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  1. More from this series Please! Best yet..
  2. I just checked my copy of the actual magazine. The car on the front cover in any case has the mirror glued to the windscreen. You can see the adhesive square on the windscreen.
  3. Incredible Graham, nice work on #1136. A good one to add to the database and now all white and brown leather and white with half brown leather Turbo Esprit Chassis numbers confirmed.
  4. Getting interesting...! Perhaps both cars were used (928 + 954) or the roof mounted Panasonic was added later
  5. Interesting theory. It could explain why OPW 667W turned up later on with BBS wheels. We all have assumed that the car had its wheels changed to keep up with the current model for road test articles. But a rego swap I guess couldn’t be out of the question. All will be revealed eventually. It does in motor mag and Autocar test!
  6. It’s unlikely #954 had an OPW plate....see how you go
  7. GJones just using a process of elimination, the Unknown car in the private collection with Comps would most likely not be the road test car as we know ‘white heat’ was fitted with BBS wheels is about 1981. If we could one day find out we could confirm if white heat was #928 or #954. edit: just having another look on the DVLA database. OPW667W was first registered in November 1980. #954 was not built until December 1980. The dry sump register has white heat OPW667W as #954 I think Lucas Reynolds once searched the DVLA a while ago when the chassis numbers were listed with registration numbers. #928 was attributed to OPW667W
  8. This is the first S1 that SJ Sportscars restored.
  9. I found this on Lotus Esprit World. 1981 Lotus Esprit currently SORN with an Audi V8 engine. REGISTRATION: RBU 58W most likely an original dry sump car.
  10. Confirmation here from earlier in the thread about #982 being written off. The 4th white with tobacco car produced.
  11. not to mention dummy plates for car shows... lots of OPW654W cars getting around on the internet! great photo btw.. I coveted your car for some time after I saw it on the front cover of Octane Mag around 2010 in the turbo issue - with gold wheels then.
  12. Was it white? Interesting, I wonder if it was OPW 667W. We now know none of the white cars from FYEO are currently white. Unless it was #929 before it ended up at deezer, even though we know this car didn't appear in the movie itself.
  13. This is great info GJones and it solves the final 1981 white/brown car which Andy confirmed below in italics and my notes in brackets ... there was one white car with half leather, which is now evident that it is your old car. The other car you mentioned in the private collection - would have to be either #928 or #954 both from 1980, as there are no other factory white/brown cars it could be. It would be great to know if #982 (PPK 65X) was written off, it was mentioned somewhere that this might be the case, sad if true. From Andy... Your car was the 2nd out of 3 cars in Monaco White with brown leather (all with the radio in the roof). Brown leather was discontinued in the 1982 model year. Searching the UK Turbo in white with brown leather there was 3 1981 model years; 1 the same specification as your car (this is #982), 1 with full leather but with standard radio and without A/C (#1035) and 1 with half brown leather and standard radio (we now know as rego JIW7130 from GJones) . Regards, Andy Graham Lotus Archives
  14. Lyndon I would love to see some pics of your car, is it now back to white?
  15. White Heat...Motor Magazine March 1980, white/brown
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