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  1. I have these for sale.... Offers.. They're genuine lotus
  2. I used a no:4 screw, so it's tiny hole.. Had the car sideways 6 or 7 times driving home last Sunday, still got dry carpets
  3. Need to get closer pic, but screwed mine to the tunnel
  4. Hi Edward... Hope you're keeping well
  5. Yes approx 112,000 miles before rebuild..... Reason for rebuild - worn main Bearings
  6. What a shame, let's hope things improve
  7. steve930


    Was that the one from snow's?
  8. Brown tyres by the looks of it
  9. My wheels are grey..... So a good compromise
  10. I like the diamond cut edge too, I'm not a fan of seeing black wheels against tyres (makes the tyre look brown) so the diamond edge takes your eye away from this. but it's hard to notice stone chips in the clear laquer.... And then the unsightly corrosion which follows.
  11. When I bought my evora 2 months ago, it was shipped from leven lotus in Edinburgh to weymouth (South Coast) Leven used a company called aic transport, the cost was £450.00. This was on an open transporter.. Everything was trouble free & the transporter driver was a pleasure to deal with
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