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  1. Amazing stuff and can’t wait to see more of this. Can we have the last 4 numbers for the dry sump register? I don’t think we have this one. Cheers, Lex
  2. These aren’t matt perhaps it’s the photo but you can see in the light at the top of the louvres it is satin
  3. It’s hard to say how they were from the factory - this is how Steve says they should be. I imagine added years may make it shinier.
  4. Remember the black areas around the windows too once the capping rails are back on. massive job to get side skirts off - apparently. I was told the cars were painted from the factory with them bonded on already. Does your rear louvre have a single support? Will you keep the green carpet as from factory? cheers Lex
  5. Here are some freshly painted dry sump black bits - organised by SJ.
  6. The guy I sold it to just sold it so not sure who it is - hasn’t really run since 2014 sadly
  7. Great stuff indeed, where mine is at except the body is off and the interior is out but not being upholstered. So about even 😂 will be superb
  8. Yes I'm Alexander! Very excited for you @Tocusit will be great to see it getting some love.
  9. The last pair of VI's SL I bought were from craigslist in 2011 so I will have a look at that again. Unfortunately some crazy Bond fan offered me 10x what I paid so I sold them, regret that now of course. Thanks Roo.
  10. Hi everyone, has anyone got some larger Olin Mark VI for sale ? @[email protected]
  11. Looks lovely - you never see these redone properly like this. Is it SJ’s upholsterer?
  12. I agree it looks quite clean but they should really have the seam as intended.
  13. Hi Fabian, just looking through some of the old posts.. did you happen to get any photos of 10929 white Turbo with the n/a engine at Dezer? - I saw the one withe the squiggly Lotus paint on the rear bumper.. Would love to see the brown interior of that one too some day...
  14. We have all the domestic 1980 cars (14 non-essex 1980 cars according to my certificate @LOTUSMAN33) Some of the cars with PTS early Jan must still be classified as 1980 cars by Lotus up to chassis 10965. And we have 51 domestic listed cars from 10966 - 11185 out of 74 cars. So we are missing just 23 cars from 1981. 48 Essex + 14 non Essex for 1980 + 74 dry sump for 1981 = 136 dry sump cars... It would be good if @dr_jayhart knew how many 1982 domestic dry sumps were made, then we will have a total, has Andy mentioned a figure? There are then some export non-essex cars to consider as well of which a lot are on the list. I'll see if I can get an export dry sump production figure from Andy at some stage. Attached shows 1980 domestic cars in yellow, 1981 cars in green. Dry Sump Register 2020.pdf
  15. Thanks barrie, always happy to see to see photos etc.. but then again I'm possibly a bit too keen info leads to more info with these early cars. A good decision to buy Essex 11 back then too Barrie! Found this period picture of Essex 003 which is now back in the country and next to my car at SJ.
  16. Picture of 10931 domestic Essex 12 whilst for sale at Speedmaster I guess in 2009. I hadn’t seen the pic before, I’m sure some have. Do we know where this one is now? pic is from insta - a guy named Steve Hunt who said that owned it in the 1990s. Another picture of 012 from the same account.
  17. The register has 2 listed after yours, well after the air con wet sump cut off point. Not sure if they have them certified but they do have owners names next to them so you could check in with them.
  18. Corrected version attached. Dry Sump Register 2020.pdf
  19. @dr_jayhartI’ve just checked an early version of the register and it appears an error. Good spot. Dave may know if there is another one in Austalia but I’ll fix it up on the register and delete 11179. It makes more sense that yours is later than 11179. @LOTUSMAN33 so yours is A/C, standard radio from factory. (Given your mirror) and am I right is saying half leather from factory? correct me if I’m wrong..
  20. Will make a note of other rego. Was it owned by @Bazza 907prior?
  21. Possibly s/n 10311 Geneva Motor Show car. Do we know the origin of the number plate? Switzerland? This is a little book I bought 15 years ago.
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