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  1. steve930


    Changing mine every 1-2 weeks
  2. steve930


    Thank you, Yes I'm also using bakery & biscuit flavours day & nighttime but having an occasional vape on something fruity too. I tried the lemon trick... Obviously not very pleasant but it helped slightly.... Ultimately I think i need to do the same as you and increase the number of flavours to alternate
  3. steve930


    So, finally been completely off the fags for 5 weeks now.. Been using 0mg juices, so nicotine free for 5 weeks too.. I keep losing the taste of my everyday fluid after several days, so I'm using 2 different (all day) fluids which I alternate every 3-4 days... Which helps to a certain degree... Someone suggested rinsing my mouth with lemon juice to reset my taste buds.. What other solutions are there and what are you guys & girls doing??
  4. What removing all the cushions, or do you have something more involved in mind?
  5. Thanks everyone... I'm just glad all the parts fit... I guess lotus never offered it as an option on the 400?? , I certainly didn't see any used cars on the market with it fitted and its not listed on the de-roure parts drawings.. Until all the bits arrived I was using a towel rolled up & covered in black tape... Hardly pretty but it worked
  6. Cut the leather, glue and fold back All done.... Had to enlarge the hole.... Gear lever was stopping me from moving the console far enough backwards to slide over arm All back together
  7. Need to cut slot to allow hinged arm up through Trusty multi tool
  8. Centre console stripped down Luckily the threaded nut serts are still installed on chassis, so simply a case of bolting down triangular base plate, used some thread lock on bolts
  9. So when searching for a 400 evora I quickly noticed they don't have a centre armrest like the s1 cars. Coming from an esprit it's nice to have somewhere to rest your arm!! So I thought I'd take a chance, went on de-roure website & ordered all the components for the s1 cars. I'm pleased to say it all fits & works Parts ordered, plus screws which aren't in pic
  10. The engine achieved over 100k (miles) before the rebuild.. (original Bearings) Then as you suggest they were replaced.... During the rebuild
  11. My car amassed over 100k miles on original I. S. Bearings... It was a 99 model year, so I guess the revised Bearings
  12. Hmm. Maybe I could be opening a can of worms! If I start getting people to look at the adjustment
  13. Mine won't do that, so wondering if I might have a slave or master cylinder issue
  14. This is great, thanks for all the input so far on everything Regarding selecting reverse... More often than not it won't go straight in reverse.... I'm having to: Release Clutch pedal Depress clutch pedal /select forward gear Come back to neutral Release clutch Depress clutch, then finally Engage reverse
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