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  1. @Bibs - wasn’t this chap on here years back? Luka Magnotta New show on Netflix.....
  2. Aww you guys, I've only just seen this! Thank you, i think I've finally sobered up xxx
  3. Good shout.....(flipped a coin, yeah right) xx
  4. Ooow, I'll be happy to SOR that - we all know i love Motorsport Green!! Drop me an email with the details - [email protected]
  5. Hello and Welcome!! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Lotus Silverstone if you have any unanswered questions about the Lotus Evora.... We have a good selection in stock; swing by if you're in the area! Aimee & Matt.... 01327 320338 / [email protected]
  6. Spaces are filling up fast, please give me a tinkle now to avoid disappointment! T: 0844 372 8302 or E: [email protected] Aims xx
  7. Price now: £28,995!! Get in touch if you would like further information about this vehilce - 0844 372 8302
  8. Can you increase the stars to 10??? I didnt pay them.....Honestly!!
  9. Waiting for that big yellow thing to appear in the sky....

  10. If i review myself will i be in with a chance of winning a calender? I really want one!!
  11. I honestly welled up watching this....What an excellent Christmas present!! Nice one Dad!! See you both at Silverstone Classics in Jakes new ride?!
  12. I've a client who is looking for an Ardent Red Lotus Elise SC (facelift). If you have one and are looking to sell please get in touch xx Cheers, Aims xx
  13. WRONG....
  14. Good Luck with your C Battle...Don’t let it beat you.... Someone very close to me lost his battle very recently (he found it too late and was in his 80's), but he fought it for nearly 12months longer than he 'should have'...Stay positive and keep as active as possible...YOU ARE THE BOSS!! All the best lovely xx
  15. Just had my first off in the snow...Note to self, wear sensible shoes in icy conditions....

  16. Today is a good day ~ Its only 10am and i've been given 2 bottles of wine already (one is for Matt, but lets not tell him ssshh)

  17. Guilty of this one.... "Wheres that to" (I put my Devonshire accent on just a bit more when saying that sentence)
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