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  1. Thanks guys. Fantastic feedback! I will try to post a few pics as soon as I relearn the process. The headers are unorthodox to say the least and no one has ever done it this way. It was a very difficult, time consuming process. Each branch was filled with water and volume was measured. They differ by one teaspoon of water so no compromise for equal length. I spent weeks looking at compressor maps and the turbos are the exact match for my design. The intended purpose of power down low, obviating the need to thrash the engine. Barry, I am surprised how bright they glow. Can't imagine if it was under continuous load! I have Electromotive crank triggered ignition and If dial in more than 32 degrees total advance they darken a bit. I've always run much more advance than stock and never had an issue. If the headers are scavenging so efficiently, The fueling may have become inadequate. I need to install the A/F meter to verify mixture. If this is the case, can either cam be adjusted to take advantage of a great deal of scavenging?? The pipes are all 316 SS. I have melted aluminum gasket rings from out between the joints at these temps. I believe pure Al melts at 1260F...sounds a bit high for my liking! I have substituted copper rings since. Love the idea of twin scroll ball bearing turbos! It would be easier!! That was My first design but the twins were so cheap, it forced my hand They are simply journal bearing though. Ok, here we go with a pic. Hope it shows ok.
  2. I fabricated a long branch header for a low end torque, twin turbo system. It is absolutely equal length. 1&4 feed one turbo, 2&3 feed the other. The turbos are sized correctly. When I rev to 3k RPM no load and hold it there for a couple of minutes it glows red hot like the cast iron manifold in the popular factory test photo. I would like some insight on mixture / cam adjustments to bring the temp down a bit and improve efficiency, I suspect the improvement in scavenging may have something to do with it. It is amazing how much easier and faster the engine revs vs the stock manifold / turbo. Do the Alunox, etc SS manifolds glow like this during a short no load run? Any input is welcomed. Cheers, Lee
  3. Thanks guys!! That's exactly what I was looking for. I made an error, it is LHD not RHD. I fully understand now and will look into the dash first as it seems to be key in the structure. I got the seized engine running and the exhaust is exceptionally clean. no smoking. Clutch wasn't even stuck. jacked it up and ran it through the gears by using a 1 1/4 wrench on the lever to disengage. The clutch cable was rusted solid. I'm very excited with the progress and look forward to getting the brakes to work. Another thing I desperately need is to understand what holds the pedal assembly to the floor / sides. This car was missing a lot of parts. Once again your help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks Jim, It looks like I'm missing everything in the lower diagram. Of course for RHD. I just cant imagine the four bolts on the inside of the body and the dash carries the weight of the column / steering wheel. I can move the ones near the passenger side door with my fingers. I presume there's a center support for the dash that would help. Do you have a drawing showing the parts in that area? Lastly, where can I even begin to locate these items? I wont need the dash right away but if I can get that wheel off the floor it'll be a big step! Thanks again, Lee
  5. It's been a long time since I've been on. My two Esprits have been joined by a '70 Europa S2 basket case. received it two days ago with enginge seized and managed to get it running yesterday. Many parts are missing including the entire support structure behind the dash (no dash panel either) for the steering column. Can someone help with photos / diagrams so I can get the wheel off the floor? I have no idea what it would attach to. Thanks, It's good to be back! Lee
  6. I need the distance between inner and outer front wheel bearing races in the stock Lotus / Toyota front hub. Does anyone have one off the car that you could measure for me? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lee
  7. The 4x100 hub and stock renault bearing fits perfectly, so the rear solution will work. Now I need the distance between inner and outer front wheel bearing races in the stock Lotus / Toyota front hub. Does anyone have one off the car that you could measure for me? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lee
  8. I found a 4x100, 23 spline hub with the boss that fits into the 40mm ID bearing that Andy mentioned: The goal is to have a plug-and-play hub in 4x100 to use the same size wheel. Can anyone verify the Lotus rear hub has 23 splines and is 40mm OD where it fits inside the bearing? I'm ready to buy these once I am certain. Thanks again, Lee
  9. Thanks guys. Excellent info! I will look down the Renault path! Cheers, Lee
  10. Hi Andy, Not to make one, but to see if a hub is out there in 5x114.3 where bearing size and /or spline dimensions are in the ballpark. I doubt Lotus built their own CV joint and the bearing is readily available. Thanks, Lee
  11. Thanks guys. I checked with one of the local machine shops and they are water jet cutting them. just a few years ago no one in the area had the capability. we are typically in an area which is a 'Black Hole' of fabrication. I will update when it comes together. Cheers! Lee
  12. Bump, Still looking for a manifold flange source and hopefully transitions to round pipe (1.5") Any help is greatly appreciated. Lee
  13. I'm looking for 1) used stock Rochester injector to get the car going. I will spec out and experiment with high impedance injectors soon. Thanks, Lee
  14. My '85 has been off the road for 5 years. Fortunately, I'm able to drive the '89 as a daily. I've had the '85 since 1993 and have done many mods in the past. It's time for the '85 to be out on the back roads again. I am trying to source SS exhaust manifold flanges to build a rather unorthodox exhaust manifold. Transitions would be a huge bonus. Please let me know if anyone has these. Keep in mind I'm in New York State... The '89 has received many mods which have proven beneficial; most are updated versions of tried and proven mods on the '85. The following will be addressed in order of difficulty: - Radical, equal length SS turbo manifold - Elimination of the plenum to ensure precisely equal air flow. May incorporate water to air intercooling. - Reversed coolant flow with electric water pump / controller. (the '89 has this) - Coil on plug (did this mod today on the '89) I appreciate any help on sourcing the flanges and transitions. It's good to be back... Lee
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