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  1. I think the blue will work well & hide the dirt a bit more As far as i'm aware the bulkhead bolts should be underneath the sound deadening, mine certainly were and pictures of other cars i've seen have also been underneath. P.S. sorry to hear about the engine
  2. very nice indeed. I'm not jealous i've got an astra van to drive 5 days a week
  3. After 12 years of general use and sun fading, i felt that the carpets are starting to look a little tired and no longer compliment the colour of the seats. After much deliberation and looking at swatchesi have decided to change the colour to a more practical dark blue. The carpet i have sourced is nearly a perfect match for the azure blue paintwork & piping on the seats. The carpet will be arriving tomorrow, so i spent this afternoon removing the old carpet (pig of a job). I will use the old sections of carpet for templates when cutting the new from the roll, My mother who is a retired upholsterer will be sewing all the leathercloth onto the new sections of carpet, then its back over to me for refitting Whilst i have good access to the bulkhead i cut down the spacers on the bolts/retightened and tightened up any others that were loose. Lets hope it stops the only creak/rattle i have in the car!! Will post more pics as work progresses
  4. It looks like it was a good day, i'm gutted i couldn't make it still next year though.
  5. definatley a case of you get what you pay for! Nowadays i only use consumables from companies like 3M or wurth etc, it works out cheaper in the long run
  6. I Agree with everything said above. I have recently purchased a 1999 V8 with 121,000 miles, the previous owner used the car as daily transport! Upon scanning the vast wad of history I believe the car has only broken down twice. The only things my car has regulary gone through is a handful of turbos (seized wastegates beyond repair) oxygen sensors/cats. On the whole their has been very little repair work carried out between scheduled services. The engine was replaced at 30,000 miles by lotus f.o.c. and the current engine has just been rebuilt, so the engine did have a lifespan of approx 85-90,000 miles. The gearbox in the car is original/untouched, and is still in good order. For the last 17 years i've owned various porsches and they've not been any more reliable than the later esprits! One upgrade worth carrying out on a V8 is fitting a triple core radiator, which does help them run cooler in heavy traffic, its not essential, but does give more peace of mind, its quite a common upgrade so chances are you may get a car with one already fitted. Another thing that helps is to blow collected debris away from the radiator periodically with an air gun.
  7. will be there if i can alter some previous plans, will confirm tomorrow.
  8. Am i right in saying you have to be a club lotus member to attend this event? I've only just noticed/read this thread
  9. have now got lower exhaust valance still looking for last edition rear panel/lights please.
  10. thanks for the suggestions guys, i didn't even think of light diffusers, I will go on a hunt tomorrow I don't think it harms not being moulded because the perspex has bent to the slightly convex shape of the backing plate and being a thinner profile they now sit flush with the face of the bumper, which i think looks better than before.
  11. I have now bought some more perspex and will re-make with straighter score lines and tidy up the edging where they are bonded to the back plate, They look good colourwise compared to the sidelights on the front of the car
  12. My car has the federal bumpers fitted, with marker lights. I want to do a clear indicator conversion, but after trawling the net i've been unable to get the orange marker lights in clear. Seeing as there wasn't much on tv tonight i thought id experiment with some clear perspex sheeet. Seeing as the orange lenses are quite flat and rectangular, i thought it might be possible to cut out new lenses and bond them to the backings of the originals. I think the finished item looks ok, and where the perspex i used was slightly thinner, the lenses now sit nearly flush with the bumper, instead of protruding by 10mm or so. I forgot to take step by step pics, but i have taken some. Honest opinions are welcome
  13. Have now got the silencer, Thanks Mike-S Still need the other bits though please
  14. The crests are sewn in, done at the factory they did a fantastic job jammy-pop/iconic ride. I have got a fed spec central exhaust on its way If it looks visually good with the toyota lights then i will keep the lights, if not then will change to 2002 spec lights. The other thing is my first car at 17 was a corolla AE86!!! If only back then i knew what they'd be worth today,
  15. May be worth putting a few gallons of fresh fuel in the tank to dilute the old fuel, or if there's a fair amount of fuel in the tanks & it smells really stale, then syphon the tanks & put in fresh fuel.
  16. not totally sure about the lights, but one car i viewed before buying this one had the federal exhaust and it sounded a bit more like a v8! . All the cars i've owned for the last 15+ years have been either 5,6 or 8 cylinder . i don't really like the sound of the esprit as is (sounds too much like a 4 cylinder!)
  17. Hello. I'm still after the parts
  18. Managed to sort some faults on the car, this last few evenings passenger side window not always winding down. I traced the fault to a broken wire in the harness betwen the door & the A pillar. I removed glove box/dash assy and ran a new wire from where the door loom plugs into rest of loom right back to the window motor inside the door. I joined the new wire with solder & used heat shrink tube to insulate it. Problem sorted Tweeter in drivers door wouldn't work with door open, The fault and solution were the same as above. Forgot to take pics though! removed old nokia hands free phone kit Fitted new stereo and external amplifier When driving the car there was an annoying creek eminating from behind the steering wheel, which as suspected was the upper steering shaft bearing was very worn, so i removed wheel/switchgear ignition lock from the car and drove out/fitted a new bearing. No more creaking I did remember to take some pics.
  19. Hi edward, glad to see you've started to make some more progress on the europa.
  20. hi john. Damn localised rain is a pest I think apart from brakes and ported & flowed cylinder heads the car is standard
  21. love those wheels the company is A.Manning UK, they specialize in porsche/tvr policies (had my 911 turbo insured with them) got them to quote on esprit out of interest & they were cheaper by £40 than lotus brokers, with the bonus of track cover. The excess increases to 10% of the vehicles insured value whilst doing trackdays, otherwise its £200.
  22. hey jammy-pop, what wheels have you got on your car? Managed to get my cherished number on the car today, so T345JCL is now residing in cyber space! Also sorted insurance 3000miles, protected no claims, trackday cover (club approved trackdays) Premium =£345.00
  23. LOL. Bibs i hope thats not the exhaust you can get 10% discount on!
  24. kimbers your bang on the money. The car was ex lotus staff or directors. Weirdly they fitted federal spec bumpers to it!
  25. thank you for the comments so far guys. I put the car on my brothers ramp yesterday afternoon & all she'll need underneath is all the steel brake lines changing, they're all nearly at MOT failure stage . The PAS pipes, air con pipes were a bit scabby too but i have lightly wire brushed them & coated with grease for preservation. Its just typical of a car thats been used daily for the last 11 years p.s. does anyone know what car the running lights on the sides of the bumpers came from??
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