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  1. Must admit one evora 400 I viewed (which had full alcantara) did have a faint smell of glue about it...
  2. Hi Holly. I sold it last year, the new owner lives in Manchester area. Sadly I don't think it's now going to be used as regularly as your father & I used it
  3. oh no, what a shock! I had the great pleasure of buying my 1st lotus from Edward (his v8 Esprit) he maintained that car to such a high standard, it ensured my first foray into lotus ownership was a good and positive one. Edward was always extremely welcoming, kind hearted, friendly, polite and very very knowledgeable- a true gentleman, even 9 years after first meeting him, we would exchange occasional emails etc Thinking of you and your family... Rest in peace Edward
  4. I ordered a new belt for my 400 from swlc a few weeks after lockdown (they were on back order) it arrived last month & was the regular serpentine belt.
  5. Do you still have the EGR system installed & functioning, or has it been blanked off?
  6. My wheels are finished in grey,
  7. Sometimes paints don't bond properly until they're fully dried & cured
  8. I think the better dealers,even if they're selling a car with aftermarket warranty they will offer additional assistance on top of that warranty - after all they want to hook you as a permanent customer.. Leven lotus hinted at this with my purchase but sadly geographic location would prevent this from happening considering I'm in Dorset and they're in Edinburgh
  9. Bought mine last may from leven lotus. Car was registered march 2016 & covered 7100 miles when I purchased.. The car came with an aftermarket warranty
  10. Christ Tom... That sounds like a right ordeal!! Luckily I managed to drive mine straight on
  11. Probably a rare sight of an evora
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