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  1. Can't be too harsh on him though, he's bibs secret dad ?
  2. This is the first correspondence I've had from vw, where the queens appointment logo is also used ? ?
  3. well it appears my van is affected ! The letter is now taking residence in my shredder
  4. That is one sharp looking car, well done patience does pay off!
  5. I wanted to but sadly I'm busy tomorrow Double bump
  6. Unless it can be made law ( which obviously ain't gonna happen ) I'm guessing vw are either going to tug at the heart strings of the environmentally conscious owners, Another nastier approach from vw might be to void warranties on the cars that owners don't return for the modifications
  7. well they won't be getting my caddy van back if I can help it! I bought the 140 bhp version purely for performance and nothing else
  8. I think Daniel has an earlier G car with glass tailgate so his engine cover won't get wet, unlike ours. So i don't think flocking is viable
  9. Sadly i can't blame him, that area of Bournemouth is a total pain to get at from all directions! Not helped by the building of the castlepoint shopping centre . I'd hate that as a daily commute. Dammit! It's gonna cost me more money each time I visit, if the Mrs takes me she's gonna want to go to the bloody shopping centre
  10. Crikey, didn't know they were moving! Whilst now closer its a pain in the a*se traffic wise to get there
  11. I've a friend with a monaro ( UK version ) if you get stuck
  12. that was very helpful of the dealer Dave. I bought a BMW m3 for the mrs several years ago, like your evora it had fmdsh i spoke to the relevant dealers and our local dealer, none of them were interested in reproducing all the old receipts!
  13. I just renewed my home insurance and a fresh quote from the same company was £80.00 cheaper than the renewal quote ¡ I've changed companies though nevertheless, if they can't be loyal to us then why should we reciprocate, scumbags ?
  14. I fully agree with you Dave, but weirdly there seems to be plenty of people out there who just don't seem bothered, or they think the stamp in the book is the only important thing! , I've even come across plenty of people who see receipts as useless info IE they don't care if a belt or water pump etc was changed 15 years ago because it'll probably have been changed
  15. I've just sold one of my vans. I gave the new owner the stamped service book, but no receipts, why? All the receipts are buried in the last 5 years worth of my business accounts, which I'll have to spend forever trawling through to retrieve them! . I gave the new owner the option of me sending them onto him but he wasn't bothered. my point being, there isn't always something odd going on regarding a lack of receipts. I appreciate its a van & not a lotus ( for which my esprit has 2x A4 folders of receipts ) but the point remains the same
  16. There was also Honda's involvement with triumph & rover producing several generic cars
  17. Thanks for sharing the info Dan, one of my seals has just started leaking again. My gearbox has now covered 130,000 miles so inevitably there is wear on the shafts. I tried the twin seal method on an old lawnmower engine once with success, so I had wondered if I could do the same on the car!
  18. couldn't agree more about the cambelt, all my vehicles get a new one every 4 years I was referring to fluid changes specifically .
  19. Assuming I don't go over the lotus mileage threshold, I have mine serviced every other year . I use my car every week with the shortest journey being about 15 miles on national speed limit roads, suffice to say, all fluids in my car get up to operating temperature regularly so I don't believe the fluids in my car will be carrying a high moisture content etc. I dounderstand concerns with the usual garage queen type cars though! Maybe I'm in the wrong though?
  20. ah knew it was one of them , just like cars, van snobbery islive and well with vw & merc being the elite. I feel sorry for all the citan owners who think they've boughtan actual Mercedes
  21. I've got a feeling the Mercedes citan is shared with someone else, possibly fiat ? can't remember
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