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  1. So, just to say, what with the delay to freedom and all, that the plan is to still have the meet on 25th July (week after Silverstone GP). For those of us going to Goodwood, we're still waiting for clarification and that may become a thing, but I doubt it will affect us. Awesome. Looking forward to it.
  2. So that's you and me, Barry, at least 😁
  3. So, let's go firm on Sunday 25th Jul, for 1000hrs. Recommend that we meet again at Coco's Cafe (which will be open this time), and maybe over a brew, chat through options for a run out. Pass the word. Be nice to chat in not terrible rain (hopefully) and with a buttie and a brew.
  4. So I wasn't gonna go to Goodwood FOS. Bit far and all just to see the Emira whizz past, but then Lotus announced that they are this year's central theme/advertiser/interactive thingy wotsit, and I decided that I can't not do this year if Lotus are doing many things. I can always not go next year! So, I'm ticketed for the 8th and I've booked myself into the West supercar park 😁. Am excited. Took the car to Silverstone and back today, which turned into a great fun drive. Every kind of road (and road user) and just sublime. Man, I love my car! This coming Wednesday morning (2nd Jun), I'm going to head over to Caffeine and Machine and check it out. I think the cross-country journey could be pretty awesome. Which brings me to - next meet, and I'm thinking something like w/e of 24/25 Jul ??? Local, like Coco's, or a drive to something like C&M (or similar). It's the weekend after the GB GP. What do we think?
  5. It's been so long since I've seen an S4 up close and plastic that I'd forgotten just how much presence they have. Following Robin's car away; it's quite an imposing sight. Awesome fun way to spend a few hours, despite the weather. Next time, with sunshine and sarnies 🌞
  6. That was awesome! We need to do it again.
  7. Am still excited. Drove mine to Gloucester and back yesterday and it was proper torrential. Esprit handled it without issue and even the windscreen wiper has started seriously thinking about being an actual full time windscreen wiper now. Like every time time I ask (it really wasn't interested before).
  8. I'd be amazed if Caterham don't take this option, assuming the platform can be electrified without further modification expense (which would negate the point of buying it in the first place).
  9. It is, that’s true. Epoxy paint, you could bleed out and it’ll wipe down in a jiffy.
  10. My advice - go white and with plenty of light. Don't worry about all that other stuff.
  11. Not all cars become timeless classics. The Esprit, I think, has. The Evora, I do not think, will. Sorry, but I just don’t think it made it. Great car, but not a great car.
  12. More likely, he's gonna take an Emira, remove the body and the engine and the chassis, and replace them with stuff from the back of his garage, and charge much lira for it. I think that's what Ant and Jenson are planning too, maybe. Only Dany is a God.
  13. Try Tomorrow's Classics. Nick may well still have the HV removed from mine.
  14. Oh... my golly gosh And that was all real footage, right? No CGI.
  15. Ah, seen. Yes that’s Warwick. Interesting...
  16. I've got to ask - is this a real pic? I've not seen it before and I've been keeping my eyes well peeled.
  17. Suddabym

    Car SOS

    Yes. It was on last year and much discussion then took place about the digital dash.
  18. Suddabym

    Car SOS

    Interesting how they usually make a thing out of redoing the upholstery with a comedy trip to a trimmers - but they didn’t in this ep. I suspect they baulked at the 15k cost for a tartan interior! And decided to just not go there.
  19. I’ve owned 2 Evoras and they are epic in every way. Of course they are. And the easiest to live with Lotus yet. And they don’t do little wee’s on the garage floor. And you can hear yourself think, even when you’re going along. The fuel gauge is still completely random, mind. It’s all mod cons. But, they’re not a timeless Esprit. And they never will be.
  20. Awesome. Felt like an Apple event. If you’re into that’s sort of thing. I am. The Emira is going to be a shrunk down affordable Evija. How cool is that? Roll on July. Just awesome!
  21. No, actually, I'm slightly off with what I said above. It isn't that I want it to work all the time, exactly. It's that I want to have the complete confidence that it will work when I want it to. And not obstinately, in any and all circumstances; blizzards and tsunamis and the like. But, realistically for the car, and repeatably. I want to know I'll get back from wherever I go. So it's actually about the confidence that reliability, common sense and a bit of mechanical sympathy buys. That's why I think Restomod is an acceptable way to enjoy classics. Plus, the 5th industrial revolution is kinda gonna force it onto people like us, unless we literally want museum pieces that we can barely use. The problem with change is, that it keeps changing.
  22. Well, Robin, that is certainly my thinking. I get the stock argument, of course. But I want to use mine. I want it to look like the original (natch), but work... Not working takes a lot of the fun out of owning a 40 year old car, to my mind. Just wait til solid state batteries come along 😊
  23. The clock. My old VDO didn't work and it was rubbish, and green, so... I took a non working Jaeger clock (eBay), pulled out the gubbins and replaced it with new innards and this is what it looks like (the car is gold, see). Personally, I am almost more pleased with this than anything else I've done. Mainly, because I can see it! 😁 Genius
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