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  1. An absolute beauty of 10929 at the Continental Night Club in Liverpool in the mid 80โ€™s.
  2. There was a NOS one on eBay uk a few weeks ago but wrong dealer for me.
  3. @Veilsidea pic of #13 in 1984/85 also from Mel. What a great photo.
  4. New photo of Essex 18 s/n 10942 by current owner Mel Streek - from facebook. This of course had the big Stocks resto and was for sale in October 2017. Mel said he owned #13. (now black in Switzerland) when he was in his 20's. I asked him if I could add his name to the register and he was happy.
  5. A late red dry sump, anyone know it?
  6. @Andywwirs the intrigue and the rarity of the dry sump and the fact there are probably only a dozen on the road. Comps, roof stereo and dry sump from factory is incredibly desireable and would attract a higher price than a wet sump i believe. I know this car had BBS from factory but the condition canโ€™t be faulted. There are many cars in history the from the outside that look the same but inside there is something special hidden that command a higher price. 308 GTB dry sump cars are one example. 246 Dinos with chairs and flares and so on.
  7. I think you could say everything has gone up by 3-4 times since the last discussion 7 years ago if you consider project cars to mint dry sumps.. Essex cars even more.
  8. Interesting to go back and ready the early comment when dry sump #1108 was for sale back in 2013 we all thought 28,500 pounds was a lot for this car, Paul Matty now asking 75,000 pounds obviously. Essex 007 was for sale in Australia at the same time for 25,000 pounds equivalent..
  9. Great for you to get this back again and I totally get this. It's a cool thing and looking forward to seeing it progess. Lex.
  10. #11259 very late dry sump now added. Dry Sump Register 2020.pdf
  11. @madmaxwhat serial number is your dry sump? Do we have it on the list?
  12. Are these correct?
  13. Any update on this? Did you buy it?! ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. I would be interested for sure if they are to exact factory specification.
  15. For me, the best dry sump picture of all time- would love the digital version. Chassis 0928, a road going Bond spec white/brown car and 1 of 3 that year. Sadly 0928 perished in c. 1985. I think the comps look great here even with no white lettering on the tires.
  16. Love to hear more in this. Here is a photo of 015
  17. for that money it would need to be the best dry sump in the world or indeed an Essex
  18. interesting Barrie, I wonder how it found its way to Singapore. I guess it's nothing Steve Fulcher couldn't fix as it looks like the rest of the car looks good. Front bumper is from the 83 changeover but again easily fixed.
  19. @PaulMlooking forward to seeing more pics. I was tempted to add upgrades but it's going to be all factory standard. That exhaust looks fantastic though.
  20. Dry sump 10968 still for sale in Singapore. Oh my ๐Ÿ™„
  21. database says for 10325 "Originally ordered by Jim Loose but sold to Europe whilst still in discussions. Holland"
  22. Hi Tim, Attached is a copy of the register now with your car added. Cheers, Lex. Dry Sump Register 2020.pdf
  23. I actually wanted to turn the dry sump register (aka Early Turbo Esprit Register) into a website with images etc.
  24. those pics have been posted on here somewhere, either this thread or the dry sump thread.
  25. Amazing stuff.. I was wondering who was going to buy this one. Yep it's had the full treatment indeed, what a dream come true.
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