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  1. I'm guessing examining the belt under a microscope would tell a different story to what can be seen by the naked eye. It would be interesting to put both new and old belts on some kind of stress test rig & observe the results
  2. I've also seen the pic! It's on here somewhere, so maybe have a search. I think the standard box pipes outlet into the box & the sports exhaust crosses over with perforations in the tubes
  3. How old is the focus ?Some of the newer canbus Vehicles need the relevant ecu Control module being told the caliper pistons are gonna be pushed in before you actually manually do it,otherwise it causes all sorts of problems. Especially if the car has electronic handbrake
  4. Yeah should work,assuming there's no expansion tank.Any air should travel into header tank via your red line.
  5. Ormaybe hit the scrap yards and hunt for 5,7seriesor x5 bmw, they've got huge fuse panels!
  6. I'm guessinhaving aclear runSaturday daytime in your neck of the woods might be an issue though!
  7. Really silly comment Iknow, but there's definitely no air in the system? I can refill my system,bleed it several times, let the thermostat cycle.Several times, all seems Ok. Then drive up the road &have issues. I obviously still have some residual air in the system,but after along drive it seems to sort itself out &everything isfine again!! Sorry about the punctuation,my phone hasdone an update and something weird isgoing on !!!
  8. You could run a higher amperage alternator, charging two batteries ? You could have a word with my brother, he'd soon suss out the largest unit you could fit in there Sorry can't seem to make it a live link on my phone!
  9. M My friends have suggested in the past, that she wears more fast & furious style clothing whilst working on cars
  10. Against the white, I felt the wheels/tyres looked a bit heavy, but now you've done the lettering it breaks it up and looks absolutely spot on
  11. Crikey, lotus doing a bit of PR whatever next !
  12. So how many of you have wives or girlfriends who like to get their hands oily ? If so what jobs have they done, post pics if you have any Mine spent a large amount of her childhood living with her grandparents, her grandad is into stationary engines & vintage tractors so she's always been a bit of a tomboy! She has changed brake pads/discs on numerous vehicles, stripped out various interiors, assembled several engines under my supervision, stripped/rebuilt carbs etc etc I did have several pics of her in action but lost them when an old mobile phone died ! but here's a recent one of her changing the crankcase breather system diaphram on our x5
  13. Yeah I can appreciate she's always gonna be " work/mods in progress" , So what part of Dorset are you in ?
  14. That's great news, hopefully being in Holland the weekend should go quickly then it'll be time for in a good way !
  15. Looking really good Rob, how long til you're back on the road ?
  16. On his radio show he did mention loads of people tweeting that guy Martin should be involved
  17. Good thinking Geert, I'll check that next time I'm down there.
  18. I just changed all the interior light bulbs on my boat to led's, they're just normal 21w automotive tail light/signal bulbs. Out of the seven in total only four of them are working, led's that is. It's not faulty led's , and all the light unit's have 13+ V supply to them so god only knows what's going on! When I get some time I'll investigate further
  19. truth be told, i like all the spoilers except s4 I do agree that the s4s style has the best natural lines. I thought (until advantage provided all the info) that for the 98 MY they revised the dash but retained earlier spoiler options & the 99 MY saw the introduction of the se/gt models with the respective spoiler/transom options In reality with so few cars coming to market you may struggle to find your ideal combo. I'd always wanted a black V8, missed out on one due to lack of time to view the car, spent another year hunting, gave up and widened my choices and ended up with a blue one!! No regrets though
  20. Yeah it's a lot of work but may help with hot air escaping from the rad. I'd love a clamshell, it'll make life sooo much easier. I think someone on hear has already done it
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