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  1. Was a very nice looking car, shame he had issues, we've all had them, just got to work through them.
  2. Sorry I didn't get to say bye Dunc, you were knee deep in esprit engine when I was leaving, thought I'd leave you to it, what was the problem? Great chatting with you, hopefully we can get a chat on again at the next show!
  3. Not as yet Dan, a few things got in the way and I never got around to it. I still have the discs and spacers so as and when time permits I'll revisit the upgrade. I'm hoping to redo bushes this winter so might be a good time to look at the discs then. Good day I enjoyed it, really helps when the weather's good, already looking forward to the next show. Happy days
  4. Cheers Chris, like wise, nice one, those front on slammed images always bode well, hope to get down next year do it all again. Heres another photo, like there's not enough of the panther, ha! Some interior and retro objects pictures on the superfly feature (link above) if anyone is interested. Happy Sunday, Charlie ;-)
  5. Finally got my arse in gear and got down to Brooklands for the big show. Awesome meeting names and avatars that I've been seeing for years on my thread, Dunc, Bibbs and the rest, nice crowd indeed. So after many years some of you get to see the panther in the flesh, I hoped you liked it, seemed to go down well. What a buzz blasting around the Mercedes track, she held up well, those airbags are bloody impressive, on the straight she ripped it man! Drive down was perfect, never missed even the slightest of beats, never ceases to amaze me how well this car drives. A new feature has just aired out on Superfly-Autos website which will give a global presence to the car, seem to be a lot of yanks interested in the car. Anyway heres a photo I took just before I left.
  6. Loving the lens flare, I could do magical things in photoshop with that, keep up the good work!
  7. Great to see you getting out and about, sure does look awesome in the photos, if I knew I might have made the trip out and joined you!
  8. It's a possibility but only if I can find a self drive trailer, not driving it this time, went all pete tong last time! The Banana Splits you say, I don't know wtf they were on but watch this, as cool as any kids show ever!
  9. In a previous life before my job in turin, I dabbled with graphics, ha! Thought you chaps would like my take on a 70s tongue in cheek advert, had a ball doing it, enjoy.
  10. Thanks, I need the four that sit in the cups, I'll also do the rear link bushes whilst I'm there. Been meaning to do them this spring, but will have to wait a week or two as I have a new photo shot pending with a renowned Internet magazine, soon as that's out of the way I'll do the bushes.
  11. What are the bushes I need to redo my rear lower links? The large fat ones that sit in the cup like thingymabobb off the diff to lower link, see photo?
  12. Caught on camera!
  13. Questi giourni quando vieni il bel sole... On days like these... This car was built for it, happy sunshine Charlie ;-)
  14. One last photo from the weekend for all you photo junkies. I put this picture out on instagram and it went ballistic for some reason, anyway enjoy.
  15. How did you even spot that! Didn't even give it a thought but good on you for seeing the match.
  16. Cheers dude, was awesome getting it out again blasting around and took it up to kings street in Knutsford, haha they didn't know what hit it, some of the looks were worth there wait in gold. All those money cars up there and I come along with me cherry bombs at full decibel, go faster stripes, music blarring and all, heads at a turn, cameras at the ready. Not many cars up there (built in a single garage and for beer money) that can practically stop the town dead. Few circles around, stop for a quick macciato and cinimon swirl and back done the A50, awesome morning run ;-)
  17. Cheers, wasn't done on a whim, couple of hours in photoshop to see what looked best, must have done 8 versions of stripes, but the simplest design seemed to work best, just trying to keep it fresh for the year ahead I thought they gave it a nostalgic retro twist!
  18. Those wheels and wing are nasty! If I ever get an eclat it would have to be a contrasting colour, I had plans on a gold S1 eclat with pepper pot alfa romeo wheels a year ago,never happened though, one is is enough i think for now...
  19. Good day gentlemen, it's been a while but don't fret, just taken the panther out for its first run of spring/summer. Just done a basic oil and filter service and other base checks, all good. She spluttered into life this morning but as always performs way above expectations, finding all gears, pulling like a train and stopping on a dime. She really does go as well as she looks. Here's a couple of photos, just had the whitewalls redone and added (just for this season) go faster stripes, see what you think. Happy summer, Charlie ;-)
  20. Very original looking car, great base for a full resto, get stuck in son, it's the way to go. All the best, Charlie :-)
  21. For all you photo junkies a few photos of the panther at Ultimate Stance and a prize winning top 20, how cool is that! Always a great show and a pleasure to meet up with old and new friends, enjoy the photos, happy Sunday, Charlie ;-)
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