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  1. Except on the correct repositioning of rubber front blip...
  2. Anyone going from my way fancy meeting up Sparky, Pilko, Jonny, Wookie, Bibs etc?
  3. Olaf - what spring/wastegate do you run in your wastegate 0.65/0.75 or 1.0 bar? Nice tip on Boost control will try that - where did you source FPR and how much?
  4. You have got to be kidding! Esprits and wives are both about as much grief as each other...but answer quite simple. SEX
  5. I dont trust anyone except Watford Exotics FACT! Anyone who can down a chutney ferret with half a dozen ladyboy a top geeza in my book!
  6. Agree about tightarse esprit owners and the margin for profit and indeed the next Mazda gt coupe with eibach springs...but Surely the great and the good aforementioned; Bibs, Sparky, Wookie, et al know more about cross-references and 'more suitable parts' and indeed the 're-engineering' of what Lotus clearly didn't have the technology of the time, time, money or foresight to do right in the first place? Certainly would work for pimps like us and pimping our rides and i guess pimp me up Pilko and his footman, but the lets keep the British Leyland Original plastic washer brigade will always want inferior over priced originality...? Anyway i'm off to source some of that fine rear boot floor carpet to go with the red clutch hose and bendix brakes i've been after for years.
  7. It's an idea Graham - but I feel this wouldn't be handled efficiently or effectively. LEF should be given the power and resources - who else has the knowledge base? Lets face it how many of the bits and bobs we buy in plastic 'Lotus' or 'SJ' bags are actually made by 'either'? If I had the money I would talk to Sparky/Wookie/Bibs etc...and ask them how much they would need to make LEF 'THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR PARTS, TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE AND SERVICING' while they're at it i'd ask them to design and build the next Esprit too - that way it probably won't look like a Hyundai coupe.
  8. Andy, Have had similar busy issues with PNM that took time to resolve. Recently SJ have been very good when sourcing parts, so take your point. Bottom line is we are pretty bolloxed as owners of cars on the margins of the mainstream so we are knackered by the same old 'independent specialists' and main dealer/factory technical support; most of whom don't really look after the Esprit regularly enough to know what and how to do things properly. Most of these independent blokes are one man band operations with the odd lad or spanner monkey helping out. Main dealers and factory probably are all toyota elise trained and really don't want an old wedge sitting round dripping oil or some sort of fluid for very long. And just coz someone throws a bucket of water of my car doesn't justify the prices charged... I could quote numerous monkey/bodge jobs and piss poor parts ordering problems for my own Esprit let alone the countless others I hear about - far too regularly. It is the one reason I sometimes hate owning the Esprit and the reason why a couple of years ago after 18+months as my 'ONLY' car i decided to get another vehicle - just couldn't be dealing with the ball ache of it all parts, service, etc, etc... Sorry did i begin to rant - doesn't help you much does it? Why don't you, Bibs, Sparky, Wookie and Little Si take over the ESPRIT world - Parts, Servicing, etc , etc... I see the future!!!
  9. Can i resign from this i'm having a right Nakajima of a season.
  10. Ready and waiting for the green light and have plenty of mods and bolt on extra enhancements for you to fit. THE LIGHTS STAY!
  11. Bad news but it will get sorted.
  12. BRAVO Watford Exotics!!! :yes:
  13. Is the LEF league set up differently to the peterborough league??? Or am i just being a tit?
  14. University of Durham - John Snow College. Sparsholt College Hampshire.
  15. The first thread/topic i ever read here...
  16. I know BN very well and have had many discussions re gt3 power upgrades, etc. 400 Can be done and there's nothing too mental about it. It's not rocket science.
  17. Sweep would kick seven shades of sh%te out of Sooty all day long...and Sue would get it (doggy style).
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