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  1. b69lotus


  2. Gavin I was looking at Part #12761. I thought is was closer to the original spec muffler.
  3. I was looking at replacing mine with a Magnaflow as well. Which one did you use Ken? I was going to try the 7" single in/dual out. What did you use for tips?
  4. Did you get your parts? I am interested to hear about the quality. Some of the pics and comments on the site look a little off...
  5. Charlie I just got the backing plate and lower plenum from SJ and is now fitted to my S1. Jim
  6. Has anyone got the paint code to match the gelcoat on thier S1? I need to either paint or respray the gelcoat on my rear valence. Thanks Jim
  7. Chris My Esprit is 108H and it came with the chrome Raydot mirrors on both sides. I hope this helps.... Jim
  8. Phil Material had all broken down and faded to a green color. I think I saw a thread about the material you need and I think Tony K had a source in the US. Jim
  9. I am looking for the lower airbox for Esprit S1. Does anyone want to part with their's? Thanks Jim
  10. Thanks for all the encouragement. I had the sewing done for me and I did the rest of the work. I still have to replace the timing belt. Lyn, I would like to ask you a couple of questions about your experience.... I am going to replace the foam bumpers with fibreglass copies of the originals. I can't attach any more pics to this thread but I can send via PM if you want to see engine. Jim
  11. The side mirrors from Caterham for the seven are made by Raydot and look like the original. Caterham USA have some in stock and I may get a pair as an alternative to the chrome originals.
  12. Pics of the interior I promised....
  13. Harry Do you have another one for me? Thanks Jim
  14. Bibs Please add me to the register 76120108H 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Jim Vandevoorde, Vancouver, BC, Canada Thanks Jim
  15. Thanks for the welcome I have rebuilt the Webers so I hope they will be suitable. One carb had been on fire and the aux venturis had melted off. These were replaced with new ones and I put them through an ultrasound cleaning to ensure they were clean. I am going to use a Pertronix kit and coil for the ignition. Lyn - I am going to keep it bone stock except for the interior. I have replaced the brown/ beige material with black/gray leather...Sorry, I hate brown. I have also replaced the plywood and carpet in the engine bay. I am hoping to change the timing belt and rebuild the water pu
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