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  1. It’s so beautiful as it is . If you do the white Turbo then you won’t have to worry about skis. You’ll just need the Tasco 7800 binoculars.
  2. Hi Phil, We would love to see some photos of you are lucky enough to lay your hands on them. There are not that many from period, so any that do pop are are an absolute delight. cheers, Lex.
  3. I agree it needs Compomotive wheels. It's a late dry sump that one, hence the BBS.
  4. @Tocus this car hasn't been sighted as far as I'm aware, it definitely would be one for you. There was also Export RHD #0940 in white/brown full FYEO/Essex Spec, also not sighted again from @Veilside's list. Andy Graham confirmed it was delivered to Hong Kong new. So we have in 1980 white and brown #0928 (DOM RHD), #0940 (EXP RHD), #0953 (DOM RHD), #0954 (DOM RHD), #10311(EXP LHD). Only #953's whereabouts is known. We know #928 White Heat was scrapped. Still searching for the others. The 3 x MY81 white/brown cars are known, owned by @wolflyn, @GJones and Martin Williamson. Lex
  5. Not every day one of these comes on the market. Factory Copper Fire, gold leather, roof stereo.
  6. @Bazza 907 that side profile is exquisite. Were you tempted for at least a split second to line up the Goodyear lettering at the top on the front wheel - like on the press shots? Unfortunately that would be me.
  7. A rare one up for sale in Australia. It must be the last factory FYEO domestic cars left in the wild with all the good bits? Chassis number 11068. Has everything except Compomotive wheels from the factory. (roof stereo, full gold leather) @Lotusfab @hopo
  8. Thinks it's 10298 above... Nice hi-res of 10858 here.
  9. This is a beauty too... had not seen this one either
  10. My guess is chassis 10311 - Export LHD at the Geneva motor show. LHD FYEO Spec..for me it doesn't get any better than this. First pic via
  11. Wow Dave this is incredible, congratulations. What a great pick-up, there can't be many projects left. Great to see you back in an Esprit too.. very happy for you. Seeing that makes me want one too. Cheers, Lex.
  12. It's magnificent @Lotusfab @stephenwhyte did you take the photo above? Have never seen that one before. @Lotusfab Have you gone with a boot bag? I suspect all these Bond cars had this rather than carpet - but I could be wrong.. (The Autoart models have a boot bag) copied from the car above with HC bonnet as we know.
  13. Great to have you on here John and looking forward to seeing progress of Essex 003! My car is side by side with yours, with Steve. A white with brown Bond spec dry sump on compomotives. We would love to see some photos of it when you can!
  14. Would love it to be this year Dave. Just assembly required now but I'm not sure if they are up and running fully yet.
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