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  1. A nice original photo dated Nov 3 1980, purchased recently.
  2. Andy what has been done to your leather over the years? Has it been treated/cleaned?
  3. Quite possible there is a roof stereo somewhere in that picture
  4. That is a very handsome interior Andy! Doesn’t get much better than that.
  5. Hard to tell - photo below from thepits youtube video...
  6. I always thought it was interesting that it appears the black middle band on this car only continues onto the rear spoiler section....maybe with black paint. You can see it clearly on the front 3/4 shot too.
  7. That's good info Lucas, #0928 makes more sense as OPW 667W given it appeared in so may articles on the cars release. It later appeared with BBS wheels. Interesting regarding #0954 - It would be great to know its condition. PPK65K was blue yes, I read somewhere that it was back to white, on the dry sump register thread. Lex.
  8. It was these images for me too that got me in Giugairo Esprits. Was it not #0930 as a white car in these images wearing OPW654W? Antenna position on #0929 is in a different spot. (rear 3/4) Or could it have been #0928 - which we now now from Andy Graham was also white w/tobacco and one of 3 cars made in 1980 to that spec. Andy noted it was a Lotus company car. I take it the photos were taken somewhere about here on the Lotus test track? Cheers, Lex
  9. Lovely car and great colour. Lights look nice, and it's not permanent so not a big deal to put them back one day if you choose. Wing is good! Lex
  10. Some good new information regarding Bond Specification production cars confirmed also, including the missing 2 x white/brown serial numbers of 1980. 5 x Monaco white/full brown leather Production Turbo Esprit for the UK (1 with no roof top stereo) ??/?? #0928 white/brown – Lotus company car (1 of 3 1980) 10/80 #0929 white/brown – currently in Miami Dezer collection - Not production spec. Build records not available. 2.2 normally aspirated engine confirmed by factory records. 12/80 #0953 white/brown (2 of 3 1980) 12/80 #0954 white/brown – Reg OPW 667W referred to as white heat road test car, not SORN since 1982 (3 of 3 1980) 08/81 #0982 Registration PPK 65X originally white/brown car, now white w/red. (1 of 2 1981) 08/81 #1035 white/brown, no roof mounted stereo or AC. (2 of 2 1981) #0928 + #0954 have not re-surfaced to date. Lex.
  11. Andy Graham overnight confirmed that from the little information they have on #0929, they have shown that it is a 2.2L normally aspirated engine in the car. #0929 is also not part of the production figures as it is not a production specification car. Lex
  12. Another image of #0929 in its current state - with a bit of room around it this time.
  13. According to my letter from Andy there were 14 non-commemorative cars in 1980 There were 5 Monaco white cars in 1980. 3 with tobacco interior, 2 with red interior - all had Essex features. 1981 - there were 2 white/tobacco cars - one had roof mounted stereo. Chassis #0939 started out with a red interior so this would make the other white/red car of 1980. Lex
  14. Hi everyone, this is a great thread that I missed I’ve the past few years. I now have chassis #0953 which is one of three cars produced in 1980 to the same spec as the Bond car. White w/brown full leather, Panasonic roof mounted stereo and Compomotives. It’s getting a body off restoration. Andy Graham has noted the first production Turbo Esprit was chassis #0899 August 1980, my question is do these Bond cars (primarily #0929, #0930) + the road test car (OPW667W) fall into the production category or pre-production? produced approx October 1980. In addition to the three production white/brown cars in 1980 there was one identical car produced in 1981 along with another two cars - one with full brown leather w/no roof mounted stereo (I am guessing Trevor’s old car) + one w/half brown leather with no roof mounted stereo) Lex
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