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  1. On the launch year of the 400 lotus used an alloy tank with alloy lid.. I guess they changed to plastic for cost cutting!
  2. Another vote for diykitchens. Com. Used them loads of times, good quality carcasses, fittings and the doors & trim are made by pws - which is one of the best out there
  3. Must admit one evora 400 I viewed (which had full alcantara) did have a faint smell of glue about it...
  4. Hi Holly. I sold it last year, the new owner lives in Manchester area. Sadly I don't think it's now going to be used as regularly as your father & I used it
  5. oh no, what a shock! I had the great pleasure of buying my 1st lotus from Edward (his v8 Esprit) he maintained that car to such a high standard, it ensured my first foray into lotus ownership was a good and positive one. Edward was always extremely welcoming, kind hearted, friendly, polite and very very knowledgeable- a true gentleman, even 9 years after first meeting him, we would exchange occasional emails etc Thinking of you and your family... Rest in peace Edward
  6. I ordered a new belt for my 400 from swlc a few weeks after lockdown (they were on back order) it arrived last month & was the regular serpentine belt.
  7. Do you still have the EGR system installed & functioning, or has it been blanked off?
  8. My wheels are finished in grey,
  9. Sometimes paints don't bond properly until they're fully dried & cured
  10. I think the better dealers,even if they're selling a car with aftermarket warranty they will offer additional assistance on top of that warranty - after all they want to hook you as a permanent customer.. Leven lotus hinted at this with my purchase but sadly geographic location would prevent this from happening considering I'm in Dorset and they're in Edinburgh 😅
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