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  1. legend my good man i'm happy again.
  2. that takes the 22mill gross down to 11mill for year 1 then...doesn't even buy an arsenal left-back these days...
  3. have they sold/will they sell 400 evora in a year? Boxter Lotus - i believe someone said that was the way forward...not me mind!
  4. is there a way of just being on esprit forum?
  5. A British Logo? What a croc of shite - how the fech is that a 'British logo'? Please let's not turn this into some nationalistic diversion. Good or bad its a friggin logo and it is a shite shade of green and yellow with lotus written on it. Fech all to do with British or Proton. Next we'll be saying it should be on a Union Jack or the cross of St George or a turnip, or a red plastic clutch hose superimposed over the top.
  6. I think it's worth bearing in mind that NOT everyone worships at the Norfolk temple - as with all manufactures some people like some of what is produced and some don't - I really don't believe that anyone can honestly say that everything a manufacture produces is 'Wonderful' and in the case of Lotus that is one of life's truths. Personally I like the Esprit in its many derivitives but I didn't see much 'design' change after the G to S car. Similarly Elise to Europa,Evora. I quite like the old Elan and newer M100. A V12 beast that makes you moist may not be a bad thing but there cannot be the money in the pot to do it and certainly can't be recouped from Evora sales...Porsche as a benchmark is a fair point but the boxter ooh bad move it's not really setting the bar very high is it?
  7. I know people on the Special Needs register with more idea about design
  8. While nurses, emergency services and teachers are shafted with renumeration and have to pay double during school holidays to fly the friendly skies..fech off the lot of year i shall be mostly holidaying at HOME unless of course Sam gets me first class travel so i can sit near the rest of the non revenue first class passengers chomping on hors deouvres and sipping free champagne then get bumped in the US where they all turn up and mince into the gate 'how are you today? i'm flying to frisco for a chutney ferret how's the flight?' that's ok ramone we'll bump these idiots from LHR England because you like it in the rusty sherrif's...Oi tosser we were here first...'Hey you guys are you from England - yes. Do you know my friend Nigel from Birmingham? Birmingham London? No frig off mate before i hit you and your boyfriend.
  9. It' like the Evora and the 6th/7th place at best ever drivers messers. Trulli and Kovaleinen...wonder if Ferrari say shall we try red for our team colours/logo this year?
  10. Bibs that is just camp mate - sorry but someone had to tell you. Camp as a row of tents.
  11. Having worked on the ground at LHR previously and been a flight attendant 16 years ago for Branson I can tell you that BA flight attendants were and probably still are the most overpaid bunch of ugly f*ckwits in the sky...i hope they get a bloody good rodgering all round...i hate the feching airport (my wife works for an american carrier as have I) and all staff (except Sparky and Tracy whom I love dearly), but the airport is a breeding ground for arse bandits and incestuous up themselves twats who have a serious self-importance complex thinking they are really clever. Especially airline and airport security - as an instructor in anti-terrorist security in my previous airport experience I actually cannot stand air travel due to these minimum wage idiots who think they have some idea about security and indeed terrorism...WANKERS all of them. V. sorry moderators please delete this as necessary but a nerve was touched here...and sorry to anyone caught up in the disaster that is the airline industry...shouldn't we be time travelling by now anyway?
  12. Is this the lime surprise?
  13. Louise, if you watch that video again, right at the end I think Si was just about to give me the Lime Surprise...
  14. Kyrie - now that was an awesome rendition Al. Several staff members and parents here at school are interested in the card set and the Watford Exotics Calendar we talked about as long as they get a boxed set with a Lime surprise. Sparky, i did feel somewhat violated after that particular was just outside my normal range but somehow whatever you were prodding into my back took me up an octave or two. I'm thinking that you may have snagged me on your rusty sherrif's badge? Let's run the Calendar idea up a flagpole and see if it gets the salute - already got cash orders waiting across Surrey. Hope all the casualties make a speedy recovery there's talk of a (vegetarian) christmas all-day extravaganza at the horns?
  15. briefest NOT brifest...unless that is somethig else that is part of your erotic wonderworld.... i think the medical equivelent of a semi-colon involves a LIME SQUEEZE and that drink Laura had...
  16. The Semi-Colon Basically I would say that a semi-colon has one major use. To separate a closely related pair sentences if you can't join them using a connective (and, or, but, etc). You could say replace a full stop... Lisa got pissed; Simon had a 'lime Surprise. This suggests Lisa getting pissed and Simon's 'Lime Surprise' are an elaboration of the initial clause and are therefore linked (which as we all know they were, sort of). Colon To separate what follows in a list or explanation Several friends provided me with singing amusement: Sparky, Simon and, above all, Alex. If in doubt use NEITHER!
  17. Was a shame to see you go down like that Paul - although you were looking as peeky as fech outside the pub when that intresting patron insisted on telling us all about wet benches and cleaning... see you in a couple of years.
  18. Thanks Bibs and Laura for organising the event - had a lovely meal, good company and the singing was top drawer. although my playstation is covered in old man dribble???
  19. looks better from behind wingless
  20. what the frig happened there man?
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