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  1. Considering the large amount of information that has surfed the internet lately, it appears that Lotus has reportedly worked on Evora facelift in order to combat the saggaging sales. More details and pics below:
  2. Hello, everyone. Take a look at this new Lotus car confirmed for production after having been unveiled at the 2010 Paris International Show.
  3. Hello, everyone. I watched closely the 2010 International Paris Auto Show, where Lotus was quite fast to unveil 5 new concept models and I was wondering wich of them would see the light of day. I have just found my answer, I am talking abut the Esprit, which, according to sources and other information provided, it is being under development at the moment. If you wish to see some really nice pics and tell me what you think, below you will find my source of information, the article:
  4. Hello, everyone. I am Lukeluk, I am from Romania, I am a car fan, especially Lotus ones, although I can't afford one and I don't drive one.
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