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  1. All looking good. Just another thought, what about doing something Elise style with the front bonnet ?
  2. I'd like to get rid of my Saturn's, but the chances of finding a decent set of futuras or nova, Is pretty slim so I may go down the route of getting something from image wheels. As for the spoiler, the later style is best ! 1) it looks awesome 2) has good rear visibility 3) easier to open/close tailgate 4) easier to clamber into the boot when working on the engine
  3. So do gto sell exchange built transaxles, or do they just sell the internals ?
  4. Graham I'm guessing your spoiler was a retro fit, as you've got the gt extended transom spoiler. Lovely looking car and I'm glad you're enjoying her.
  5. Hi Phil, yes I've certainly seen two new dash v8's with the earlier fixed spoiler. I've not seen/noticed any with the oz futuras though, but I think they were an optional extra though.
  6. Sounds like a good system Alan, Many thanks in advance i'm sure it'll be of great benefit to all of us
  7. Ok I can see your theory, but I'll let you try it in practice
  8. Sorry Ian I didn't realise you were talking theoretically. What I don't understand though is by swapping the caps, the now pressurised expansion tank can only vent pressure/coolant either to atmosphere or back into the header tank??
  9. My knowledge is limited, so I'm responding in a inquisitive manner. My understanding is that the header tank has to be at the highest point of the cooling system & the expansion tank under the wheel arch isn't the highest point. The expansion tank is only plumbed to the header tank via a small diameter hose & not to the rest of the cooling system. The expansion bottle also has an overflow hose which drains to the floor. I'm assuming when the cooling system has its correct amount of coolant ( with the expansion bottle empty ) under extreme pressure the expansion vessel fills with coolant & then siphoned back when the coolant cools
  10. Ok Ian, I'm guessing our systems are slightly different. If not from my limited knowledge I would have expected by swapping the caps I'd end up losing coolant of a period of time
  11. Ian, if your system is the same as the v8 ( which it sounds like ) using the Peugeot sourced header tank, then I have the pressure cap on the header tank with thin rubber washer in the top of the lid and the blanking cap on the expansion bottle in the wheel arch. The system works fine with no leaks. I'd imagine if you swapped the caps over you'd have problems. Seeing as the cooling system is meant to run at a set pressure. When the pressure is exceeded the coolant needs to be able to escape and then replenish itself when cool enough. Swapping the caps with each other would stop that process from happening.
  12. <p>That's great thanks Alan.&nbsp;<img alt=":thumbsup:" class="bbc_emoticon" src=""title=":thumbsup:" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I'll be giving them a call when work calms down a bit !&nbsp;</p>
  13. Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I'm sure I read on here that Mike sekinger ( who's rebuilt quite a few of these engines ) discovered that on some engines the crank main bearing journals weren't perfectly in line with each other, causing premature main bearing wear.
  14. But then life would be boring & I wouldn't have a valid excuse for spending hours in my garage avoiding the Mrs . Hell she'd probably want to drag me out shopping and stuff like that
  15. Ok thanks Alan, there's no harm in asking them. I've not had much luck with windscreen companies over the years, so I'm keen to have someone competent do the job, if that means me driving to sj's to collect the glass then so be it.
  16. Most likely, can't speak for the early cars but the Steven's have alloy tubes which pass through the chassis.
  17. Mmm wonder if they'd travel to Dorset. My screen has graunch marks from where the wiper arm fouled it due to worn bushes ( now repaired) it's starting to delaminate in the corners & has 120,000+ miles of gravel rash ! So it does let down an otherwise concours condition car !
  18. looking really good alan, fingers crossed for friday p.s. who fitted the windscreen ? was it new or did your old one survive the accident ?
  19. Proper job it's good to here it's all sorted As you say, rock auto are brilliant. I've bought shed loads from them over the years.
  20. I kinda ran over myself bump starting my old Porsche 911 turbo, the rear wheels/arches protrude from the side of the car a fair bit and they caught the back of my leg sending me flying to the ground. I then had to get up off the floor and chase after the car before it crashed into anything. Luckily no-one saw this.
  21. I believe the engine needs to initially crank before the ecu recognises what you're asking it to do.
  22. Looks like it's gonna be a nice car when done . At least with black one's it negates the argument over whether the bumpers should be body coloured or not
  23. I had a long line of astra vans, which Vauxhall discontinued couple years ago, I think their combo van is butt ugly and I don't much like any of the French offerings. So other than the caddy theirs not anything else. So I took the plunge and bought the top of the range 2.0l caddy highline ! Bloody expensive as you say though !
  24. Transits are weird like that, I know of a mixture of them locally all similar age yet as you say some rust free yet others rusted to the core!
  25. There's non left that old, they've definitely all rusted out along with the vitos
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