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  1. Do you still have the EGR system installed & functioning, or has it been blanked off?
  2. My wheels are finished in grey,
  3. Sometimes paints don't bond properly until they're fully dried & cured
  4. I think the better dealers,even if they're selling a car with aftermarket warranty they will offer additional assistance on top of that warranty - after all they want to hook you as a permanent customer.. Leven lotus hinted at this with my purchase but sadly geographic location would prevent this from happening considering I'm in Dorset and they're in Edinburgh
  5. Bought mine last may from leven lotus. Car was registered march 2016 & covered 7100 miles when I purchased.. The car came with an aftermarket warranty
  6. Christ Tom... That sounds like a right ordeal!! Luckily I managed to drive mine straight on
  7. Probably a rare sight of an evora
  8. Ah ok I was looking at the 0/40
  9. Just gone to order some engine oil.. Petronas syntium 7000 and everywhere is saying that its discontinued!! What oil is recommended to be used instead??.
  10. Quick update.. The leak is coming from the driveshaft oil seal.. Parts now ordered
  11. Small update, After searching for the oil leak the other day, I cleaned the oil off the garage floor before putting the car away. I noticed today the garage floor was still bone dry, so ok I started the engine & let it run for 50mins (upto temp etc). Garage floor still bone dry!!! I then drove the car around the block (could smell oil burning after about a mile) get home put the car back into the garage, check 10mins later and the floor is covered in oil.!! I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually the gearbox leaking. But the oil doesn't seem to smell like gear oil!! All very odd...
  12. Got a call recorder app on my phone..
  13. I think either myself or the garage can communicate with the insurer.. I hadn't thought about taking it further afield.. Not a bad idea Whatever happens it will be leaving my house on the back of an aa lorry
  14. When I bought the car from leven group it came with 12 month warranty (aftermarket not lotus) Spoke to westover (now Hendy) this afternoon... They were quite cagey/non committal when I questioned them about the warranty aspect.. Essentially Hendy are closing their doors today, so they have my details & will get in touch once they re-open for business (whenever that may be!) and I can then get the car over to them.. Let's just hope I don't have too much of a battle over this... Its not clever on a car that's only covered 8500 miles!!
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