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  1. Lex Templar

    Lex Templar

  2. Hi Lex

    I am trying to source the ski ramps, I take it you have them fitted to your car and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction

    Kind regards




  3. Lex Templar

    Mr Bond, meet Mr Bond

    This is spectacular guys, well done. Miss my white car every day. Enough time may have passed now to look at doing it all again - with some experience.
  4. Lex Templar

    Massive irk yesterday.

    Clive some people took the bumper off it in Balmain, mid-day.. I've sinced moved... The bolts took an eternity to get off the body due to corrosion, wires were messy and the bumper took a long time to prepare.
  5. Lex Templar

    Massive irk yesterday.

    Very lucky it came off without damaging the car... My experience with senseless vandalism just cost me AU$4,600 including $4000 labour because of stubborn bolts, wiring issues and painting the bumper and once agains threatens the ownership.
  6. Front bumper re-painted and looking good - New number plate too...This combo is 1/5th of the price here in Aus... [url=]
  7. Lex Templar

    Essex Spec White Turbo Esprit @ Paul Matty

    What a great looking car Andrew. I wonder where it is now. More of these cars seem to be popping up now. Interesting it has its mirrors painted white.
  8. Lex Templar

    Essex Spec White Turbo Esprit @ Paul Matty

    Jony I found these pics on an ebay listing for wanted Esprits. Interesting combo here - Compomotives, post 83/84 bumper and stickers..
  9. Lex Templar

    Thats gotta be Hopo!

    This is brilliant
  10. Lex Templar

    What does your profile name mean? Share share!

    My name is Lex, I used to own a Saint Spec Volvo P1800 - combine the two = Lex Templar.
  11. This looks like lots of fun for someone.