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  1. What about a mini panda - sits on your desk all day chomping on bamboo? Might be the future for them? Otherwise they're on the way out.
  2. Simon you are a girl - one of my wife's favourite Lotus the Elan and very popular at the WI from what i hear. The wheels are poop. It's like a girl in DM boots you just don't do ya. That one going 40 round the track is a nice colour NOT!! Although contrary to my comments I quite like the Elan it's a nice car for the Mrs. Although so is an Esprit or an Exige or and Elise when I think about it, it's just my wife made us get her a touran - something to do with room and baby seats - i am still not convinced.
  3. Sorry Jon, Would love to be able to support you here as you have always been such a trooper for me. Unfortunately have too much on and the guvnor won't be letting me out to play with cars this weekend I think we need to go shopping...i shall be sticking pins into my eyes and saying things like "Oh yes dear that really does look great why don't you get the bag and shoes to match?" I'll probably end up with a lovely primark shirt for work or something pathetic i don't really need - still one must do ones bit for the economy. Hope it all goes well and a few of the monkeys on here pull their fingers out. SP have done a pretty good job on your car it certainly looks good and sounds good although obviously you'll want them to make it quick or RED! Take care mate. Rog
  4. sparky - watford exotics don't look any further.
  5. Could of been the bloke with the carb turbo cat aerial upgrade?
  6. Went to BA today with my class...on arrival saw some kind of nutter waving a sheet of A4 out of a window. He looked slightly disturbed, possibly drunk and was a right embarrasment to the kids watching from afar with some amusement. Anyone here?
  7. I second all the comments here they really are a jolly good set of chaps, despite their lack of jubilee clips...quite handy with the old chocolate starfish too!
  8. Don't overload on carbs - have a good one
  9. My Golf is quicker, in fact the wife's touran is quicker than Sparky's Esprit so i don't see why not?
  10. Happy Birthday Mate - ignore that lot, you obviously had a hard life and an uphill paper round.
  11. Didn't realise they did a variable actuator spring? Will check there now - I have the 1.0bar competition wategate (fromR+B) - which i believe Marcus thinks is incorrect.
  12. It's looking like we cant make it next week as we are struggling to get babysitter AGAIN! Sorry - may be able to bowl in on my own for a bit in the evening but unlikely. Thanks, Rog
  13. How about a 25mm jubilee clip?
  14. Great day out and great to see friends old and new - shame it was a bit nippy and the marshalls couldn't organise us all leaving (bless my poor wife stuck stood still for over an hour and a half) still thinking about the Typhoon... Had a great evening too at the pub - a real shame that everyone couldn't make it and sorry to anyone I didn't say goodbye to (as you know it was chaos getting out and I couldn't risk losing my slot in the escape route across the runway...) Hope we all catch up real soon. Well done Clifff for another fantastically well co-ordinated event I'm looking forward to the next SLEGS event. Take care all, Rog
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