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  1. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?! The only bit of french I know, not very appropriate but sounds good, especially in the song!
  2. How does it fit, do you need the original flanged housing to hold it in place, any photos?
  3. You do know that some of my options are simply california dreaming right? I see a v12 and my eyes go all of a haze, head turns to the sky and says 'imagine that in the elite!' In all honesty I know it would never really go in, but ain't gunna stop me dreaming. If someone had not already used the alfa v6 in his esprit I would have one sitting on the work bench months ago, you can pick them up for under £300. But I someone has already got there so that is not an option. A tvr rumbled pass me the other day and that gets you thinking, a low slung bonnet, possible easish fit. As I say just keeping an eye out and appreciate your comments and views, I'd totally agree with dunc that the chassis is tight at the gearbox so that is a major consideration. There's a rover v8 just up the road from me for £200 almost put a bid on it just for the sake of it. We'll see, options choices all sorts of headaches but should the lump change it will be loud, very loud, fast n' loud!
  4. Believe me I've been looking into every possible option, and everything you've mentioned above has had its turn at the top of the list, s2000, alfa v6, maserati v6 or v8, chevy v8, even the lexus ls400 has been in with a shout, I even had visions of the v12 jaguar lump on ebay recently, but I'm just window shopping at the moment and not ready to pounce just yet. Rest assured what ever I plumb for will be a carfully considered choice based on time and money, not necessarily a judgement based on speed or performance more on feel good factors and making an fast n' loud entrance when rolling into a show. ?
  5. Good points, well made. You know I've been thinking of all manor of exotic and wonderful options but I still want the italian V8 should I go and swap the lump. There's currently one on ebay for £1500 but with what looks like broken sump or something. A rumbling V8 does indeed seem like the most obvious choice, but I don't do obvious. At one stage I even had the outrageous notion of nitrous oxide for a bit if a kick! But my head intervened and told me I wouldn't want to melt a hammer or two. Still searching for something different, when it comes along I'll let you know. The story ain't over just yet...
  6. Do a colour change, I dare you, I double dare you?!
  7. @markgenesis To give you an idea, hope you've got ear plugs, ha.
  8. Looks to have done it. Not the easiest of jobs I've ever done but managed to get two more castle blips around, probably a 1/4 turn more. Not a job I would like to do again in a hurry, but seems to have taken out the play. Did drop the bloody socket though, put a ding in my wheel!
  9. Haha, bearings are good. Yeah I reckon I need to get to the afore mentioned 'kin tight! Think I'll give them a nip, day off today so back down the garage...
  10. I've noticed a minimal amount of play in the rear wheel setup and I believe it is coming from the rear wheel hub nut, the big old castle nut situated under the dust cap. I'm just scared to over tighten the thing but I'm sure it needs another half turn to nip it up. Anyone know the specific torque it should be, can't find it in the manual.
  11. I've been looking at this kit, looks like the real deal, everything I want, vented groved, 4 pot bling.
  12. Loving that colour combo, I wouldn't change that at all. Look forward to seeing your progress.
  13. None taken! Great to see it coming together, be prepared for a loud rasp through the gears. My very first reaction was not good when I first heard it, but I absolutely love it now and wouldn't change it. If you really don't like the noise, you can put back your center box to numb it down a touch.
  14. Cheers JP, always a pleasure to hear your kind words. I've said before, many times that I certainly didn't start out to gain attention, I've been amazed really amazed that the car has been so well received and never for one minute did I think it would make magazines and all that. It's my escape, keeps me on the straight and narrow and out of trouble. I hope people enjoy it and take inspiration from it rather than look for faults, it's meant to be enjoyed, that's my motivation.
  15. Same, blue with a yellow flick every now and again. Just sounded better as I was going through the process, could hear it actually getting smoother. Didn't notice any hesitation anywhere, pulling through the gears like a train. Also worth mentioning the gearbox is great, goes into all the gears smoothly, and the 907 is a gem, really not interested in an engine swap now, might work with it and see what I can comfortably get out. My over heating is a thing of the past, I hight recommend removing the air condenser if you remove the aircon, seems to have freed it up, better air flow, dial rests around 75° and I can feel a difference when I open the bonnet after a run. If I'm going to do anymore work on it now I think its time for new bushes all around, although they're ok, they look dry and crusty, so time to upgrade.
  16. What a car, what - a - car! Been out doing some heavy testing this weekend after tweaking the carbs due to @soldave for lending me his carbtune and colourtune, massive thanks, and I have to say what a difference. Absolutely stunning to drive, almost felt as if I was back in the esprit, has the same sort of feelgood factor, very very nimble and can dart in and out of traffic at will. Brakes are sharp, steering is light and precise and the ride is firm but comfortable. I'm absolutely in awe of this machine, it's like when you're 7 years old growing up watching superstar drivers blasting about monte carlo, sideburns, dark sunglasses, and glamour pusses a plenty, just transports me into a different world, total escape from the mundane, love it! The carbs are now balanced as best as I could and a nice blue burn in each cylinder, the overly rich smell is gone. The back carb was way out as you can see from the photos but as I say balanced far better now and the super yellow burn you see has now also gone. All ready I think for the show season ahead, see you soon, Charlie ;-)[/IMG][/IMG]
  17. Oh dear, need to take out some sort of trademark! Seen it all, think I'll put a bid in ;-)
  18. Is your battery fully charged? Don't startany eelectrical work unless it is fully charged. If they (indicators) were working before but not now it coukd be simply the battery. Mine go mental when the charge is low. Check the battery first. Second it's probably just a dodgy earth, normally the one behind the front side light inside the bumper. Always check the battery and earths first, if they are good then your problem could be a relay, more likely a weak terminal somewhere, you probably knocked one off somewhere.
  19. Coming together, your cherry bombs are almost identical to mine, I also took out the centre box, be prepared for a loud rasp as you shoot through the gears. But looking good, hope you manage to get it all back together and back on the road again soon.
  20. Been thinking of working with the 907 rather than an engine swap (although I've not ruled that idea out) and was wondering what I can do for not alot of money to improve it. I have to say the performance is good but Charlie being Charlie wants to 'tweak' the lump if possible. So how far or better still what bhp could you comfortably reach without blowing the bloody thing up?!
  21. Massive diesel engine, big bore snorkel exhaust, 20" chromed slotmags, rollcage, a pair of bucket racing seats, and a skull head gearknob and you might just get my attention haha...
  22. Great effort, I remember mine looking like this and thinking bloody hell I'm never gunna get this all back in place. But it's not half as complicated as it looks just have to be methodical in putting it all back. What ever you do make sure heater fan is in good working order, check all the earth wires to the right hand side of the steering column and look for any broken or bad terminals. Wouldn't want to put it all back only to take it all out again cos you missed something now. Those small air pipes control the vacuum operated heater flaps I believe, someone else can confirm?
  23. Well would love to try it, wouldn't want to put you out or anything. However I've just read that richness helps start up? That's coming from the Esprit section of the forum, in a guide to tuning the dellortos. On another note anyone know the ft/lbs torque numbers for unmodified bog standard 907? Just when I went out today felt like she could pull a train she was pulling so well! Loving this engine, makes you fell like you want to do something with it.
  24. Running a bit rich, will a colourtune do the job? Carbs definitely need a tweek, you can smell the richness in the air. I've seen a few of you guys use them, are they as useful as people say. Thanks.
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