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  1. oh no, what a shock! 

    I had the great pleasure of buying my 1st lotus from Edward (his v8 Esprit)  he maintained that car to such a high standard, it ensured my first foray into lotus ownership was a good and positive one. 

    Edward was always extremely welcoming, kind hearted, friendly, polite and very very knowledgeable- a true gentleman, even 9 years after first meeting him, we would exchange occasional emails etc

    Thinking of you and your family...  Rest in peace Edward 


  2. Small update, 

    After searching for the oil leak the other day, I cleaned the oil off the garage floor before putting the car away.

    I noticed today the garage floor was still bone dry, so ok I started the engine & let it run for 50mins (upto temp etc).    Garage floor still bone dry!!! 

    I then drove the car around the block (could smell oil burning after about a mile) get home put the car back into the garage, check 10mins later and the floor is covered in oil.!! 

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually the gearbox leaking. But the oil doesn't seem to smell like gear oil!! 

    All very odd... 

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