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    esprit V8 se / bmw bmw X5 4.6is / vw caddy highline / renault trafic sport / sea ray sportscruiser!
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  1. My theory was... If it managed to achieve 100,000 + plus miles, then it must be a good un'.!
  2. But pretty much every moving part rebuilt or replaced within the last 20,000 miles
  3. steve930


  4. Does this symptom occur every time you accelerate in higher gears, or is it sporadic ?
  5. So roughly twice the price of the one Chris Evans bought from him !
  6. Magnolia leather & carpets, but I changed the carpet to blue!
  7. Might be stretching the boundaries but I cut all the grass/tidy communal areas in our cul-de-sac It keeps it looking tidier than if we relied on our local council!
  8. Bit too far for me, but hope you guys have a great time & take plenty of pics
  9. Aside from all the apple shortfalls listed above, I just find their user interface BORING! at least with android the options for personalisation are endless
  10. Nice car, John, you just need to get yourself down to sports direct & buy suitable attire for when you drive it
  11. I need to make some tweaks to the engine in my boat, small block chevy, it's running way too rich at idle speed. Don't know if I'm computer literate enough to have a go myself though !
  12. Yep agreed, sounds like stat. Mine runs at 85 - 87℃ in average conditions
  13. There's another thread in this section where someone has used twin seals with success, all the relevant part no's are listed.. One of mine has started leaking so I'm gonna try this option
  14. steve930

    Fish Tanks

    In my early days, I came home to find the tank full of tiny white bugs that were swimming around. It turns out I was chronically overfeeding the fish, oops
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