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  1. Nice One Really appreciate that! Rog
  2. Ok so it's getting near to the day i become an owner. I wanna keep her cosy at night - i know it's probably been done and there's a thread about it somewhere. But can anyone gimme the lowdown on the best cover to wrap her up in and where one could get one without too much aggro? Assuming one stevens size fits all stevens cars? Or shall i just keep the cash for petrol and never park up...? Thanks, Rog
  3. Welcome Geeza, I hope it was all worth it? I would love to see all the pics and know how much of the hard earned it has cost in total - unless you are keeping all that private? Well done for keeping us informed and having the nuts to take it all on in the first place! Rog
  4. They tended to wear a stout pair of leather chaps as i recall rather than the full crothched laether trouser. (Maybe this is where these quizzes fail to recognise the subtle differences in perfectly acceptable leatherwear and down right G_A_Y.) I wanted to be the policeman he had the gun-but then the environmentalist in me wanted to be the Native American (There was never an environmentalist in me by the way that is a figure of speech)
  5. Teigan, You are a character i'll give you that! No one handed me a free education as this and previous governments phased out the go get pished up for three years at the tax payers expense before i embarked on my first degree! I worked my nuts off just for the pursuit of 'adding value' to my meagre qualifications. They taught me nothing i didn't know already, but i learned a lot - even if it was that the education industry is a rip off business - but what isn't? I think they refer to it as facilitating higher learning now?? Hence my comment about giving the academics a run for their money! I went into it after 10 years in the 'real world' first and to be fair they weren't ready for me even though they were happy to take my hard earned - but i learned how to jump through hoops! Keep smiling mate. By the way for those friends across the pond - 'This Morning' is a rather sick daytime television programme hosted by a rather obese daughter of an ex-politician i think, and a grey haired chap whose sexuality is questionable and once played Joseph in 'His technicolour dreamcoat'. Programme is said to have a 'high student following' as they are waking and baking around the time it starts! Before above-mentioned hosts took on the show it was hosted by 'Richard and Judy' Sainsbury's thief and nervous alcoholic so i hear; again loved by tax dodgers! I wouldn't know as i would play Super mario Kart instead as everyone knows TV rot's your mind. I hope that helps.
  6. If 'views' are anything to go by smoking, the dangers of January sales and being a potential batty boy seem to draw the most attention! What has the cyber-world become? And i would say fish was strawberry blonde...
  7. I think a lot of people hate college-it's all a test and there will only be yourself and that photo of you in silly hat to celebrate your pyrrhic victory, long after the hangovers!! Keep it real, enjoy the enjoyable bits and jump through the hoops for the academics-give them a run for their money as they get it too easy 99% of the time-you never stop learning wether we like it or not! Rog
  8. Congatulations mate-you've done well to make it the whole hog! Proper jobs, no more 'This Morning' and Income Tax from now on! Milk it while it lasts brother and remember there are few other environments similar! I went through it three times and became a teacher! Which i don't recommend - but my Nan was well proud seeing me in a silly hat+cape!
  9. Interesting the number of people viewing said topic...comments?
  10. Just to add my tuppence this has all got me in even more of a spin as i had a similar topic thread and being new to this forum found the best assistance possible-i'm loking at 3 cars this weekend 1 happens to be someone from the forums. All of the aforementioned wisdom has been duly noted but i'm pathetic to say the least when it comes to 'seeing' a potential problem. I know i want to own one forever - and i guess i hope that i get one i can affodably? For me i think the people i've spoken to are as good as it gets in terms of advice and one will definately be with me to view. Having said all that i'm still crossing my fingers and praying along with the sleepless nights and doubts about throwing my money away. I agree that someone who represents on the forums and sells through them has got to be a bit daft to sell a wrong un to someone else on the forum? Also service history can be taken in many ways! Sometime the journey is better than the arriving - i cant wait to arrive change my name and start the journey!! Good luck mate whatever!
  11. I'll have the Hyundi Coupe please - you can keep the badge kudos and exclusivity!
  12. Ashley - you are definately in the right place! Listen to these guys they know what the craic is for sure. I can't say enough about how much they have helped me. If i can help in anyway please feel free to ask - bear in mind though i have been looking for a while and still take the cash with me - ready to part with it easily! It's that kind of car. I'm still looking for the ideal - but i'm an idealist and that's why it has to be an ESPRIT! We are both due a name change soon! Good luck!
  13. Well i have just spent the last 2 years teaching those soon to be Smackhead, Crackhead reprobates listed earlier - I know the sort and if they were not the ones i was teaching their parents (loose description i know) were definately the SORT! It was a 24 - 7 calling not a job and time off or holidays don't exist unless you are willing to blag everything. Which believe me many do it's not hard to - it's just i can't help thinking if you don't give it all you have got you end up with more of the same! Smackhead chav's wanting to nick your hard earned posessions because they don't want to work hard and want the glitzy shiny stuff the easy way? After thwarting or trying to thwart this endless explosion of chav scum from within the constraints of the 'system' where as a government 'key worker' i was offered less financial incentive than the Heroin Mothers on the dole of the kids i worked my nuts off teaching - i certainly couldn't afford (on my salary) a mortgage like S4simon's and we don't live very far away from each other! Holiday - bring it on there are three reasons to teach for me now: Christmas Easter Summer Incidentally in the two classes i indoctrinated for the last two academic years they new damn well what a Supercar was and i hopefully grounded a bit of the skills needed to own one rather than nick one! Keep the dreams alive!
  14. I POST RESULT or SLUT I RE-POST depending on who you talk to i suppose!
  15. Thanks for all the excellent advice gentleman! My mind is spinning from my own research and the fantastic expertise i have been given by the memebers of this site. You do the Marque proud - FACT! I would like everyone to know how grateful and genuinely taken aback by the generous offers of help and kindness by all. Further, i want to say a very special thanks to 'Bibs' - what an absolute gentleman! And further a big thanks to Robin too. Both of whom came to view aforementioned Kent car (in the loosest possible sense) - Bibs having picked me up at the station and Robin meeting us there! Together we were a formidable outfit (even though i already had the deposit in my hand-so what use i was is somewhat contentious) and they had the embarrased salesmen in a spin! They knew not what they were up against! (That was just perusing an underwhelming service history) Suffice it to say the car wasn't there to be viewed (don't ask) and my heart was truly broken as i was already in love! Who knows maybe it's a sign! I'll let the boys tell you what transpired as they know more than me in every sense when it comes to buying/selling supercars! On the positive side there may be hope? (a bargaining tool-is what i am saying to myself Bibs/Robin) I will definately investigate the other aforementioned Supercars on offer and see how it goes. Bibs has armed me with enough Lotus Esprit paraphernalia to only strengthen my desire to be one of your gang guys! Much respect Bibs-you make the world a better place mate and don't you forget that! Thanks once again Master!!! Speak soon! Wannabe Supercar Owner
  16. I think they are in Bromley and your offer would be very gratefully accepted-when would be best for you. I'll work around you - was thinking next week. I have a vehicle to trade in that is not worth much! How would be best to communicate i don't really want to put my details on an open forum? Would also like to know where i can get used car prices to compare! Thanks
  17. Thank you ever so much this is great the car is in Kent and i am near Heathrow about 25 miles away. I would love to hear from anyone who could honestly help in the way the last poster describes! Thanks KCCPARIS and the other post re: salesmen is oh so true!! But i have no doubt they will be damn good at negotiating the price. I have the name of the last garage to service it and it does appear to have money spent when needed-it seems low mileage for the year and hence i don't think it has been yearly serviced. I am trying to speak with the previous/current owner and the last servicing garage. I can't help thinking-this could be the one though!
  18. Hi to all you lucky and maybe not so lucky owners of dreams/nightmares, I am looking at purchasing an Esprit Turbo 1988 and have recently seen one in the colour i want for the price i can afford. I am so worried about the horrors i may miss due to my excitement and thought i best ask someone here for help - i registered via LEW after reading all that was available to view there (Great site by the way). I've only seen jpeg photos so far and it has only served to make the desire greater not to mention getting a good insurance quote! I'm a bit dubious of forums, as i have read a lot of crap on other web forums (nothing to do with Lotus). I know i'll be wetting myself with my pulse racing when i go to view the vehicle (being sold by a trader that appears to be fine) and i am no mechanically minded person at all so wouldn't be able to tell much from looking under the bonnet, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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