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  1. Paul, please let me know when you get the 'motel' details...
  2. Hi Si, Been a while matey. Hope you and Lisa are doing well? Afraid we can't make this one although I do have some kindling knocking around...and possibly some TAF-X. The girls are all good thanks, Lilly and Rosie growing fast. Esprit flying as always...sailed through MOT...although need a window motor and oil pressure sender... Be nice to catch up soon for a Lime Surprise mate. Take care and big love. Rog
  3. From you sir I am Honoured by such high praise...i did text Mr Clarke later that evening with viewing times on film 4 but I think he was having a bacon sandwich? from what i now gather the 'dp' is actually quite mainstream...i'm not so sure the bacon jib is though maybe internets can chime in? That seemed very much his turf... Anyway see the dp trailer here: rog
  4. Having watched the above mentioned take place mostly before my very eyes...and had some bespoke fiddling with simple tools on my own Esprit quirks I can only highly recommend the 'fabrication and engineering division' at 'Watford Exotics'. Those chaps really are a first class outfit and I look forward to the HUD unit currently being R+D'd for my subtle lighting upgrade. Worth a donkey punch if you haven't already. Rog
  5. Any news on the August mash up singstar cocktail extravaganza as mentioned? BTW did you watch Donkey Punch? Failing all of the above...maybe you'll get a Space Docking, Docking Jibbing Donkey Punch with the Piano Wire and an overcooked calamari or bacon rasher on a bit of string in Antigua? I loved the handwash had to stop off at Sainsburys to get some. I recommend it to anyone in the Esprit World: Later you helmets
  7. bloody missed this thread...some cracking motors on here!
  8. cheers dude love to have you mate especially if we can se your lime surprise down banamans street...
  9. Ladies and gentleman, it's that time of the year again the THIRD annual show off your red clutch hose day will be on Saturday june Buckland Primary as always B-B-Q, singstar, Ladyboys, chutney ferrets and LED's/Neon at mine know you should even if you never have before and those who have been before LOVE to see you all again (we now have another little girl btw...Rosie April Perry born 20th april... PS there will be another staff parents type footy match thing so bring your gloves bibs and sparky if you're not mincing up and down the galley of some thai rent boy bring glasses as you smashed all the ones we had last year.... 1. Rog 1989 SE (Highly uprated/for sale) or VW golf gti...not so highly uprated...
  10. Merry Christmas from me to all Evora owners. Love to all my friends too.
  11. I've lowered the golf 30mm it looks cool as fech, Touran next, couldn't give a rats ass what VW think.
  12. Brilliant!!! Surely burning engine and gearbox oil is saving the planet anyway as it saves it going into landfill and kill dolphins etc. Trees are good though especially when they are close to the fire...
  13. To be honest i probably would like mine lower than it sits, but that's how Strattons and Lotus intended it i guess - i make no secret of the fact that i'm not quite ready for a docking session with the boys at Hethel and Main Dealers/Independent 'Specialists' but this i feel is reflected in my tasteful modifications and customisations and personalisation of MY CAR, I also went for a stainless clutch hose and de-cat/custom exhaust definitely not what Lotus intended...i will stand here to be shot too but I will not hesitate to give my opinion especially when i've had this new kit for over 2 years and spent plenty of good money with all of the above...I also distinctly remember Sir Bibs 'Loving my new suspension' when he drove it literally a month after it was fitted at Donny 07... To be perfectly honest I would fit or remove the suspension along with any other part (apart from LED underlughting) on how Bibs felt it rode/worked such is my confidence in his appraisal of the product and with his 'driving style' i know i would be getting the schumacheresque appraisal...You too Si and in fairness when you took her across the valleys with dodgy and the snail was Nuclear orange on your return surely you got a feel for the 4x4 quality?
  14. Mines a 4x4 apparently (if you speak to Simon350) and it was fitted by rested.
  15. Although it rides high and I certainly wouldn't recommend Strattons personally - I am satisfied with the suspension, so will be offering it as is.
  16. I have the new Lotus Bilstein/Eibach Suspension and LED's so you can all fech off you pish takers.
  17. paul pm sent we must organise next years singstar calendar...
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