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  1. Just looking at the picture above, it would be interesting to know which cars have single support rear louvres and when the change happened. This being a late dry sump has 2 supports. let me know!
  2. Looks great and would look great paired with Fabian’s car
  3. pehaps it was @The Pits, it also mentions Lotus World Magazine would be worthwhile tracking down which one..!
  4. That is perfection @The Pits
  5. They look fine polished, as long as the bolts are black... great work @LOTUSMAN33
  6. Nice early picture of #1108 with its customer specced Essex stripes @The Pits
  7. I’m sure you will all find this interesting. This is a link to an Australian auction house that sold the very early chassis #939 in 2016. This was built in the middle of the Essex cars. I drove this car back in 2010 when Paul Steinberg owned it. It was the first one I saw in the flesh that looked like the autoart model and it was something else from the outside. Note the federal style reflectors that I never understood. These were on the car since new. You can see inside the red leather has been taken out and re-trimmed in black, ash trays are missing and handbrake re-done incorrectly along with quite a few other things. Still has its Panasonic roof stereo. Engine is now an HC engine. It had a roll cage at some point as it competed in the Targa Tasmania tarmac rally in the 2000s. Would have been a good buy nonetheless in 2016 for £15,000. A very important car - just needed a few things rectified, mainly the interior.
  8. @JNW3 this is remarkable information and thanks for sharing. I may add a bit of this to the database. It seems to be in line with everything that has been discussed and maybe sheds a bit more light on the early multiple V8 development cars. Cheers, Lex
  9. Anyone know this one? was originally red, now copper fire,
  10. I would love to retrace Bond’s steps in Corfu en route to Villa Sylva in 1980
  11. it would appear so! How on earth did you lay your hands on that so quickly! Of course we now now that this car did not appear in the film - but that would be a can of worms - that has been discussed at length
  12. Did we ever find a chassis number for this one?
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