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  1. The element that is very firmly coming across is the fact that those who disagree with or have an opinion that isn't a sheep like following of all things Lotus are somehow wrong to have such a differing opinion and therefore questioned/accused as a result... Perhaps it might be better to have pinned to threads of this nature that the thread is only open to those who are willing to add contributions that everyone wants to hear rather than what people want to say?
  2. Thank you Paul, You have exemplified the main point I was making. "Lotus have just revealed plans for a new red clutch hose and renault 5 door handles...FANTASTIC - heres my deposit!"
  3. I've no shows or meets planned but that's not to say i'm not up for a hoon sometime...i think my upgrades will be significantly pale compared to the outstanding work you've done on your SE...and probably Karl's
  4. Seriously Graham, There is nothing I dislike about the 'Arabian Track Pimpmobile'...I couldn't give a monkeys mate to be perfectly honest. I just like taking the pish and casting a fly to see what bites everytime there's a 'Look Lotus did this, Lotus are doing that, Lotus built this' thread. I'm sensing you bit? Sorry if you've taken it personally. I'm just not one of the 'blind faith in lotus worshippers'...speaking as an owner albeit of an old plastic sportcar... I am a true Esprit lover in all its forms...molested, unmolested, modified and unmodified...yeah they could of done a bet
  5. :respect: :respect: :respect: Ahh yes the golden era, the epitome of it all, the wonder years. I thank you for that sir!
  6. sounds a hoot and Bazza's motor rocking up there should take pride of place...shame i can't make it...would love turning up in a Fila BJ tracksuit and a pair of adidas trimm trabb...
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