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  1. Driving like a cock with blatant disregard for license and the law on public roads does not make for a fast car with good performance figures - I have been overtaken by a saxo on the way to work doesn't mean that it's a faster car...or he was a better driver - just a bloke who was at that time prepared to break the law and take a bigger risk than me. I didn't or don't want to catch him - he can fech off...
  2. Yes mate the little one is cool, you coming to wings and wheels? PatPongs motor is outrageous, have long admired it he makes some so called modders on here look like they've just been to halfords. Notice he's wrapped the manifold now...chip 7 blue race/chip switch these are definitely on my list for the future along with a friggin great big bath tub chargecooler, the list goes on...where does it end...he's claiming 400 horses - a goal...
  3. I'll want me flywheel lightened, head skimmed and polished and a good chroming of any exposed metal.
  4. That water pump looks too clean - can i have one that shiny?
  5. Where are you - let's be having you. THIS IS GONG TO BE MY YEAR - COME ON!!!!
  6. Oooh would love to play but i'm away!
  7. Here's the spec for my bad boy if anyone here has some tech help: WC Engineering Stage II Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo Maximum Flow 47 lbs/min at 3.0 PR with 72% Eff and 126,000 RPM. Optimum Flow From 17 lbs/min @ 1.6 PR through 37 lbs/min at 2.5 PR Power output at maximum flow is 409 HP sustained. When operated in the normal Esprit parameters of the 2.0 PR (14.7 psi of boost) this unit provides 34 lbs/min of air while still inside the 76% efficency window. The SE turbo only provides 15 lbs/min at this level, and the S4s turbo only provides 17.5 lbs/min. Rog
  8. Outstanding - shame also. You may have guessed i wasn't around Sat/Sun/Mon but if you have a vacancy on the aforementioned forecourt Thurs onwards i would be grateful...
  9. Thanks Cliff. Very much appreciate all your co-ordinating of this I am looking forward to it. PS when's the next golf day - had a round at hampton court last week with brother in law - getting better!
  10. Bloody great Jamie! Do you know if they made a poster with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman alongside the 'Pretty Woman Car' - i'm sure the poster i had did - it was a long time ago and may well be later than i think - but it made me want an Esprit (stevens) i think i already loved the G-car in Spy who loved me.
  11. BTW Cliff, When do/how do we cough up for our tickets? On the day? What are the meeting arrangements? Gates open 9am. Are we tyre kicking very early in a petrol station or what? Sorry lots of questions... Rog
  12. yeah - done injectors pri/sec, cam, cam timing, exhaust 107/107 etc. plus decat/exhaust blah blah apparently 'CUSTOM CHIP for WC Stage 2 turbo' - assumes it was written specifically for the application. Although you'd need marcus to comment here as i bought it off him with the mods/spec of my car listed. i'm just a punter.
  13. Jonathan, I want you and your laptop/freescan in my car - I have a stage 2 WC Engineering Turbo and one of Marcus's Custom Chips among other little modifications...some interesting things appear on the gauges non of which i trust. But car has some fun characteristics. I also had chip 3 which was fun. I've never chipped first always did a litttle then chipped, did a little then chipped. Soon enough the Turbo was the limiting factor in performance/feel, so i upgraded didn't have to it wasn't broke. The Stage 2 is supposed to be able to cope with 409hp according to John Welch's figures I don't know what kind of numbers mine runs and don't care. Never really got rid of the shite pick up - up to around 3k and still haven't regardless of chip/turbo/mod - love to iron that out. Someone said lighten your flywheel...but that's another story. Brakes or braking are on my agenda next. Wayne i'd love you to have a drive of mine see what you think. S4s turbo is different btw Ameer.
  14. Bibs - YOU ARE LEGEND! I have an electric chargecooler pump. Marcus - have you reimbursed the punters who have bought faulty goods? I suggest you do as a retailer/vendor and as a gesture of your goodwill to 'customers'.
  15. Yeah, take your point Jon. (fronts gt3/v8 and rear elise brembo) You pay your money and you get what you pay for...could be the vac - Watford Exotics will hopefully be taking a look... The closed (track) circuit did allow me to come to the conclusion that ebc wasn't a good enough choice for that application...
  16. I am not happy with the brembo set up with ebc discs and redstuff pads - maybe i drive fast...
  17. Paul - you are clearly a Pro and by that rationale cannot be entered into the world singstar final it would be like Ronaldinho playing in the dads/staff footy match at my school - no don't make any comparisons to my footballing prowess...
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