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  1. These look great @PaulM what is the difference between machining and diamond cut? Both obviously involve taking material off the surface on a lathe. Any pics of the fronts? Lex.
  2. First photo I’ve seen of the interior of 10929 at Miami.
  3. Hi Glen, SJ Sportscars is doing all the work so I don't have first hand experience at removing the body. If you start a thread in the restorations section I'm sure people will be along to help. The dash will look something like this below when removed. Keep in mind your car would have had a ruched leather interior, something very difficult to re-produce. It looks like all the original leather has been replaced in your car. It may be easier to find a complete interior as it looks like everything needs replacing..but of course there are lots of subtle differences between an early car like yours and and an 82 and onwards car. It depends on how far you want to take it and how much money you plan to sink into it.
  4. I mean the Enzo’s challenge to Chapman..
  5. Hi @Glen yes body is off chassis, I think in tour situation it would be the best thing to do.
  6. @Glen this is 10953 from 1980 going back together at the moment. Another L25 Monaco white (with brown) and all Essex bits from factory.
  7. @Glen have you received the certificate from Lotus yet?
  8. All I can say is accept the lock downs, we have been strict here in Australia and we have had many weeks now with 0 locally transmitted cases.
  9. Still trying to find out about 10954 above...looks like it still exists.
  10. Thanks for these pics @Glen The interior has had a complete re-trim at some point so it will be interesting to know what the original leather colour was. On an early white car it would be either red or brown leather. Interestingly, 10310 (red) was delivered to Bahrain from new, perhaps you have some idea where it is or will come across it in your restoration travels. 10311 was white with brown and delivered to Switzerland. The car before yours 10308 is LHD Essex 008. Sold to Italy, now in Germany.
  11. Wonderful to put another piece of the dry sump puzzle together. Interesting if this was in fact a white with brown car and and yes would be great to know if it has an engine and also what kind of condition the interior is in @Glen
  12. managed to find a 1980 factory white/brown/comps/roof stereo.
  13. Glen there were less that half that amount of Essex cars in total across LHD and RHD. Number 24 RHD was changed to 100. 29 is the highest number on any other Essex. Your car is not an Essex but rather an early dry sump built alongside the Essex cars in November 1980. A very special car on Compomotive rims and roof stereo, just like an Essex car. The best place to read through is the dry sump register thread. You will see that there are only a handful of these 1980 non Essex cars left.
  14. this article was the reason I sold a red interior car and went hunting for brown leather dry sump.
  15. Hi Glen welcome to the forum and how fantastic this has turned up. We are all dying to see some photos. Is the interior red? and what kind of condition is the car in? It's a very early one indeed. This is a picture of what I believe is 10311 LHD (Switzerland) which is almost identical spec to 10309, interior is brown.
  16. The anodised finish is lovely, Bauke's #951 are still like this, for some reason you cant re-anodise them? Which I always thought was strange. We are used to seeing the Essex cars now with them shiny and polished @Bazza 907 and @Veilside which I agree look great too. I also wonder if only the pre-production cars in the brochures had the GOODYEAR lettering from the factory. Most of the customer Essex cars in period photos don't have the lettering coloured in.
  17. Looking through the list, there were 12 domestic non-essex cars delivered with Compomotive wheels and Panasonic Roof stereo. Only 4 of them are left in the UK! Of those maybe only @Sweatow's car is the only one on the road. Staggering.
  18. I posted these on the dry sump register thread. Current photo of RHD Essex 18. And a period photo of RHD Essex 13, this was owned then by the current owner of RHD Essex 18. What a sight these would have been in the early 80's. Just look at it.
  19. Indeed @Bibsmy old car which is now sold but lives in Sydney Australia. A65 JEX was a Lotus company car. Trevor had 1981 dry sump 1035 white/brown now owned by @GJones Unless he had A65 JEX too at some stage, there were 11 owners before me, Lotus being the first.
  20. @LOTUSMAN3310859 Development 002! KAH 540V
  21. @LOTUSMAN33 great to see another photo of 10860 on the right before it was painted Copper Fire. Interesting both car exported now out of the UK. Could it be that 10860 blew its engine and that's why it became the V8 test bed?
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