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  1. Do you know this one @LOTUSMAN33? Registration 200 HLA
  2. What a great looking car, I used to chat to Malcolm a lot about it when he had it. Whoever re-did that interior did an amazing job, the ruching is spot on. Factory roof stereos meant rear view mirror stock on windscreen so maybe the dealer did it or a previous owner. Is it an RM610?
  3. @dr_jayhartif the roof stereo was from factory it will say on the certificate like this. Interesting what Andy said about the final dry sump cars and it basically came down to if you wanted a/c or not.. i wonder if the customers were aware at the time they might get a dry or wet sump.
  4. An interesting document outlining the changeover points for wet sumps, no a/c, a/c and ROW. Is it from the service manual? first Domestic heater wet sump 1193 @stephenwhyte first Domestic a/c wet sump 1261 first ROW wet sump 0399 And outlining all Federal cars were wet sump. I'lll add 1261 and 0399 as milestones in register. Cheers, Lex Wet sump change point.pdf
  5. Welcome Christopher! glad you found the thread.
  6. Hi @SparkyDo you believe the early dry sump cars and Essex cars had a black chassis from factory? Cheers, Lex
  7. interesting @v8vantage, the Jim Loose cars..i wonder if they were put on afterwards or from factory. I quite like them.
  8. That is lovely @LOTUSMAN33 I wonder if any of the few 1980 non-essex cars had them? that were Essex spec.
  9. that looks lovely @Finlandese, you must be very happy!
  10. yes indeed @Bazza 907 I had to re-read that myself. Perhaps he could get some mechanicals done for that price. @LOTUSMAN33 I dare say it wont be leaving for a while! I don't think any sized cheque will stop it leaving eventually though.. I'm sure @Bazza 907understands. 😉
  11. I will see if I can find it. I think you guys should get one back over there, you have lost all the good ones. If properly restored it would be a very special car but it’s a really good runner in the meantime. I was lucky enough to drive it - my first Esprit drive. I drove one of the 3 Australian delivered Sport 300 here about 6 months later It was for sale for $55,000 AU - I didn’t quite appreciate what it was in 2010 unfortunately as I had eyes only for a Bond car.
  12. Some pics I took when I saw It in 2010 when I was considering buying it. HC engine, re-trimmed black. Still trying to find the new owner here in Australia. It sold in 2018 for the equivalent of £15,000 at auction after it wasn’t advertised as anything special. If it still had it’s dry sump lump I would have bought it. Also all the original leather had been replaced and not correctly. It’s a hot looking thing though. Lex.
  13. no that white one is definitely not, more like an '84. I'm just referring to the red car in the pics..
  14. Hi Roo I just found this post from 2017. This is the car I’ve been searching for, the 3/3 FYEO white/brown cars for 1980 and the sister car to mine 0953. 0928 white heat was the first and was destroyed in ‘85. Would you be able to get me in touch? I’d love to see some photos and see what state it‘s in. I can probabably let him know how important the car is! Amazing it’s ended up in USA. cheers Lex
  15. Dave the top one must be 10952 with the red louvres and now LHD.. good going back through old posts where we now have some more info.
  16. Have just been going back through the pages. Here are the before and afters of #1002 in the register from some different posts. Looked like a lovely car. “first registered to Kuwaiti royal family. Copart car. Wrecked in accident and written off”
  17. I haven's seen one yet, so the deposit is conditional. Australia are just bringing 250 examples of a "Rallye" edition that has all the good bits. Just didn't want to miss out it it is just really good..!
  18. I've got a deposit down for the top spec version when it's available in Australia.
  19. I’m sure Mike Brewer will be along shortly as @Bazza 907I get the feeling @cbclotuswishes he never sold it! He will know all about it. I’ll give him a nudge on the Facebook group as he was commenting on the car the other day.
  20. @Stimbowthe blue car built by Andy Rouse and raced by Gerry Marshall is dry sump s/n 10962 and it's at the Haynes Motor Museum. It's now black (was red from factory) but i guess you could go and have a look at it. Lex.
  21. These are great pictures of 10301. I wonder if it's still there... sad to see really, it really still could be restored. Maybe it will turn up one day again Thanks for the info on the black painted chassis too, I have asked Steve at SJ to investigate as I want it to be right. @Bazza 907thanks for checking underneath yours.. Below is #10938 from the facebook group already on the register. Right to left converted domestic car conversion in Norway. Owned by @PER Still has its Compomotive wheels too.
  22. @Fridge no not including the purchase price, but looking back I'm surprised no-one else dared to venture there as the situation wasn't as dire as it was made out. It needed restoring rather than recommissioning. The car is currently painted, chassis stripped and galvanised, I've paid for all the new suspension and brakes as well as all the engine hardware and machining really everything needs to be put back together. Simple hey 😂 One area that I will save on is the interior - original carpet and leather will remain, just the roof lining to be replaced. I have a fair idea where I'm at - I do know there are no huge surprises as everything is apart. Steve has said the body was excellent to start and also the chassis. Don't get me wrong I wish I could do it myself, i wouldn't have the time and this car deserves more than my first attempt. I admire all the work you guys do. Mind you this isnt my first Turbo Esprit so I have some experience owing them. When you break down the cost over the time period, it's not really any different to paying off a new M3 that will halve in value - whereas I feel like this is money in the bank long term. Key is to keep the modest daily driver. Lex.
  23. @Lotusfab I was close to doing an S1 but try and find an original white w/tartan car and to buy an SJ level restored car the initial outlay was too much. I haven't given a budget - I want it done once and done properly for me to enjoy for 40 years..I'm banking on somewhere around 50K pounds, but when you think about it, we are all very lucky our dream cars are relatively cheap to get you hands on. I don't think there is anything short of an F40 that I would prefer over my perfect Esprit. I'm sure you all understand. I do think I got it for a good price in the end for its rarity. The thing with all these cars, once they are taken apart there are no nasty surprises. I dont have the mechanical expertise to do it myself and certainly no-one in Australia could restore this car properly, hence it's with Steve who I believe is the best person to oversee the resto. @LOTUSMAN33you are doing a wonderful through job very much enjoying watching this thread - Looking forward to catching up with you all - the day my car is finished and I come over to collect it. Cheers, Lex
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