new set. Please let me know what you prefer - black, magnolia, white. What's triggered this is the terrible fuel reading and the desire to fit a VDO dip sender unit; anyway, it's now snowballed to new clocks. Thank you. Answers on a postcard (not really) etc.
  16. So, Callum, who’s the YouTuber, had an issue with the drone, so we couldn’t do the drive, but that’ll come, probably in the spring. I’m never sure if the sound, engine noise, tone, revs and such come across well, but we’ll give it a go.
  17. There, that’s better, and a better impression of what they look like in person. Boom!
  18. So the new front lights are in, but they’re so blinking bright that they don’t photograph well. I’ll try to take another in brighter light. In the flesh, they are ace, natch. Awesome!
  19. I do indeed, did, etc. It was a good morning. Really enjoyed it. Holden's was open, burger wagon etc, and a good collection of cars. I would recommend it.
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