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  1. I try to do the same thing in NY as late as possible. W/ a good single malt scotch!
  2. Jan/Clay, What is your total ignition advance, and how much of it is static and how much dynamic? C'mon Jan, give up the dyno figures; don't be a tease!! Clay, I think we need to know the shoe size. If big, then it is heavy, therefore more power is liberated @ a faster rate Wayne, I never considered it, but why would they want to have two different sizes on that engine? @ high RPM WOT there would be less power from 4 of the cylinders and vice-versa
  3. Certainly would be a boon to all carbed turbo owners! I can't think of another mod that would be so inexpensive and yield such magnificent results. I do agree w/ Wayne again concerning the precipitation of fuel @ lower engine speeds, but it still seems like it may be worthwhile. Besides how many of us really put around all the time @ low speed? Anything over 2000-2500 RPM should still be Ok AFR wise. I can't wait for further results!
  4. Exactly Wayne! That was my thought, especially w/ the air being 'blown' into the plenum @ such a radical 180 degree angle. Who knows what is really going on inside there! There must be a great deal of turbulence, and as long as it gets straightened a bit by use of the short trumpets, it must reduce the restriction.
  5. Jan, I am very interested in your results. How did you arrive @ the decision to reduce the length of the intake trumpets? I agree w/ Hilly, that the improvement shouldn't necessarily be over the entire RPM range. I can see how the shorter trumpets may reduce the restriction @ high rpm, as they aren't blocking as much flow from the sides. I am also wondering why you only have 19 degrees total advance, or is that w/o initial advance? I'm running 32 degrees total. 12 @ idle, and 20 more @ 3000 rpm. Do you have AFR data from a wideband 02 sensor? I'm curious to see your AFR @ WOT. Do you have the dyno run slips to compare? That is such a huge increase for so few $$ that one would be stupid not to do the conversion. All else being equal of course. Thanks for the info! Lee
  6. Yup, that's what I mean. A real weird problem. Glad it's not just me goin' nuts! Si, cool avatar!!
  7. Actually thought this would be a 'spicy' topic . I suppose if it is limited to food, I would have to say CHICKEN WINGS!! Crispy, w/plenty of Hot sauce!
  8. I've just deleted many messages, but I'm told that I still have 17 when in fact I only have 10 or less, and that my folder is @ 170% full. What am I doing wrong?? Lee
  9. Be sure to do your homework on oil feed orifices! You may be wasting oil pressure, and risking oil seal compromise, in some cases, when the opening is too large. You may be surprised how small they can be depending on the type of turbo bearing. Lee
  10. I just made this one my desktop background. What an excellent picture!!
  11. Malc/Bibs, I just noticed this, so I figure I'm way too late. Are all the parts gone, and is it now totally impossible to obtain leftovers here in the US? Thanks, Lee
  12. Wayne, Great pic of the M1! Those are fantastic cars. Lee
  13. For a bit different stripe arrangement I included the following: My idea was to incorporate the original vintage Lotus racing colors of the late 60's. The painter actually came up w/ the stripe arrangement.
  14. Simon, Best of luck w/ your endeavor! Nothing like that feeling. Tony/Bigsi, You are very lucky guys! Si, That's a great pic of your wife w/ the wee one. Phil, What can I say, you ole' sheepdog you!
  15. Yeah, the seats are different because of concern for the passenger ingress/egress, however, it still is a fixed seat and I will tilt it back some. Can't remember, but both seats were lighter than any comparable seat and WAY less $$$. Around here they wanted $700.00 to recover 1 seat!!!!. That's about what I paid for 2 MOMO seats!!! Andy, you're right, padding is for wienies! Lee
  16. This is my passenger seat: This is my driver's seat: Mine however is black, and my old style was bottom instead of side mount. These are full race seats with 5th strap hole and are FIA approved. To check out the website go to ltbmotorsports. Lee
  17. I have 2 MOMO seats. driver side is a race seat, pass side is cut more like a standard seat. I am trying to locate pics. Lee
  18. Yes, more cool dense air will provide more oxygen, but you must add proportionally more fuel along w/it. I've not done it myself. Mine is still non-chargecooled; however, the carb jetting should probably be addressed. I believe there are posts relating to chargecooling carbed cars. If fitting one, I would strongly suggest using a air/fuel ratio meter w/ a wideband O2 sensor to make decisions on jetting.
  19. Are the carbon binnacle 'covers'/structure available? Thanks, Lee
  20. I wonder how large the jets would have to be in a carbed G-car to achieve a reasonable driveability? Would all jets be upsized proportionally? This assumes that metals and hoses etc. could be made compatible. Any ideas? Thanks, Lee
  21. Does anyone see any resemblance between the Elan M100 and the Mercury Capri?? Surely there can't be that much, but I've never seen them side by side. Anyone have similar pics of both or just a waste of time? If waste of time, delete this sucker!
  22. I like the idea of a good single malt scotch, box of matches AND a 9mm. You could hunt down some roadside game, build a fire and drink (or cook), whatever you bag, w/ the scotch! All the while waiting for a tow. Seriously, keep a jack, lug wrench and enough sockets/wrenches to tighten front brake rotors to the hubs when they loosen despite proper torque AND lock washers. Better yet, pull them before driving, clean, loctite and torque them. I've just had this happen to me last week w/ none of the above items and it sucked! Fortunately, my friend who has an S2 drove an hour to help me.
  23. Hey Bibs, The creature in your pic of NYC looks really familiar! Doesn't he remind you of someone? Maybe his name starts w/ a 'T'????
  24. A friend is DTA injecting/chargecooling/turbocharging his S2. He's using the original A/C condenser. It is not finished yet, so there is no data to support it's effectiveness. He will have a sensor for incoming and outgoing air temps from the chargecooler when it is up and running. Lee
  25. Gotta do it! Even for the Historic races early in the season. Not a huge crowd and you can walk/drive anywhere inside/outside the track. Pit stand, service garage to see the cars,etc. They let you take three laps around @ lunch time for $15 not a huge amount, but fun to be on the track! I'm hoping Lotus will be the featured marque one of these years @ the Vintage races as well. Lee
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