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  1. I have just bought a spare set of wheels that have come with these tires on the rear in 235/60/R15 Are they any good? Not sure what rating they are..
  2. Thanks everyone. Ramjet, I too have the model for over 10 years and no longer have to stare at it which is good. Some great information on this forum and looks like quite a nice following in Australia although an extremely rare sight and Ben this car will look good next to your SE in the same colour combination. Looking forward to getting my hands on the car and enjoying it. I caught up with Paul Steinberg who has the 'Essex' spec white dry sump car a few years ago and he was kind enough to let me drive it and it did not dissapoint. It was only a matter of finding the right car from then on. Not many white/red cars around from what I have experienced.
  3. Was just interested to see who ihas any James Bond Lotus related items... Found myself searching ebay for a Seiko H357 5040 and Olin Mark VI skis etc...dont ask me why as I dont ski. Well I picked up this last week and is on its way from Germany... Any other takers?
  4. After looking at the side on press photo of Esprit Turbo OPW654W at Hethel for the past ten years, it is not until now that I own my very own Bond car that I have noticed something interesting about the lettering position on this car only. If you look at the two press shots of OPW654W, one at hethel and one with the girl in front of it, the car used in FYEO, the lettering appears to be a lot closer to the rim than on other Essex spec cars, Am I wrong? Also the front and rear lettering are the same sized where the Essex Liveried side on Press shot, the front lettering is noticeably smaller, which leads me to believe for the movie car, the letters were perhaps stenciled on in the appropriate position and size not taking into account where the actual Goodyear writing was raised? For optimum readability and exposure? In particular the rear wheel, the lettering is on the inner part, rather than the outer part if you look where the shadow line is. I can only imagine this was to make the text easier to read in the Bond movie as well as the press shots from side. Interested to hear thoughts on this. Have a look at the pictures comparing OPW654W to an Essex car which would have the same tires. I have looked at so many photos and now I'm not sure. The reason for all this is because I want to know whether it would be acceptable to stencil the Goodyear lettering on a later tire as we know we cant get the originals any more..Just a thought. Essex 007
  5. Here is my white Esprit Turbo. On the way to Australia.
  6. Beautiful car Charles. A white S1 definitely the prettiest of all Esprits. Great stuff.
  7. Hi Everyone, After a long wait I have finally purchased a 1984 Esprit Turbo from England. A well known car over there with a lovely history file it will be arriving into Sydney mid-May. I know there are quite a few people on here that have dome a similar thing. In Sydney, who currently is the best person to use for an Engineers certificate and secondly who are the best Lotus Esprit Mechanics in Sydney. I look forward to meeting you all at some stage. A few pictures of teh car before it left the UK... Kind Regards, Alexander
  8. Hi Everyone, First of all a pleasure to be on this forum, my name is Alexander from Australia and I'm the new owner of the 1984 Esprit Turbo. A car that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. A follower of this forum I can see there are a few previous owners of this car. It's currently on its way to Australia from the UK where it will land in mid-May. It looks like a superb car and I will post some pictures when it arrives. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Regards, Alexander Here is A65JEX as it was leaving.
  9. Hi Bazza, The car currently has 5 hole, but seeing Essex Spec cars had 4 stud I imagine most of the Compomotives floating around are 4 stud. I thought I would see what was out there and then worry about changing hubs/adaptors if I could first locate some wheels. Again any help in that area as well would help.
  10. Hi Guys, My first post on this great forum. I'm looking fo a set of Compomotive CX500 wheels for a dry sump 1982 Esprit. Not fussed about condition I know these are as rare as hen's teeth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Alex.
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