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  1. thank you for the comments so far guys. I put the car on my brothers ramp yesterday afternoon & all she'll need underneath is all the steel brake lines changing, they're all nearly at MOT failure stage . The PAS pipes, air con pipes were a bit scabby too but i have lightly wire brushed them & coated with grease for preservation. Its just typical of a car thats been used daily for the last 11 years p.s. does anyone know what car the running lights on the sides of the bumpers came from??
  2. thank you guys, the wing is staying
  3. At last after 6 months of looking i'm the proud owner of a 1999 V8 se , lovely car in lovely condition & a credit to its former owner ]
  4. yes mate, will post pics etc later. Will try good s/h route first, if no luck then i'll take you up on that offer thank you. My bank account has taken a hammering with fuel costs,hpi checks,motorway food etc this last couple of weeks!
  5. Hi everyone, as the title says i'm after a federal spec (centre outlet) exhaust silencer for a V8 esprit please I am also after the centre valance which the exhaust exits from Finally i also want a 2002 on rear light panel with lights please Please p.m. me or call: 07879 276 372 Thank you.
  6. thank you . Sheffield here we come, really looking forward to the journey
  7. Just a quick update. The deal on this car has fallen through, mainly due to major mechanical work being carried out by garages of an unknown quantity, That is not to discredit general garages, i know of a couple local to me that i would entrust any of my cars with. Its not a risk i'm prepared to take on a car like this with the agreed purchase price we had. UKSC had very kindly offered me one of their wonderful 24 month warrantees on the car but i declined ! I have now found another car to look at which sounds very promising, so hopefully third time lucky P.S. thank you everyone for your info and views .
  8. thanks for that, i came across the videos etc whilst searching last night. seeing as the car is no longer standard i wouldn't feel so bad about making a few more alterations, ie chargecoolers etc
  9. i'm located down in sleepy dorset, bit of a pain when buying cars as most are london and northwards!
  10. Hi guys i have looked at and agreed to buy this car (for much less than asking price). and left a deposit. . I'm well aware the car was a press car, but anymore feedback from you guys about this car & whether its a good buy would be greatly appreciated. I'm due to collect the car late next week, so its not too late if there are any horror stories. Please PM me if you would prefer discretion. P.S. i can't wait till next week if all goes well PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR PICTURE My link
  11. I've decided not to go ahead with this car. But i have bought another one (please see new thread). thank you for help and input on this thread.
  12. Ok thank you for that. The number i was trying was 01953 608247, mean't to be the archives number?
  13. No its not that car, but strangely enough the car in question is also green! . I tried phoning the factory all day thursday.
  14. I've been trying to phone the archive dept at lotus all day, but no answer!! The car comes up clean on HPI checks etc.
  15. there's no paperwork in the history to confirm this!
  16. Hi guys, this is my first post although i've been regestered for several months now, great forum with lots of info. I am looking to buy a V8 esprit & viewed a car today, which condition/mileage etc are all excelent however the vendor states that the car was originally owned by lotus factory & was LHD. The car was allegedly taken back to lotus factory several years later and converted to RHD and had the later style dashboard/instrument pod fitted all at the same time. My question being does this sound like a likely scenario?? I thought i would ask on here before contacting lotus. Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers, steve.
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